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Bryan Murphy

Bruce Bochy’s approval rating remains steady, but fans are less confident in Giants

The latest FanPulse results also take the temperature of baseball fans when it comes to bean balls.

This year, SB Nation has polled community members from every baseball site to form FanPulse, a weekly fan poll. If you want to influence the conversation about the Giants, sign up right here to be a part of the next vote.

The latest SB Nation FanPulse returns are from polling done after last week’s 2-4 record, so it makes sense that only a minority of Giants fans (47%) are confident in the...

Yardbarker: San Francisco Giants

Giants complete first (only?) sweep of 2019

Drew Pomeranz had his best start in two years, and Pablo Sandoval homered in his second consecutive game. Do two-game series count as sweeps? Well, consider the following: This is the first series sweep for the Giants since they swept a two-game series against the Padres at the very end of July last year. If you’re only counting three-game series, they haven’t swept a series since they swept the Diamondbacks at the end of June. Sweeps of any sort don’t come around often for these...

Yardbarker: San Francisco Giants

Phillies, Astros among teams that could land Madison Bumgarner

The San Francisco Giants find themselves in a less-than-ideal situation. Just years removed from winning multiple titles, this organization is stuck between a false hope of contention and a complete rebuild. San Francisco enters Wednesday’s action with a 10-14 record and in last place in the NL West. It almost seems to be just a matter of time before new front office head Farhan Zaidi goes on a selling spree. That could very well include former World Series MVP and four-time All-Star...

Yardbarker: San Francisco Giants

Giants @ Blue Jays, 4/24

Drew Pomeranz (LHP; 0-2, 4.87 FIP) vs. Clay Buchholz (RHP; 0-0, 4.04 FIP) It will certainly be difficult — though not impossible — for the Giants to hit four home runs in a single road game again, especially the day after they just did so, but this is the age of miracles, the age of juiced balls all over the place. Just... baseballs flying everywhere. Yesterday, the Blue Jays had the right pitcher on the mound to hit home runs off of but they could only manage one off of Jeff Samardzija...

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Brady Klopfer

The pros and cons of the outfield arrangement

Kevin Pillar is in center, and Steven Duggar is in right. Is this good? Is this bad?

When the San Francisco Giants traded for Kevin Pillar, the tune they initially sang was crystal clear: Steven Duggar, the team’s best home grown defensive outfielder in who knows how long, was still the starting center fielder.

Bochy said Duggar won’t move around, will play CF. Pillar can handle all three spots but sounds like he’ll primarily be in RF for now.

— Alex Pavlovic (@PavlovicNBCS) April...

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Bryan Murphy

Take a guided tour of Will Smith’s tattoos

Oh! It looks like the Giants have made this into a recurring series.

On Saturday, I pointed you towards a YouTube video on the Giants’ channel about Dereck Rodríguez and his DC Comics tattoos. Turns out, I didn’t watch closely enough. The title of Rodríguez’s video was “Clubhouse Ink”. Yesterday, the team put out a second edition of “Clubhouse Ink” featuring Will Smith, presumably in response to the trailer for Will Smith’s new movie Gemini Man.

Or, actually, probably not...

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Sami Higgins

Wednesday BP, 4/24/19

Good morning, McCoven! And to you Sharks fans, my goodness, what a game that was last night. I have watched exactly two hockey games in my life, that one and the women’s USA vs. Canada gold medal game in the last Olympics, and I may never actually be able to watch normal hockey now because I am spoiled.

On another note, ESPN had a great feature about Farhan Zaidi a few days ago that you should check out. I think there are parts of it that are a bit reductive, inferring that people who...

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Kevin J. Cunningham

SF Giants Minor Lines 4/23/19: Well, At Least The Defense Was Good

Too bad they don’t post video of defense...

I’m just going to start this Minor Lines off by saying it’d be nice if minor league teams posted defensive highlights.

…because it’s not like there was much else to post.

Oh, but definitely, congratulations to the San Jose Sharks for one of the most incredible NHL playoff games ever!

Highlights: Logan Webb struck out nine in five innings.

Sacramento had an Off-Day

Back against Tacoma. You’d think there wasn’t 16 teams in the...

Bleacher Report - San Francisco Giants

Former MVP Buster Posey Is Wasting Away in Ruins of Former MLB Dynasty

At this point, nobody has any right to be surprised by what has befallen Buster Posey and the San Francisco Giants . The team's 10-14 record thus far in the 2019 Major League Baseball season constitutes more of the same...

Yardbarker: San Francisco Giants

Offense leads Giants to win despite bullpen meltdown, as we all expected

San Francisco had four home runs in a 7-6 win in Toronto. In the top of the second inning, in a scoreless baseball game, the San Francisco Giants put together a two-out rally against the Toronto Blue Jays. Pablo Sandoval singled, then Brandon Crawford did the same. then Kevin Pillar, making his return to Toronto, made it three in a row with a rocket to left field, and Ron Wotus showed no hesitation in sending Sandoval, who scored when the throw drifted far up the line. Joe Panik scorched a...

Yardbarker: San Francisco Giants

Watch: Blue Jays fans give former star Kevin Pillar resounding ovation

Former Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar made his return to the Canadian hub as a member of the San Francisco Giants for the first time on Tuesday. Pillar, 30, starred for the Jays for six seasons after they made him a late-round pick in the 2011 MLB Draft. He was traded to San Francisco just a handful of games into the 2019 campaign. In his return to Toronto, the well-respected veteran received a resounding ovation from Jays fans. It really was something to behold. Since being dealt...

McCovey Chronicles

Bryan Murphy

There’s a Gordonaissance happening in Kansas City

After a hot spring, the 35-year old face of the Royals finds himself off to the hottest start of his career.

McCovey Chronicles will be covering news from around the league all season long with our new daily MLB Chronicles column.

After 22 games, the Royals’ Alex Gordon has a .994 OPS in 97 plate appearances. He’s never started off a season with such a stretch. In 2013, he opened up with a .907 OPS and just last year he racked up an .830 OPS in his first 22 games before finishing his...

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Bryan Murphy

Giants @ Blue Jays, 4/23

Jeff Samardzija (RHP; 1-1, 3.56 FIP) vs. Trent Thornton (RHP; 0-2, 4.79 FIP)

I was so sure we were going to see Alen Hanson in this series, but instead, Eric Sogard and Richard Ureña will handle middle infield duties.

Let's make it 5 straight wins tonight! #LetsGoBlueJays pic.twitter.com/SeFRAX1McA

— Toronto Blue Jays (@BlueJays) April 23, 2019

Ureña is basically the 23-year old “with ceiling” version of Alen Hanson. He’s a switch-hitter who can play second, third, and short,...

McCovey Chronicles

Bryan Murphy

Series preview: The Blue Jays are rolling

Kevin Pillar returns to his old diving grounds just as they seem to have turned things around.

We were promised Vladimir Guerrero Jr. There were rumors — tweets — and then denials. Then reversals of denials. And then, well, he was in the lineup for the Buffalo Bisons yesterday and the rumor mill swung around to suggesting that the Blue Jays were delaying his call up until the end of the week to avoid a conflict on the Blue Jays’ cable channel with the Maple Leafs’ playoff game and,...

McCovey Chronicles

Brady Klopfer

How many Giants will have good offensive seasons?

Spoiler: Not many.

The San Francisco Giants offense is not good.

You don’t need me to tell you this. You’ve been watching the games, or if you haven’t, you’ve been reading about them.

Now, we can dissect the relentlessly uninspiring offense all we want, but it boils down to something remarkably simple: The Giants offense is bad because the components making it up are bad.

I know, I know. It’s a little bit out there. Stick with me.

To display the offensive futility, let’s look at...

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Sami Higgins

Tuesday BP, 4/23/19

Good Morning, McCoven! Here is your weekly reminder that tickets are on sale for the McCovey Chronicles Meet-up Game!

Here are the details:

When: July 6th, 2019 - 7:05pm

Who: San Francisco Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals

How Much: $53.25 per person

Where: Lower Box 133 or 134

To order your tickets, please reach out to Noah Chasnoff at nchasnoff@sfgiants.com or (415) 972-2271. Please make sure to mention that you are with the McCovey Chronicles group. You will pay him directly, so there will...

McCovey Chronicles

Kevin J. Cunningham

SF Giants Minor Lines 4/22/19: Ramos Homers, Blake Dominates

Do you want Heliot Ramos home runs? We got one.

It was a beautiful day in the bay, and a beautiful day across the country.

Sure is a pretty day for baseball pic.twitter.com/GpuJ5aHpeA

— Richmond Flying Squirrels (@GoSquirrels) April 22, 2019

Maybe this winter is finally really coming to an end.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Highlights: Blake Rivera strikes out nine; Heliot Ramos hit a double and his fifth home run; Frankie Tostado also hit a double and a home run.

Sacramento was...

McCovey Chronicles

Kenny Kelly

Ramón Laureano and the A’s turned the best-worst double play

It took an amazing catch and just a horrible, incredible throw to make it happen.

On Sunday, the A’s turned one of the more incredible and stupid double plays that’s been turned in the highlight era. In case you haven’t seen it, watch the play because no amount of description will do it justice.

The Legend of Laureano continues to grow. #RootedInOakland | @BudweiserUSA pic.twitter.com/Xcmp7Wxll5

— Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) April 22, 2019

On the call, Glenn Kuiper called it...

Yardbarker: San Francisco Giants

The Giants make too many outs on the basepaths

The Giants don’t get on base much, which makes their high frequency of outs on the bases impossible to overcome. It makes sense to think that the Giants are one of the worst baserunning teams in baseball. We can think of maybe a half dozen examples of Buster Posey being thrown out at home or someone being picked off at first base and think, Yeah, they’re pretty bad. Well, did you know that last year, the Giants made the fewest outs on base (32 OOB — lol, literally OOB) in all of...

Yardbarker: San Francisco Giants

Week 3 Look Back

In which we go over the games the Giants played between April 15 and April 21. The Giants completed another week of baseball, and good for them. Baseball is a hard game, and completing just one game is an accomplishment, much less six in a week. That’s why I’ve worked hard to give them a participation trophy, where by “participation” I mean “weekly recap” and by “trophy” I mean “They’re all a bunch of millennials who spent their childhoods receiving participation trophies...

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