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Yanko Design

JC Torres

This quirky contraption is a non-perforating compass that does more than draw circles

Anyone who has worked with paper and pen will most likely have come across the venerable drawing tool that is the compass. For centuries, it has been the standard way to draw circles of any diameter, and for centuries, artists, designers, and engineers have been forced to deal with holes in their canvases and papers. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past, and designers today have come up with multiple ways to draw circles without harming your paper, but that’s as far as many of these...

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nuka: eternal stationery

nuka: eternal stationery abduzeedo0706—22

Less is more. Especially with eternal stationery. nuka gives you a notebook and a pen that both last forever. Put your notes in, take a picture, clear them up, repeat. Conscious consumption is the heart of the brand and O0 mirrors that in visual identity and website.


It's one font, one doodle. Super utilitarian, not to distract from yourself. The real focus is on what you can draw, write, or scribble. It's...

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A lab Smashing Box 2021/2022

A lab Smashing Box 2021/2022 abduzeedo0706—22

Breaking a plate at the stroke of midnight, during New Years Eve, is one of the oldest traditions of the south of Italy. To emphasize our southern roots,  A lab Agency decided to share this local custom with everyone through the A lab 2021/22 Smashing Box.

They created a design pack with inside:

dish to smash at the stroke of midnight instruction/destruction manual that becomes also a poster booklet...

Fast Company

Clint Rainey

This AI algorithm supposedly predicts big-city crime before it happens. Is that a good idea?

Crime prediction has long been controversial, but University of Chicago researchers argue their new model could be used to monitor the police themselves.

A group of social scientists at the University of Chicago claim to have invented a computer algorithm that can predict future crimes up to one week in advance with 90% accuracy.

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Visual identity, editorial design and custom typography for Le Cercle, a patronage association for culture and performing arts.

Yanko Design

Gaurav Sood

Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari is now the world’s thinnest mechanical wristwatch

Renowned Watchmakers are constantly pushing the envelope of ‘attention to detail’ with their thin designs to set a new precedence in horology. Yes, I’m talking about the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Ultra watch that set the world record for being the thinnest mechanical timepiece back in the month of March 2022 – measuring just 1.80mm thick. That crown has now been taken away by the Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari which is just 1.75mm thick. That’s about the thickness of two credit...

Fast Company

Michael Grothaus

Deezer stock listing: Why did the Spotify rival crash on its first day of trading?

The 1.1 billion euro French unicorn sunk to a valuation of just 677 million euros on its first day of trading.

Back in April, when French music streamer Deezer announced it would go public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), there were high hopes for its offering. At the time, Deezer was widely valued at around €1.1 billion (about $1.12 billion), making it a rare French unicorn. But after yesterday’s debut on the French markets, the company’s stock crashed, giving the...

Designer News

NFT Development Using AR and VR


Yanko Design

Ida Torres

Rimo phone holder uses hand gestures to move your view around

Even though we’re two years into doing all sorts of virtual communication, there is still much we need to improve about it. There are a lot of products, gadgets, and devices that can be designed and produced to make video calls more interesting and convenient. One particular issue while doing video calls is when one party is moving around in the room and you want to be able to follow them or see the rest of the room or surroundings.

Designer: Hatch Duo

Rimo is not just a phone holder...

Yanko Design

Srishti Mitra

Top 10 kitchen appliances you need to make cooking an effortless part of your daily routine

If you love cooking but can never find enough time for it, or you’re completely terrified of cooking but you need to start, and don’t know where to start – then you’ve reached the right place. The first step towards having a streamlined and efficient cooking experience is to have an arsenal of functional kitchen appliances by your side. With the right kitchen tools and appliances, cooking can be a fun and effortless process. The right products can reduce your prep time in half, make...

Fast Company

Haley Goldberg.

Set these boundaries on day one of your new job to protect from burnout

The late-night emailing, saying yes when your plate is already full—those burnout-friendly habits don’t have to follow you from one job to the next. 

One of the most overlooked perks of starting a new job is the opportunity to set new boundaries to protect yourself from burnout. The late-night emailing, saying yes when your plate is already full, unused paid time off (PTO) collecting dust—those burnout-friendly habits don’t have to follow you from one job to the next. 

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Shopify & GDPR - Complete Guide


Fast Company

Doug Aamoth

Cut way down on spam calls in 3 simple steps

Enough is enough. If you find yourself getting way too many unwanted calls, it’s time to fight back.

It’s 2022, and not only have we not licked the problem of bogus phone calls, they actually seem to be getting worse.

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Fast Company

Rob Pegoraro

This Virginia county is trying to use blockchain-like tech to store land titles

Wise County’s Smart Land Records Project stores real-estate titles in Amazon Web Services’ Quantum Ledger Database.

Among possible applications for blockchain technology, real-estate titles—a bit of land legalese that many people may only think about as they plod through paperwork to buy a house—might not seem high on the list.

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Yanko Design

Sarang Sheth

These corner protectors give your iPhone all-round protection while still enabling MagSafe charging

Rmour’s candy-inspired corner protectors give your iPhone an understated bling upgrade while protecting the most vulnerable areas of your gadget. The best part? They don’t interfere with your iPhone’s MagSafe or wireless charging abilities.

It’s a serious internal conflict when you buy a beautiful smartphone only to put a protective case on it because you want it to stay beautiful for longer. I personally am a pro-case kind of person, just because it breaks my heart to see a tiny...

Yanko Design

Sarang Sheth

This all-metal pen with a magnetic activation system combines premium with fun

Cooler than any space pen you’ll ever find, the Lazlo is a uniquely alluring pen with an all-metal design and a fidget-worthy magnetic system. Designed by the folks at Makers Cabinet, Lazlo adds to their kit of high-end desirable and functional stationery, which all started with the HØVEL, an unconventional sharpening tool inspired by the planer – a popular woodworking tool.

Designers: Odin Ardagh and Noah Bier of Makers Cabinet

Click Here to Buy Now: $70 $108 (35% off). Hurry, only...

Yanko Design

Ida Torres

Sustainable shell pavilion uses biocomposite profiles to make your exhibit eco-friendly

Normally, booths, pavilions, and other exhibition structures are not the most sustainable. Sure you can recycle some of the parts and maybe re-use them for other events but a lot of times we see them just go to waste or go unused. So materials or designs that are created to lessen carbon footprint and to be reusable and sustainable are always welcome within the design, architecture, and events industry (and everywhere else for that matter). This new lightweight structure made from...

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