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Enrique Dans, Contributor

Apple And Netflix: Is There Any Truth To TheRumors?

Apple buying Netflix would be ambitious to say the least, but not beyond the bounds of the possible. However, just because two pieces fit together in theory doesn’t mean they will do so in practice. Things are not usually as simple as some analysts make out...


Chuck Jones, Contributor

6 Metrics Show Trump Did Not Inherit A Mess From Obama

President Trump frequently tweets or says that he inherited a mess from Obama. When you look at the facts nothing could be further from the truth.


Scott Mendelson, Contributor

'Alita: Battle Angel' Tops Box Office With A Promising $42 Million Weekend

A best-case-scenario box office result for 'Alita: Battle Angel' may not be big enough to make it a hit.


Enrique Dans, Contributor

Amazon And New York: What Are The Lessons To BeLearned?

Amazon’s decision to cancel its plans for a second macro-corporate headquarters in New York, due mainly to resident activism in Queens is of hugely symbolic importance. Other technology companies take note: in today’s high-stakes world, the price of hubris can be high indeed...


Peter Cohan, Contributor

3 Reasons AI Is Way Overhyped

Decades ago the first startup I worked with was based on AI. Its failure makes me skeptical of the current wave of AI hype. Will AI be different this time?

Business Insider

Harrison Jacobs

I flew economy class on Kenya Airways' flagship 787 Dreamliner to see if 'the Pride of Africa' stacks up to the world's top airlines

Nicknamed "the Pride of Africa," Kenya Airways is the flag carrier of Kenya and a member of SkyTeam Alliance, operating in 53 cities around the world. It recently launched a direct flight from New York to Nairobi, with plans to up to 20 new destinations in Africa, Europe, and Asia in the coming years. While Kenya Airways hasn't won any major awards, it's consistently ranked as one of the best African airlines and I'd heard rave reviews from friends who had flown the airline. With a...

Business Insider

Troy Wolverton

Here's why Apple's upcoming streaming video service won't rescue it from plunging iPhone sales (AAPL)

Apple's impending video service is getting a lot of hype. But even if it's smash hit, the video service won't be able to make up for Apple's declining iPhone sales, Jefferies analyst Tim O'Shea shows in a new report. In a best case scenario, a video subscription service would only provide about 5% of Apple's revenue, according to O'Shea's estimates. And there are reasons to think Apple could have a tough time luring customers to its video service.

Apple's upcoming streaming video service...

Business Insider

Jim Edwards

The risky 'leveraged loan' market just sunk to a whole new low

85% of all leveraged loans — one of the most-risky types of corporate debt — are now "covenant-lite." That means they lack traditional requirements for companies to maintain certain financial benchmarks that protect the investors who pay for them.  Leveraged loan quality is thus at a record low. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney compared it to the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007.

The leveraged loan market just set a new record: The quality of investor protections in this market...


Ewan Spence, Contributor

New OnePlus Feature Answers Demand For An Exciting Bonus

OnePlus continues to listen and react to its fan base as the Shenzhen-based company increases its push into the mainstream with its premium smartphones with a new addition to the software.


Davey Winder, Contributor

Cybersecurity Mental Health Warning -- 1 In 6 CISOs Now Medicate Or Use Alcohol

With CISOs turning to medication and alcohol to deal with the stresses that the role brings, what needs to be done to ensure their mental health and the cybersecurity of the business are both properly looked after?


Lizzy Saxe, Contributor

Want To Find A Rich Person In Russia? Look For The Lemons

If you see someone eating a lemon in Russia, they probably have money and want you to know it.

Business Insider

Callum Burroughs

These are the 10 best paid hedge fund managers for 2018

The 10 best paid fund managers in the world made $7.7 billion in 2018 with one fund manager seeing his fortune increase $1.8 billion last year.  Many of the world's biggest funds saw big returns even after stock markets performed poorly in 2018.  Despite the crazy figures 2018 was a tough year for funds in general with closures outnumbering launches for the third year in a row. 

Beyond the one percenters lies a realm of extreme remuneration reserved for hedge fund managers. The top 10...


Devin Thorpe, Contributor

Salesforce Builds $50 Million Impact Investing Portfolio

Salesforce is building a $50 million impact investing portfolio within its $1 billion venture portfolio. The company is actively looking for more sustainability and climate-related investments.


Jamie Carter, Contributor

The 'Dog Star', The Brightest Star In The Night Sky, Will Go Dark On Monday For 'First Time' Ever

Sirius, one of the nearest stars to our solar system, will be briefly occulted by a three mile-wide asteroid called 4388 Jurgen, but only for those inside a narrow path through Mexico, US, and Canada.


Noodle Pros, Contributor

In College Admissions, Is It Important To Show Your Love?

Dear [favorite college]: I was broken-hearted when I learned that I had been deferred in the Early Decision round. But I remain steadfast in my love for [favorite college]. If you take me in March, I will surely show up on campus next fall.


Marshall Shepherd, Contributor

6 Compelling Reasons Climate Change Might Be A National Emergency

Six compelling reasons climate change rises to the level of a national emergency

Business Insider

Jeremy Berke

A marijuana venture capital started by alums of hedge fund Longacre is looking to raise over $100 million for a new fund

Altitude Investment Management is raising over $100 million for its second cannabis-focused fund, according to people familiar with the matter. The fund is a sizeable increase over its first $30 million fund which closed last year. Altitude joins a long list of cannabis venture funds that are raising millions to go after growth-stage startups.

Venture capital funds focused on startups in the rapidly growing cannabis industry are raising boatloads of capital, and Altitude Investment...

Business Insider

Shana Lebowitz

An HR exec says she gets excited every time a job candidate asks her a simple question about learning on the job

Asking interview questions about opportunities for professional growth won't come off as presumptuous — it will show you're committed to the company. That's according to Lillian Landrum, director of talent acquisition at The Muse. Landrum says these questions also show you want to improve your own skills, which is always a plus.

Asking about company perks in a job interview might seem presumptuous — you don’t want to give the impression that you’re there for the free snacks.



Paul Tassi, Contributor

The First 10 Hours Of Anthem: What Works And What Doesn't

Anthem is out for select players, and it's time to dive into the game in full after a rocky demo, and see what it's actually like at release.


Dave Thier, Contributor

'Fortnite': How And Where To Unlock The Prisoner Skin Stage 4

Fortnite's Prisoner Skin Stage 4 is now live. Here's where to go to find the ritual site to unlock the thing.

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