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Are Facebook's big changes to political ads enough?

Facebook just announced something that might be a radical change to political ads on the social network. Key word: Might.


Senators prep bill to deal with online political ads

Amid growing concern over Facebook's sale of political ads to Russians, Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner have formally called for new legislation to enhance the transparency of online political advertisements.


Kevin Daum

Mark Cuban Shares His Views on the Things Bad Leaders Do that Great Ones Don't

Are you a great leader by Mark Cuban's standards? Read what he says about leadership and decide for yourself.


North Korea sanctions: Here's what Trump did

President Trump escalated pressure on North Korea as part of his ongoing economic warfare against Pyongyang.


Candice Galek

How to Bounce Back When Life Comes Crashing Down, According to a Millennial Expert

How to cope with failure, and come back better than ever. Millennial expert Chelsea Krost gives advice on social media transparency for millennials.


Lauren Orsini, Contributor

How Noir Caesar Is Expanding The Definition -- And Appeal -- Of Manga And Anime

As cultural exchange becomes increasingly global, anime’s definition grows murkier. At the heart of this discussion is Noir Caesar, which is betting its success on a hope that fans are ready to embrace a wider definition of what “anime” means.


Deep Patel, Contributor

10 Ways To Gain Respect As A Young Leader

Here are 10 ways to gain respect as a young leader; respect that should also help those being managed.

Business Insider

Rachael Levy

Rubicon — a macro hedge fund in London — has lost a third of its value this year

NEW YORK – Rubicon Fund Management, a large London hedge fund focused on trading around global economic events, has suffered a 33.2% loss in its flagship fund this year. 

The losses were disclosed in investor documents reviewed by Business Insider.

Ross Gillam, a spokesman for Rubicon at external PR firm Instinctif Partners, didn't respond to a request for comment.

In a July letter to investors reviewed by Business Insider, founder Paul Brewer attributed about half of the year's losses...

Business Insider

Alex Morrell

The definitive Wall Street scorecard is out — and Goldman Sachs is slipping

The latest ranking of Wall Street supremacy is out, and there's a notable shift at the top of the league tables.

JPMorgan once again dominated the competition in the first half of the year for revenue across fixed income, equities, and banking, according to data-analytics company Coalition.

The largest bank by assets in the US hauled in $13.2 billion in revenue through half of 2017 — up from $12.5 billion at last year's midpoint — ranking No. 1 in investment banking and FICC (fixed...


Martin Zwilling

9 Secrets That Great Entrepreneurs Live By For Success

Long-term job satisfaction is becoming a more and more elusive goal. Maybe it's time to look within for real alternatives.


Jason Albanese

These 4 Digital Solutions Will Help Your Company Grow

A digital-first approach is necessary if businesses expect to grow in today's hyper-competitivemarketplace. These four solutions can help.


Jacob Morgan

How to Rethink Personal and Professional Relationships

Relationships are the basis of a strong company, and rethinking relationships based on changes in the workplace can define a company's culture and set them apart from the competition.

Business Insider

Benjamin Zhang

If you see this mysterious code on your boarding pass, get ready to be searched

There are few things more dreaded in US airports than a long, snaking security line. But, if you see the letter "SSSS" printed on the bottom of your boarding pass, expect to spend some extra time with the fine people at Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

That's because the passengers whose boarding passes bear these four letters have been pre-selected for additional security screening.

"SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and it appears on a passenger’s...

Business Insider

Jacqui Frank, Kara Chin and Joe Ciolli

THE BOTTOM LINE: The 'Trump trade' is back and Ray Dalio breaks down the bitcoin bubble

This week:

Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget speaks with Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund. Dalio discusses his assertion that most portfolios should have gold allocated at 5-10%, if for no other reason than it’s a great diversifying asset. He also shares his thoughts on bitcoin, which he says is not an effective medium of exchange, because it’s difficult to buy things using it. Dalio calls bitcoin a speculative bubble, and says it lacks...

Business Insider

Jacqui Frank, Kara Chin and Joe Ciolli

Traders are gearing up for Trump's tax cut plan

It looks like “Trump Trade” is back on beca use of the tax proposal set to be released next Monday, which should reveal specifics on lowering the corporate tax rate. President Trump has been talking about cutting the federal corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% since 2015. Though, he doesn’t seem to have much support from fellow Republicans to go quite that far.  

According to JPMorgan head of equity strategy, Dubravko Lakos-Bujas, if the tax rate is cut to 25% that could increase S&P...

Business Insider

Matt Weinberger

A $1.6 billion rival to Oracle and Amazon just filed to go public (ORCL)

MongoDB, a New York-based database startup reportedly valued at $1.6 billion, officially filed for its IPO on Thursday afternoon. 

In August, TechCrunch reported that MongoDB had confidentially filed the paperwork to go public, taking advantage of new SEC rules. The fact that this paperwork appeared publicly on the Securities Exchange Commission's system appears to confirm that earlier report.

You can read the full filing here. The company plans to trade on NASDAQ under the symbol...

Business Insider

Melia Robinson

Facebook is dropping $35 million to lease a beautiful, earthquake-resistant skyscraper in San Francisco — take a look inside

Thousands of Facebook employees are about to experience a much more pleasant commute.

The social media giant has signed a new lease at 181 Fremont, a mixed-use skyscraper that will be the tallest residential building on the West Coast once it's completed later this year. The tower rises 70 stories over San Francisco's Financial District and will house between 2,000 and 3,000 Facebook and Instagram employees across 34 floors.

The 436,000-square-foot office space will be Facebook's first...

Business Insider

Matt Weinberger

Google's $1.1 billion deal with HTC is about something much bigger than making a better smartphone (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google's acquisition of a team of smartphone engineers from HTC could prove important to its future. In the short term, the team should help Google's Pixel phones better compete with Apple's iPhone and other flagship smartphones. But longer term, the deal fills in an important gap for Google, as it looks to compete in a world without smartphones.

Google, it seems, is gearing up for a post-smartphone world. 

At first glance, its acquisition of a team of smartphone engineers from HTC might...


Schuyler Brown

4 Lessons Every First Time Founder Needs To Learn

Learn the four mistakes that accidentally alienate engineering teams from top CTOs at LearnVest, StellaService, Artsy and Managed By Q.


J.T. O'Donnell

Can This Boss Forbid Employees From Posting Their Resume Online?

3 tips for conducting a stealth job search.

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