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Harley-Davidson will move some production out of US after retaliatory tariffs

Harley-Davidson has been caught in the middle of a trade fight between President Trump and European allies.

Business Insider

Andy Kiersz

The economies of every US state and DC, ranked from worst to best

The US is a massive, complex economy, and so too are the component economies of the 50 states and Washington, DC, that make up the whole.

Business Insider combined six measures of labor-market and general economic health for all the states and the District of Columbia. They are the unemployment rate, job growth, per-capita GDP, GDP growth, average weekly wages, and wage growth. By putting all those on a common scale and combining them, we came up with an overall score for each state's...

Business Insider

Graham Rapier

Harley-Davidson warns European tariffs will have cause a 'tremendous cost increase' (HOG)

Harley-Davidson said Monday that new European taxes on imported motorcycles will have a "significant impact" on its business, increasing the cost of motorcycles by $2,200 on average. Harley-Davidson also plans to shift building of EU-bound motorcycles outside of the US. The company sold more motorcycles in Europe than the US last year.  Shares of the company fell about 2% following the regulatory filing Monday morning.  Follow Harley-Davidson's stock price in real-time here.



Chelsea Brennan, Contributor

9 Money Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Nine top money podcasts for 2018 that make you better with money without the boredom.

Business Insider

Jonathan Garber

10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA)

Here is what you need to know. 

The Trump administration is planning to stop China from taking over some US firms. The US Treasury Department is said to be planning new curbs that would prevent any company with 25% or more Chinese ownership from investing in US companies involved in an "industrially significant technology," the Wall Street Journal reports.

The bank for central banks is blaring the siren on a new debt crisis that could cause a long and painful recession. The Bank for...

Business Insider

Alex Morrell and Hollis Johnson

Take a peek inside the Manhattan mothership of JPMorgan Chase's $10.8 billion tech blitz — an office that makes you wonder if you're actually at a bank (JPM)

It's only a couple years old, but at JPMorgan Chase's office at Five Manhattan West the walls have already been defaced.

And it's not just the walls. Chairs and other surfaces have been scribbled all over as well. 

At the headquarters for JPMorgan's digital ambitions, this is all by design — writable surfaces are part of the effort to foment the collaboration, serendipity, and freeform thinking that run amok at Silicon Valley's most agile workplaces.

JPMorgan developers and designers...

Business Insider

Will Martin

A $525 billion German banking behemoth wants to use robots to write its research reports

Germany's second largest bank, Commerzbank, is exploring the use of artificial intelligence to write analyst reports. Commerzbank has partnered with Retresco, a content-automation company to work on a way of creating research reports using AI. The bank's dive into AI-driven analyst reports comes at a time when major lenders are striving to differentiate themselves from their competition in response to the arrival of MiFID II earlier in 2018.

Commerzbank, Germany's second largest bank, is...


China's app for everything files for huge Hong Kong IPO

Meituan-Dianping, a massive online services platform in China, has filed to go public in Hong Kong in a move that's expected to raise billions of dollars.


China is unleashing more than $100 billion into its economy

The move comes as China faces fears of a growth slowdown and an escalating trade war with the United States.


6 things to know before the bell

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.


Louis Columbus, Contributor

Analytics Are Empowering Next-Gen Access And Zero Trust Security

Employee identities are the new security perimeter of any business. 80% of IT security breaches involve privileged credential access according to a Forrester study. According to the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2018 Report, 89% of organizations are relying on just a single security strategy.

Business Insider

Michael Selby-Green

The Turkish lira went nuts after Erdogan's election victory

The Turkish lira climbed 3% against the dollar on Monday, following the re-election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as President of Turkey, arresting its sharp decline in recent months. Erdogan won Sunday’s elections with a 52.5% majority, as reported the state-run Anadolu Agency. Some commentators expect increased investor confidence to wear off, as focus turns to long term concerns Turkish economics and politics.

The Turkish lira climbed on Monday following news of another election victory for...

Business Insider

Will Martin

Trump is planning to stop China taking over American firms — and it's another blow for the 2 countries' relationship

The US is planning a new assault on China as the trade war between the two countries heats up. New proposals would essentially block firms with 25% or more Chinese ownership from buying US companies involved in an "industrially significant technology." The plans, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, come at a time of escalating trade conflict between the USA and China.

A new measure set to be implemented by the US Treasury Department could further deepen the growing gulf between the...


Gordon Kelly, Contributor

Apple Considered Removing iPhone X Lightning Port

Apple's secret plans for its most controversial iPhone feature cancellation yet...


Panos Mourdoukoutas, Contributor

What Is America Doing To China? The Same Things It Did To Japan

Once a serious contender for world leadership, Japan is now counting lost decades. Will China follow the same fate?


Adam Sarhan, Contributor

Want A Bargain? 3 Cheap Stocks That Are About To Breakout

Once again, the major indices are trading at/near new record highs. As a result, valuations are stretched to the upside. For those of you who like to buy under-valued stocks, here are three shockingly cheap stocks that are about to breakout. There are many ways to define "cheap" on Wall Street,


Chinese tech investment in US is next target in Trump's crackdown

The US is set to announce measures this week taking aim at Chinese investment in key American technologies amid an emerging trade war between the two countries.


Liz Ryan, Contributor

The Recruiter Said, 'You Think Pretty Highly Of Yourself, Don't You?'

Denise was surprised when the recruiter said, "You think pretty highly of yourself, don't you?" What would you do in that situation?


Gordon Kelly, Contributor

Galaxy S10 Leak Exposes Samsung's Radical Upgrade

Samsung's Galaxy S10 has the potential to usurp Apple's iPhone X...


Rob Asghar, Contributor

The Collapse Of Evangelical Leadership Was Inevitable, But Its Resurrection Isn't

American evangelicalism is declining in numbers, influence and credibility. Those evangelical leaders who are dissatisfied with its current direction face a choice: Whether to stay on the "E" train and attempt to change the direction, or to simply leave it.

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