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Peter Roesler

What Business Owners Need to Know to Keep Their Customers Happy

Research from CMO Council shows what customers like and what makes them feel neglected andfrustrated.


Andrew Medal

6 Channels Big Brands Must Invest In To Survive

See the new marketing channels brands like Nike, Sephora and Always are using to expand their reach.


Eric Holtzclaw

The 1 Email Phrase That Will Really Cost You

This one email phrase is the most used, and least effective, closing to any email.


Sam Jefferies

Small Businesses Are Being Hit Hard by a Failure to Communicate in Washington

The collapse of trade policy in Washington, D.C. holds a lesson about issue communications.


Joseph Steinberg

9 Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Strong Personal Brands: 9 Ways You Can Create One

Business Insider

Maria Terekhova

Here's why Bitcoin is rebounding

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Bitcoin has recovered somewhat from the drop in value seen last Sunday, with the price of the cryptocurrency reaching $2,701 at the time of this writing.

The stabilization seems to be the result of Bitcoin miners reaching an agreement on the enactment of the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal.

This agreement means the avoidance of a user-activated softfork (UASF),...

Business Insider

Madeline Stone and Andy Kiersz

The 50 best restaurants in America

A great meal at an outstanding restaurant can be a life-changing experience. But with new places popping up every day, it can be difficult to decide which spots are worth your time — and hard-earned cash.

We combined six noteworthy lists compiled by food critics, experts, and diners to come up with a definitive ranking of the best restaurants in the country.

We gave each restaurant a numerical rating based on how many lists the restaurant appeared on and how high it appeared on lists...

Business Insider

Andy Kiersz

Here's how we ranked the best restaurants in America

We recently ranked the best restaurants in America. Here's how we came up with our list.

The rankings were mostly determined by an analysis of noteworthy restaurant rankings and awards determined by food critics, diners, and experts, as well as the number of Michelin stars a restaurant had. The score of each restaurant depends on where it fell on these lists. 

The lists we used were The Daily Meal's 101 Best Restaurants in America, OpenTable's 100 Hottest Restaurants in America, The...

Business Insider

Seth Archer

Blue Apron is surging after Wall Street unleashes a bunch of bullish ratings (APRN)

Blue Apron has been struggling since its initial public offering, but Wall Street analysts might have breathed new life into the company.

Shares are up more than 8%, opening at $7.21 a piece after Wall Street released bunch of bullish ratings on the company.

11 Wall Street ratings have been released recently, and eight of those eleven were bullish.

The company recently went public under the shadow of the Amazon-Whole Foods deal. Many speculated that Amazon would be moving into Blue...

Business Insider

Rayna Hollander

Microsoft's Q4 earnings surpassed expectations thanks to the cloud (MSFT)

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Microsoft surpassed expectations across all segments for its fiscal Q4 (that ended June 30), according to earnings released Thursday.

The company reported $25 billion in non-GAAP revenue in the quarter, over the expected $24 billion and up 10% year-over-year (YoY) from $23 billion. The solid earnings were primarily driven by Microsoft’s could offerings,...

Business Insider

Steve Kovach

Google's parent company Alphabet reports earnings today — here's what to expect (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google's parent company Alphabet reports its earnings for the second quarter on Monday after market close.

Here's what analysts are expecting, according to Bloomberg:

Revenue: $20.9 billion

EPS: $4.46

There are some other things to watch in the report.

The EU fine: The EU fined Google a record-breaking $2.7 billion in June after regulators accused the company of promoting its own shopping services in search results over its competitors. The EU says Google has to change its practices within...

Business Insider

Rachael Levy

A hedge fund started by a Steve Cohen protégé is crushing it (FWONK, BABA)

A hedge fund started by a Steve Cohen protégé is up double-digits in 2017. 

David Fiszel's Honeycomb Asset Management is up 12.2% after fees over the past six months in its Class A shares, according to the firm's second-quarter letter released last week. A copy was reviewed by Business Insider.

The fund gained 9.3% after fees in the first quarter and posted a 2.7% net return in the second quarter.

Comparatively, the S&P 500 is up about 9.6% over the same period, per Markets Insider...

Business Insider

Matthew DeBord

Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler are reporting Q2 earnings this week — here's what to look for (GM, FCAU, F)

After record-setting sales years in 2015 and 2016, the US auto market appears to have plateaued. The past few months have seen year-over-year sales declines, so the boom could be shifting to a cyclical decline.

Amid this scenario, the Big Three Detroit automakers — General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — will report second-quarter earnings this week. 

All three have posted steady profits for years, yet seen their stock prices languish (Ford and GM in particular, FCA less...


Ann Latham, Contributor

7 Rules Naturally Clear Leaders Follow When Making Decisions

If you make decisions by consensus, you waste a lot of time. But if you make decisions without sufficient involvement, you won't gain the cooperation and commitment you need for subsequent steps and successful implementation. How do naturally clear leaders thread this needle?


2,500 products in U.K. hit by 'shrinkflation'

More than 2,500 products sold in Britain have shrunk in size -- but not price -- since January 2012, according to the Office for National Statistics.


Carianne DAlessandro

Dropbox CEO Reveals What He Said in Remarkable MIT Commencement Speech

Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, re-tells the biggest lessons he's learned over his career.


James Kerr

Emotional Intelligence As Competitive Differentiator

A workforce that is stacked with individuals possessing high emotional intelligence can separate your business from its rivals


Kat Boogaard

Build Stronger Relationships By Doing These 3 Things After Meeting Someone New

Want a stronger professional network? You need to follow through and forge a relationship with the people you meet.


Kaleigh Moore

This Brand Spent 1000-Plus Hours Perfecting Their Shipping Process. Here's What They Learned

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams shares insight on overcoming a major logistical hurdle.


Melissa Chu

How to Respond When Friends and Family Don't Support Your Dreams

Here's what you should do when people don't support your endeavors.

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