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Kat Bailey

Square Enix Reportedly Co-Developing a Final Fantasy 9 Animated Series

A Final Fantasy 9 animated series is currently under development, Kidscreen reports. It will reportedly be co-developed with Square Enix by French studio Cyber Group Studios, with Cyber Group also handling distribution, licensing, and merchandise.

Episode count and length have not been finalized, Cyber Group Studios CEO Pierre Sissmann says in the report. However, it will be in production by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, and will reportedly be aimed toward children between the...


Felicia Miranda

Genshin Impact: Where To Find Wood (All Types)

Update 1.5 introduced as Genshin Impact’s housing system, the Serenitea Pot. This has players creating all kinds of furniture to raise their teapot’s trust rank. Wood is a material you'll need to make furniture, and all different types of it can be found across Teyvat. Before we explain how to find each type of wood, however, let's first answer how to get the Serenitea Pot.



Wesley LeBlanc

Sonic 2022 Developers Aiming to Lay the Foundation For Future Sonic Games to Come

Sonic Team is looking to lay a foundation for future Sonic games to come with its upcoming Sonic 2022 title.

This game, unofficially referred to as Sonic 2022 due to the announcement that the currently title-less game will release next year, was announced in May with a short and mysterious teaser. Not much has been learned since that teaser but Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka hopes it will lay the foundation for future games.




Seven Secrets to Survive and Thrive in ENDER LILIES

Partner Content by Ender Lilies

ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is a 2D dark, anime-style action RPG packed with all the ingredients that make a good game legendary, including solid gameplay and gorgeous graphics. While many games are known for one or the other, few have combined to conjure such a beautiful nightmare.

Our protagonist is a lily-white girl priestess who shines brightly as a beacon of purity against the dark palette of a foreboding environment. She must journey through a...


Wesley LeBlanc

Call of Duty: Warzone Accidentally Introduced a Door That Kills You

There's a regular ole' door that can insta-kill you in Call of Duty: Warzone following the game's recent update for Season 4.

Activision's popular battle royale received its Season 4 update last week and it brought with it a new Gulag, new limited-time events, a Zombies Outbreak region, and more. It also made an otherwise boring door a stone-cold killer.

This news comes by way of Kotaku, which reports that this mysterious killer door can be found in the Salt Mine area on the recently-revamped...


Jordan Oloman

Gotham Knights Developer Seemingly Starting Work on a Brand New AAA Game

It looks like WB Montreal is tooling up to start work on a brand new AAA game, according to recently posted job listings.

The Gotham Knights developer is currently wrapping up the Batman co-op action game, but PCGamesN has spotted a job listing that might give us an inkling as to what they're up to next.

A listing for a Senior Gameplay / Animation Programmer seen on the WB Games Montreal website says that it is seeking talented individuals "to work with its game development team responsible...


Joe Skrebels

Cyberpunk 2077: PS4 Version Will Be Improved 'Throughout the Year' as Game Returns to PS Store

As promised last week, Cyberpunk 2077 has returned to the PlayStation Store after 186 days away – but Sony has once again cautioned base PS4 players that they could experience performance problems. That should be eased over time, with the promise that this year will continue to see fixes for the last-gen version.

In a tweet (below), PlayStation announced the return of the game to its digital storefront, but made clear to mention that, "Work on the PS4 version continues, with fixes and...


Chris Reed

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Video Game Deals Are Here

The Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals have arrived. As it has been in recent years, Prime Day is a two-day event, running June 21 - 22. And just like always, you can find discounts on a vast swath of items at the online retailer. Among those discounts, Amazon offers all kinds of video game deals during its annual sale event. So whether you play on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC, you'll likely find some worthwhile deals.

The only catch is that, once the deals start,...


Adam Bankhurst

Thanos Returns to Fortnite, This Time as an Outfit in the Item Shop

Three years after being featured in a limited-time mode in Fortnite, Thanos is set to return to the battle royale as a purchasable outfit in the game's Item Shop for the first time.

The Mad Titan himself will arrive in Fortnite's Item Shop on June 26 at 5pm PT/8pm ET/1am BST (6/27) and will be available alongside the Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling inspired by Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - complete with all six Infinity Stones.

For those who can't wait to play as Thanos, players will have...


Adam Bankhurst

Castlevania Advance Collection Appears on Australian Ratings Board

The Castlevania Advance Collection has appeared on the Australian ratings board, hinting that a new game featuring all or some of Game Boy Advance's Castlevania games may be on the way.

This currently unannounced Castlevania Advance Collection was classified on June 18, and it lists Konami Digital Entertainment as the Applicant and the Publisher and M2 as the author.

[ignvideo url="https://www.ign.com/videos/2014/10/31/castlevania-aria-of-sorrow-the-perfect-portable-vania"]

Konami owns the...


Adam Bankhurst

George R.R. Martin's Elden Ring Contributions Were Done 'Years Ago,' He Says

Following the announcement of Elden Ring's release date via its first gameplay trailer at E3 2021, George R.R. Martin has confirmed that his work on Elden Ring wrapped up years ago.

As reported by Eurogamer, Martin spoke to local news station WWTW when visiting Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and discussed his career and his work on the much-anticipated Elden Ring.

George R. R. Martin talks Elden Ring in new interview:
-His work on the game was done many years ago


Adam Bankhurst

Sony Wants to Support Cross-Play More, PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan Says

After being one of the slowest to adopt cross-play, Sony Interactive Entertainment's president and CEO Jim Ryan has said the company wants more cross-platform multiplayer for PlayStation games.

In an interview with Axios, Ryan clearly stated that "we support and encourage cross-play," while also noting that cross-play currently works with such big games as Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Destiny 2, the last of which will be available soon.



Rebekah Valentine

16 Amazing Indie Games You Missed at E3 2021 and Beyond

If you've been paying attention to the news coming out of E3, you've likely already gushed over your favorite trailers for games like Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, Metroid Dread, the sequel to Breath of the Wild, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands...I could go on all day. There were a lot of great games!

So many, in fact, that it may have been easy to miss some of the most stand-out gems from the smaller showcases surrounding events like Xbox's and Nintendo's. This year's summer week of gaming...


Brian Barnett

Elder Scrolls Online Director Talks About Saving The Game After Rocky Launch – IGN Unfiltered

ZeniMax Online Studio's President Matt Firor recalls the rocky launch of ESO [Elder Scrolls Online], and how ZeniMax Media CEO, Robert A. Altman, gave the development team a rare chance to course-correct.

IGN's Ryan McCaffrey sat down with Firor to discuss Elder Scrolls Online in the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered, as well as Mythic's shared history with Blizzard, ZeniMax Online's second project, and more.



Dan Stapleton

Chivalry 2 Review

While other first-person sword fighting games like Mordhau and Kingdom Come: Deliverance have tried to sell themselves on the realism of their hitboxes or the high skill ceilings of their combat systems, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has always been unashamed to fall a bit more on the arcadey side. Its sequel, Chivalry 2 continues that tradition, and I think it's actually a better multiplayer experience because of that philosophy. There’s still a lot of skill involved, but it's easier to dive...


Jordan Oloman

EA to Let FIFA Ultimate Team Players See Inside Some Loot Boxes Before They Buy Them

EA is adding time-limited Preview Packs to FIFA Ultimate Team, so players can see inside of a loot box before they make the decision to purchase.

The packs have been added to FIFA 21 today and will be the only packs available to purchase until the end of the current Festival of FUTball event, which started on June 11. Packs that are not obtained from the FUT Store – like Objective, SBC or Division Rivals reward packs – will still function as normal. On EA's website, there's a blog post...


Liam Wiseman

Lost Judgment Will Include a Fully Playable Sega Master System In-Game

New footage of Lost Judgment has revealed that the game includes a fully playable Sega Master System. Replacing the pinball machine in detective Takayuki Yagami’s office, the playable console continues the series' celebration of classic Sega games, and strong variety of minigames.

The footage, released on the RGG YouTube channel (and pointed out by VGC), shows off some new gameplay from Lost Judgment, and for the first time, reveals an in-game playable Sega Master System. It’s not yet...


Joe Skrebels

Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Could Be Coming to Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store backend data suggests the PC storefront will add Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and an unannounced Alan Wake remaster.

Posted to the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit by AsleepEntrepreneur73 and AwareReplacement1587, both apparent leaks come from the EpicData website, which tracks updates to the Epic Games Store.

While both games have been added under codenames, their listed cloud save folder directories mention legitimate game names. Alan Wake Remastered is listed as 'HeronStaging',...



Aussie Deals: Super Cheap AAAs and Pre-Prime Day Bargains!

As we accelerate towards Amazon Prime Day 2021 (June 21 - 22) it's worth noting that there are plenty of deals to be had beforehand. Likewise, the winding down of E3 and State of Play means that a lot of the digital stores are flush with deals, too. We've therefore gone and found you the best bargains in the midst of this multi-cell perfect storm of price reductions.

Notable Sales for Nintendo Switch

[poilib element="commerceDeal" parameters="slug=au-deals-ns-jun-18"]

Mario Party Superstars -...


Matt T.M. Kim

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Is Not a Direct Sequel to Final Fantasy 1

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has a pretty confusing name, but thankfully creative producer Tetsuya Nomura was on hand to break down its meaning, including how Origin is not actually a sequel to the first Final Fantasy.

In an interview with Famitsu that IGN has independently translated, Nomura shared how the name Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin came about. And how despite having “origin” in the title, the game is not a direct continuation, or prequel, to Final...

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