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Adam Mathew

Aussie Deals: The Best Games, Gear and Geek Goodies to Buy With an Everyday Card®

Though it's hard to believe, 'tis the season to be spending again. Almost, at least. In not much time you'll need to deck the halls of your game cave (or somebody else's) with the coolest kit available. At the very real risk of ruining our own bank balances, we've crafted a list of must-own items to tempt any gamer of taste.

Better yet, we've also identified a great way to pay for such a precious haul.

If you're going to secure some goodies, you can do it via an Australia Post Everyday...


Simon Cardy

Atomic Heart: Our Questions Answered - IGN First

After a month of Atomic Heart coverage as part of IGN First, we still had plenty of things we wanted to know about the upcoming shooter. So, we asked game director Robert Bagratuni just a few of the many questions we still have and learned plenty of interesting new details.

There’s lots of melee combat. Is this by design or are resources such as ammo limited?

Mundfish says that “every game needs balance, and Atomic Heart is no exception. We meticulously crafted each weapon so that it...


Kat Bailey

Dark Souls Creator Miyazaki Has “No Idea” What Made Elden Ring Such a Hit

FromSoftware's Elden Ring won the Grand Award at the PlayStation Partner Awards 2022 Japan Asia held earlier today in Tokyo. The Grand Award was given to the two games developed in the Asia region with the highest worldwide sales, and Elden Ring took home the honor along with Genshin Impact. As of the end of June, Elden Ring had sold over 16 million copies worldwide.

Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki participated in a Q&A session with media during the PlayStation Partner Awards, where he...


Jordan Sirani

DJ Game Fuser to Sunset Live Services

Harmonix is shutting down live services for Fuser, its two-year-old DJ simulator, on December 19.

On that day, Fuser and its DLC will no longer be available to purchase, according to Harmonix, and those who already own it will be restricted to two game modes: Campaign and Quick Play. The developer stopped releasing new paid DLC for Fuser earlier in 2022.

Fuser is Harmonix's most recent music game. Players take on the role of a festival DJ trying to conquer the music world.

Using a mixing...


Anthony Wood

EA Teases Battlefield 2042 Season 4 and Confirms a Season 5 Without New Operators

EA has teased what's coming in Season 4 of Battlefield 2042 and confirmed that a Season 5 is also on the way, though the latter won't feature a specialist.

Season 4 is set to launch in early 2023, according to a new blog posted on EA’s website. The season will bring with it a new recon Specialist and Battle Pass, fresh hardware, re-worked environments, and new maps, one of which will heavily reference Battlefield 4.

Developer DICE has promised the Season 4 map will be a “smaller, shorter,...


Ryan Dinsdale

The Callisto Protocol's Steam Reviews Suffer Following Reports of Poor Performance

The Callisto Protocol's Steam reviews are suffering as several users are reporting a stuttering frame rate on PC.

As reported by PC Gamer, the game's Steam page currently has a mostly negative rating with just 29% of the 2,840 reviews being positive.

The Callisto Protocol is described as a "stuttering mess" by one user while another commented: "It's pretty hard to get immersed when the game drops frames every time you go around a corner."

Several of these users also claimed to be running The...


Matt Kim

Amnesia: The Bunker Announced, Promises Major Changes to the Series

Frictional Games has announced the next game in the horrifying Amnesia series, Amnesia: The Bunker, and it’s potentially the biggest departure from the series yet.

The studio announced that their next Amnesia game will be coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC in 2023. The developers are calling Amnesia: The Bunker their most open game yet with players able to explore a semi-open world with hardly any scripted events.

This means players can explore different paths and areas without being...


Simon Cardy

IGN UK Podcast: God of War Ragnarok Special

Join Cardy, Matt, and Dale for a spoiler-filled chat about God of War Ragnarok as they go through each of the game's key plot points, pick out their favourite characters, moments, and more.

Got a game for us to play or some feedback you'd like read out on the show? Why not email us: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com.

IGN UK Podcast: God of War Ragnarok Special

IGN UK Podcast 672: Atomic Heart is a Real GameIGN UK Podcast 671: Black Panther: Mars Bars ForeverIGN UK Podcast 670: Kissing Sonic and Long...


Ryan Dinsdale

Former Zelda Director Working on Open World Dress Up RPG, Infinity Nikki

Former The Legend of Zelda director Kentaro Tominaga is working an open world dress up RPG called Infinity Nikki.

As reported by Kotaku, Tominaga is leading the game at developer PaperGames after working as a designer on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and as director of its Expansion Pass.

Infinity Nikki has an almost Disney mixed with anime aesthetic and a core gameplay loop of exploring a colourful open world full of puzzles and platforming.

Protagonist Nikki can change outfits to...


Adam Bankhurst

The Best PlayStation Character: Our Face-Off Winner Revealed

Since its first console was originally released in Japan in 1994, PlayStation has captured the hearts and minds of millions of gamers around the world. Alongside world-class gameplay and cutting-edge graphics, the stories and the characters that inhabit them have been paramount to its success. However, there have been a lot of characters over the years, and it can be tough to know who is the best of the best. So this is exactly why we asked for your help to decide this matter once and for...


Anthony Wood

Overwatch 2: Sojourn the Main Target of Nerfs in Season 2 Update

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed what we can expect from Season 2 of Overwatch 2, including balancing updates, limited-time events, skins, and more ahead of its December 6 launch date.

Alongside the introduction of the new Omnic revolutionary tank hero Ramattra and the winding Shambali Monastery Escort map, Season 2 is also bringing some important balancing changes, according to Blizzard Entertainment’s official blog post.

Most significantly, Blizzard Entertainment has moved to nerf the...


Ryan Dinsdale

PlayStation Plus Games for December 2022 Announced

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Plus games for December 2022 are Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (PS4), Biomutant (PS4 and PS5), and Divine Knockout: Founder's Edition (PS4 and PS5).

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, all three games will be made available at no extra cost to all PlayStation Plus subscribers on December 6.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition turns the three-game line-up into a heftier five as it contains remastered versions of all three original Mass Effect games. Widely...


George Yang

Sonic Frontiers 2023 Roadmap Revealed, Adds New Playable Characters and Story

Sega has revealed the 2023 content roadmap for Sonic Frontiers. The game will receive 3 updates throughout the year, including a new playable character and story.

In a roadmap, Sega revealed the first update will include a Juke Box feature which could potentially allow players to choose the music they hear in the game. There will also be a Photo Mode and new Challenge Modes for players to tackle.

New modes, new Koco, new...playable characters!? More Sonic Frontiers content coming your way...


Ryan Dinsdale

Bethesda Is Working On Another Mobile Game

Starfield developer Bethesda is currently working on a new mobile game, though it's unclear which of its famous franchises it's based on.

Speaking to Lex Fridman on the latest episode of his podcast, Bethesda executive producer and Starfield director Todd Howard revealed that the Elder Scrolls and Fallout developer has another mobile game in the works.

Talking about the conceptual differences between designing a console game versus one for mobile, Howard said plainly: "Well we've done a few...


Dan Stapleton

Marvel's Midnight Suns Review

One of my favorite things about watching superheroes duke it out is when someone gets smacked so hard they fly backwards and crash through solid walls, explode tanker trucks, or slam into their friends. It’s an awesome demonstration of just how strong these godlike characters are supposed to be, and it’s always a disappointment when a superhero game doesn’t quite capture that feeling. With Marvel’s Midnight Suns, however, Firaxis has built a deep and innovative turn-based tactical...


Adam Mathew

Aussie Deals: Cheapest Prices on Callisto Protocol, NFS Unbound, 50% off FIFA 23, NBA 2K23 and More!

I find the best cure for a Black Friday/Cyber Monday hangover is hair of the dog—more bargains! Admittedly, today's list is shorter, but the discounts are still potent. You just need to know exactly where to look. For me, that 'where' is dozens of online stores and bargain hiding bolt-holes. For you, well, it just means scrolling downwards. Couldn't be easier.

Table of ContentsNintendo SwitchPCXboxPlayStationNotable Sales for Nintendo Switch

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Purchase Cheaply for PC

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Anthony Wood

Gran Turismo Boss Expects the Series to Arrive on PC

The Gran Turismo racing series could make the leap from PlayStation to PC according to series' creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

As reported by PC Gamer, Yamauchi told GTPlanet at the Gran Turismo World Finals that developer Polyphony Digital would consider bringing the racing franchise to PC, saying "yes, I do think so", when asked if it was a possibility.

However, the PlayStation exclusive series would only make the leap if they thought that a port could be developed to meet their standards.



Seth G. Macy

Call of Duty Black Friday Deal: Save on Modern Warfare 2 While the Deal Is Still Live

As Black Friday draws to a close, one thing has become clear: Walmart Black Friday deals have been some of the best around. This may be your last chance to pick up CoD: Modern Warfare II on sale for Black Friday as the end is in sight. Get it for PS5, PS4 or Xbox Series X for $55, and it's the C.O.D.E. edition so you get the bonus Perseverance Pack.

Call of Duty Black Friday Sale

If you don't have a console to play them on, you can still get an Xbox Series X in stock at Walmart. The PS5 is...


Joe O'Neill-Parker

Elden Ring Drops Just $35 For Black Friday

An incredible Black Friday humdinger has just dropped. We've just been scouting around for some of our favorite deals in the run-up to the big day and stumbled upon an absolute mammoth of an offer. You can grab yourself a copy of the sensational Elden Ring for just $35 from the folks over at Walmart.

It's highly unlikely that we'll be shutting up about this deal now that we've found it. Don't miss out on an opportunity to get your hands on a copy of this amazing title. For more gaming...


Seth G. Macy

Call of Duty Black Friday Deal: Save on Modern Warfare 2

Even though they started on Monday, Walmart Black Friday deals have been some of the best around.

Right now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is on sale at Walmart for Black Friday, and the deal is great. Get it for PS5, PS4 or Xbox Series X for $55, and it's the C.O.D.E. edition so you get the bonus Perseverance Pack.

Call of Duty Black Friday Sale

If you don't have a console to play them on, you can still get an Xbox Series X in stock at Walmart. The PS5 is also available for Black Friday,...

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