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Royals Rumblings - News for May 29, 2020

Hugs for all! | John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Memorial Day week is over and the Royals aren’t out of it yet!

At the KC Star, Lynn Worthy talked with Lonnie Goldberg about the scouting for this odd upcoming draft:

Teams were prohibited from contacting players or their agents and gathering video or data on draft-eligible players. However, by early April, MLB relaxed restrictions on what had been a full-stop scouting shutdown.

The restrictions were...

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Bret Saberhagen listed as best KC Royals right handed starter

KC Royals fans likely all have a favorite player from history, but according to a recent article, one Royals pitcher stands out. It’s often difficult

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Not in Missouri anymore: Royals move legal home to Delaware

The Kansas City Royals have moved -- not actually, but legally

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Royals move to Delaware (in just a legal sense)

The Kansas City Royals changed their legal home from Missouri to Delaware last fall during the process of the team’s sale.

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

The 'Kansas City Royals to hit 30 HRs in a season' quiz

How many Kansas City Royals players who have hit at least 30 home runs in a season can you name in five minutes? 

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KC Royals Rewind: Greg Pryor was valuable utility man

Whit Merrifield has been the consummate versatile player for the KC Royals. But long before Merrifield came along, the club had a pretty serviceable utility infielder.

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Season delay may help Jesse Hahn’s performance

While the delay of the 2020 season may hurt some areas of baseball, for one KC Royals pitcher, it may help them get back on track. Fans of the KC Royals are still having to view the team through simulations and old games for now, but hopefully, soon, baseball will be back on track.

Royals Review

Max Rieper Hokius Matthew LaMar Bradford Lee

What moments in Royals history made you cry?

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It is a little musty in here.

The pandemic has put sports on hiatus for the last two months, giving us the rare perspective we get once in awhile when real life intrudes into sports, making us realize that winning the game just isn’t that important when life and death is on the line. But almost contrary to that, the pandemic has also sharpened how important sports is to our lives. While it may not seem like it should be important, it is important to...

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How Mark Redman made ASG in only season with KC Royals

Back in 2006, this KC Royals left-handed pitcher made the All-Star Game even after losing his first four decisions in his only season with the team. To

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Jack S. Johnson

2020 Draft Prospect: Emerson Hancock

Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If the college arm falls to the fourth pick, do the Royals bite?

As the 2020 MLB draft rapidly approaches, the Kansas City Royals, once again, have the opportunity to bolster their farm system with premier talent. Holding the fourth overall selection, the Royals have been mainly linked to New Mexico State second baseman Nick Gonzales and high school outfielder Zac Veen, who ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel had the Royals taking in his...

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KC Royals draft Matt Olson in Bleacher Report’s 2012 redo

When the KC Royals drafted Kyle Zimmer in 2012, they had high expectations. Perhaps a different route would’ve panned out better. The 2012 MLB Draft delivered some serious talent.

Royals Review

Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Royals Rumblings - News for May 28, 2020

We can only post dogs on Wednesdays, so here is a baby donkey. | Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Thursday, what a concept.

Cody Clark spent a long time in the Royals farm system, and a little time in the Majors. Now he’s an advance scout, reports Alexis Brudnicki at MLB.com:

“I hadn’t spent a whole lot of time in the big leagues as a player, and I got to spend three years doing that and seeing the best players in the world. It was an amazing time for the Royals obviously, going to two World...

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Success is crucial for Jorge Lopez in short season

The KC Royals have no lack of pitching in the minor leagues and if some major leaguers want to keep their spot, they will have to prove their worth. There is still no set word on what the 2020 season will look like for the KC Royals and the rest of baseball.

Royals Review

Max Rieper Alex Duvall Shaun Newkirk

Royals Review Radio: The 2020 draft preview episode

There’s no baseball, but they’re still having a draft!

It may be just five rounds this year, but we’re still all in on the MLB draft! Our Max Rieper and Shaun Newkirk are joined by Alex Duvall of Royals Farm Report and Prospects 1500 to preview who the Royals may be looking at for the draft. Plus we look back on the 2015 draft class five years later. Some of the things we talked about:

How will teams change their strategy for a five-round draft?

Who will the Royals be looking at with...

Royals Review

Shaun Newkirk

Names to know for the 2020 draft

Photo by Andy Altenburger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Looking at the players the Royals may draft and others.

This isn’t a normal draft - I’m sure you all know that by now. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, MLB teams are supposedly getting hit hard in their pockets due to lack of games (again, supposedly). This means they have had to go into cost cutting mode. One way they’ve cut back is by reducing the MLB draft from its usual 40 rounds to just five rounds. Ultimately, this...

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Don’t forget about Seuly Matias just yet

After a home run-filled 2018, this KC Royals minor league outfield prospect had a disappointing 2019. Don’t sleep on him, though. Seuly Matias shot up

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Max Rieper

How Royals payroll would look under the owners’ proposal

Photo by Alfred Gescheidt/Getty Images

The owners are asking for massive pay cuts from the players.

Owners have presented players with a modified pay arrangement that would include a sliding scale, cutting salaries more at the top end, according to Jeff Passan at ESPN. Players had already agreed back in March to cut their salaries in relation to the number of games played, so with an proposed 82-game schedule, players will receive half of their 2020 salaries. But with fans unlikely to be...

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Catching up with Jonathan Bowlan

KC Royals pitching prospect Jonathan Bowlan isn’t talked about nearly enough. We had the chance to chat with him recently. As the No. 9-ranked prospect in the KC Royals’ farm system, Jonathan Bowlan has a lot of promise when it comes to being a big-league starter.

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

KC Royals Midweek Musings: Shaky labor talks, Japan, and expansion

This edition of KC Royals Midweek Musings examines ongoing labor talks, baseball in Japan, possible MLB expansion and other tidbits. Various KC Royals

Royals Review

Max Rieper

A look back at the Royals’ 2015 draft class, five years later

Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

In the middle of a championship season, the Royals did not have a championship draft.

On June 9, 2015, the Royals took sole possession of first place, a spot they would not relinquish the rest of the season. The club was riding high, proving that the pennant run the previous season was no fluke. The scouting department had reason to be feeling good, as much of the club that would go on to win a World Series that fall was home grown, drafted and developed by...

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