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Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Royals blank Jays to keep pace in WC race

Jason Vargas turned in one of his best outings of the season at the perfect time, going 6 1/3 strong innings to help lead the Royals to a 1-0 win over the Blue Jays on Thursday night in the rubber game at Rogers Centre.

Royals Review

Patrick Brennan

Lorenzo Cain is the Royals’ MVP

Get that man a cake

If you were to take a survey among Royals fans on who the team MVP for 2017 is, you’d probably see Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer as the most popular choices. Those guys definitely have arguments, as Moustakas made Royals history and Hosmer has been one of the better hitters in all of baseball for a large chunk of the season.

The guy I’ll fight for in this is Lorenzo Cain. He’s got my vote as the this squads most valuable player. And it is very numerous different...

Royals Review

Max Rieper

Eight Royals losses that could have changed their season

The ones that got away

The book has pretty much closed on the Royals contending in the 2017 season. They had some highs and lows, but by the end of July they looked like they had a pretty good shot at a Wild Card spot in a mediocre race. The bottom dropped out after that, and the Royals currently stand 3.5 games back of a playoff spot with just 11 games to go.

Could things have played out differently? Let’s look back at the eight games that might have cost the Royals at one more playoff...

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

One Game Per Month

I wrote a very similar column last season.  This is the column that comes out when October is going to be the off-season and not the post-season for the Kansas City Royals. Frankly, I wrote something not far from this last week when we explored what keeping Wade Davis might have meant to the 2017 Royals. You might remember that I speculated there were three games that one could really, really put your finger on as losses that turn into wins with Davis closing versus Kelvin Herrera.  Since...

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Bye Bye Balboni (BP Kansas City Episode 71)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kansascitybaseballvault/2017/09/21/bye-bye-balboni-bp-kansas-city-episode-71.mp3 Finally. After nearly three weeks of being stuck at #36, Mike Moustakas did the impossible, dethroning Steve Balboni as the Royals single-season home run record holder. On Wednesday night, just as we started recording, Moose hit home run #37 to set a new Royals record and we were excited. We discussed the significance of the record, what else to track with Moose the rest of the...

Royals Review

Shaun Newkirk

The underrated part of Scott Alexander’s sinker

It’s not just for grounders

Much has been made of the Royals new and fun tool in the bullpen. Scott Alexander hasn’t been a revelation this year, but he’s instead been a solid reliever who can pitch multiple innings and also work out of a jam. Coming into the year he also wasn’t thought to be a large part of the Royals bullpen and late game strategy, so his emergence as a good left-handed reliever is a nice turn for a lost season overall.

He’s not without his flaws. He doesn’t...

Royals Review

Josh Duggan

Royals Rumblings - News for September 21, 2017

Don’t go hanging any dongs on your way to the parking lot, Moose.

Let us not bury the lede: Mike Moustakas now holds the Royals’ record for home runs in a season.

"It was kind of after I came in and everyone was giving me hugs and saying congratulations is kind of when it really sunk in," Moustakas said. "It was pretty special to be able to hit that and then come in and share that with all my teammates, all the guys I've spent 10-plus years with. It's definitely an awesome feeling and...

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Royals turn to Vargas as playoff push continues

A pair of veteran left-handers will take the mound when the Blue Jays and Royals meet for the final time this season on Thursday night at Rogers Centre.

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Royals rout Jays, gain ground in WC race

The Royals wasted no time on Wednesday night in Toronto, jumping out to a nine-run lead in the second inning and holding on for a 15-5 win over the Blue Jays.

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Moustakas all alone atop Royals home run leaderboard; Royals thrash Jays

You gotta give the Kansas City Royals this—when it’s going well, it’s going REALLY well. And it went really, really, REALLY well Wednesday night against the Toronto Blue Jays. (According to Twitter, Mike Moustakas also did something of relative importance. We’ll get to that in moments.) As a group, the Royals pounded Toronto. Just beat the breaks off them. With 15 runs on 18 hits (accumulated by 13 different Royals, a franchise single-game record I take no credit for finding because...

Royals Review

Ryan Heffernon

Moustakas defeats Balboni, Royals thump Blue Jays 15-5

Everybody breathe. Balboni is no more.

I have to admit, I was starting to get worried.

Similar to his home run derby performance, when he needed just one more homer to tie Miguel Sano with 45 seconds still on the clock, I was worried that Mike Moustakas would stall.

Luckily for all of us Royals fans who had been holding our collective breath for the last few weeks, he did not, and the Royals also knocked the Blue Jays around to the tune of a 15-5 score.

In total, the Royals tallied 18 hits,...

Royals Review

Max Rieper

Mike Moustakas sets the single-season club home run record with #37

Bye-bye, Balboni!

Mike Moustakas hit his 36th home run on September 1, to tie the single-season club record for home runs in a season, set by Steve Balboni in 1985. But he had been homerless since then, thanks in part to an aggravated knee injury. That home run drought came to an end Wednesday night, when Mike Moustakas etched his name into the record books.

The Royals were already up 12-0 in a laugher in Toronto when Moustakas faced right-hander Carlos Ramirez in the sixth inning.


Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Moustakas' 37th homer sets new Royals record

Mike Moustakas launched his 37th home run of 2017 on Wednesday night, making him the new all-time record holder for home runs by a Kansas City Royals player in a single season.

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Trade Deadline Deals Didn’t Do Much for the Royals this Season  

Every season, when the trade deadline comes around, some teams scramble to try and improve their rosters, while other teams accept they won’t be making the playoffs and try to get rid of players with value. Sometimes, these roster moves pay off, and both the buyers and sellers win, however, things also don’t go as planned in some cases, like this season with the Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Twins. If you want to catch some of the action before the season ends, take a look at some of...

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Moore stands by philosophy of KC's strategy

Royals general manager Dayton Moore knows the question will be coming if his team doesn't make a miraculous run down the stretch: Why didn't you sell at the non-waiver Trade Deadline, considering all of Kansas City's pending free agents?

Royals Review

Max Rieper

Royals Rule 5 protection decisions to make this winter

Who would you protect?

The Rule 5 draft won’t be until December, but with the season winding down, the Royals will need to begin considering how they want to manipulate the 40-man roster in anticipation of the draft. For those unfamiliar with the Rule 5 draft, it is a way to give minor leaguers an opportunity if they have been stashed away in a deep organization or haven’t been given a chance yet.

According to MLB.com, the following players are eligible for the Rule 5 draft.

Players who...

Royals Review

Matthew LaMar

The Royals owe it to themselves to do a full rebuild after this season

None of this ‘halfsies’ thing anymore.

Remember that feeling after the Kansas City Royals had won the 2014 Wild Card game?

For those of us lucky enough to physically be there at Kauffman Stadium that night, it was a release of 29 years’ of tension, an exhausted cacophony of sounds coming from frayed throats that had endured almost five hours of a nail-biting thriller of a game. Those watching at home experienced similar emotions, though perhaps without the raw energy with which the...

Royals Review

Max Rieper

Royals Rumblings - News for September 20, 2017

Gordo hits the record books.

Royals Rumblings - News for September 20, 2017

Sam Mellinger considers the future of the Royals.

Anyway, the point here is the immediate future of the club depends on some 30,000-foot decisions the front office will face this offseason. If they decide to try to win now, they can put together a team capable of at least the second wild card. They’ll need to accept a payroll bump, and spend money and make trades better than they’ve done, but it’s certainly...

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Replacing Cain No Easy Task

When the Royals stumbled down the stretch last season, they did so mostly without the services of Lorenzo Cain. I believed that a huge reason the Royals struggled was because they were missing their middle of the order bat who was kind of in the middle of everything. I thought he was the most valuable Royal and still do. With just 12 games to go in the Lorenzo Cain era (probably), it’s time to start thinking ahead, and while Cain’s bat will be tough to replace, his defense will be...

Yardbarker: Kansas City Royals

Junis, Royals look to stay in WC chase vs. Jays

The Royals will look to keep their faint postseason hopes alive when right-hander Jakob Junis gets the call on Tuesday night in Toronto against the Blue Jays and lefty Brett Anderson.

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