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Alex Pasternack

How A Spam Filter Sent a Shock Through The Maker Of Tasers

The Securities and Exchange Commission began emailing police supplier Axon two months ago with urgent questions about its accounting.

On August 10, the Securities and Exchange Commission emailed Axon Enterprises, which makes police body cameras and Taser stun guns, with a few questions about the company’s accounting practices. No response. In September, John Cash, the accounting branch chief at the SEC, sent a second email, asking for a response to the initial inquiry. Nada.

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Elizabeth Segran

M.Gemi Feeds Our Luxury Shoe Addiction With Cheaper, Italian-Made Heels

The fast-growing fashion startup sells Italian-crafted shoes for a third of what luxury brands charge. Here’s how they do it.

Many shoe designers put out new collections only twice a year–perhaps launching strappy sandals in the spring, and boots in the fall. M.Gemi, a direct-to-consumer luxury shoe startup, has totally nixed that model. It drops a new pair every single Monday. This week, for instance, it debuted a $198 slip-on sneaker made from crushed velvet, a material that seems...

Yanko Design

Sarang Sheth

Can your smartphone repel mosquitoes??

I’m standing on a fine line between highly amused and highly impressed with the LG K7i. Coming from India, and a scenario where necessity is the mother of invention, the K7i’s selling point is actually the fact that it repels mosquitoes. Built with a mesh on the back that emits ultrasonic waves at frequencies above the human hearing wavelength, the phone can actually meddle with a mosquito’s navigating system and therefore deter them from flying anywhere in the vicinity.

The K7i is a...

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36 Days by Vinicius Araújo

36 Days by Vinicius Araújo ibby Oct 23, 2017

We're excited to share this rad personal project by Rio de Janeiro based graphic designer Vinicius Araújo titled 36 Days whereby he has inexplicably applied brand styles to letters of the alphabet leveraging a potpourri of graphic, industrial and motion design. We love how Vinicius only used Helvetica to create a representation of unique products we all know and love. A for Apple, B for Beats and so on. There...

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The Perfect Recipe To Become Popular On Dribbble


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So spooky!



Experimenta 66

Magazine design and art direction. EXPERIMENTA's editor and publisher, Pier Luigi Cattermole, asked us to design the first issue for the new stage of the magazine ? a challenge we just had to accept. After three years online, EXPERIMENTA returns to print. It was paused at number 65, and now each issue will be dedicated to a specific theme and the design will be assigned to a different studio or designer. But the great thing about the rebirth is that EXPERIMENTA continues to be EXPERIMENTA,...


Illustrated book "Ten Days That Shook the World "

Ten Days That Shook the World (1919) is a book by the American journalist and socialist John Reed about the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, which Reed experienced firsthand. A new illustrated edition by Nordica Libros & Capitan Swing.


SGS President's Report 2017 ? Editorial Design

Annual Report for the NGO Salzburg Global Seminar

Fast Company

Jared Newman

Snapchat’s poor-selling Spectacles are another bitter blow for smart glasses

When the company behind Snapchat introduced a set of video-capturing eyeglasses in the fall of 2016, tech observers lined up to argue that Snap’s Spectacles wouldn’t be Google Glass all over again. By making smart glasses cheaper, cooler, and a little less creepy, the argument went, Snap would have a better shot at mainstream success. One …

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When the company behind Snapchat introduced...

Fast Company

Joe Berkowitz

The Trailer For Daniel Day-Lewis’ Final Film Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Oh yeah, it’s also the next Paul Thomas Anderson movie, so get excited.

What: The first trailer for Phantom Thread.

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Rick Wartzman

Why Hello Alfred Is Focused More On Its Workers And Less On Algorithms

On this episode of The Bottom Line podcast, CEO Marcela Sapone lays out her vision for turning service jobs into good jobs.

When Hello Alfred launched a few years ago, many naturally assumed that the service was exploitive, with the company’s “home managers” tackling household chores and running errands for folks while earning meager pay and no benefits. This, after all, is how most of the “gig economy” functions.

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Fast Company

First Round Review

This Facebook Exec’s Secret To Keeping Her 400-Person Team Focused

Product VP Fidji Simo has found weekly check-ins for setting her own intentions can radiate outward, keeping everyone chasing the same goal.

Fidji Simo polled her team at Facebook about her top skill as a manager, and there was quick and enthusiastic consensus: Simo has the uncanny ability to juggle many important projects and priorities without losing focus. As vice president of product at Facebook, Simo’s emphasis on intentional work has helped her team of more than 400 product managers...

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Web Design: Sense6 Fashion Website Design

Web Design: Sense6 Fashion Website Design AoiroStudio Oct 23, 2017

Let's kick it off with a clean and simple web design project by Lithuania-based branding studio called: Andstudio. It's a classy design with a nice flow and a little beautiful play on the typography with a combination of Bodoni 72 and Brandon Grotesque. The mixture of black & white pictures gives the website a light approach where you will be focusing on the items. The pictures are stunning...

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Jared Newman

Andy Rubin’s hyped-up Essential phone is already slashing its price

After just two months on the market and a whole lot of hype, the Essential phone is getting a $200 price cut. It now costs $500 unlocked through Essential’s website. (Sprint has already been leasing the phone at half price.) Essential got a lot of attention for being led by Andy Rubin, who co-created Android and …

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After just two months on the market and a whole lot of hype, the Essential phone...

Fast Company

Melissa Locker

Amazon should put its new headquarters in Puerto Rico

Despite the fact that 80% of the island still doesn’t have power, Puerto Rico has just put in a bid for Amazon’s coveted new headquarters—and Amazon should take them up on it. The island, which is struggling to rebuild in the wake of a devastating direct hit by Hurricane Maria, has submitted a proposal to Amazon …

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Despite the fact that 80% of the island still doesn’t have power, Puerto Rico has just put...

Fast Company

Adele Peters

The World Lost An Area Of Trees The Size Of New Zealand In 2016

Cutting down trees is a big problem–but climate-fueled fires are even worse.

The Amazon rainforest doesn’t usually catch on fire. But when 9.1 million acres burned in Brazil in 2016, it helped the world break a new record. Last year, more tree cover was lost globally than in any other year, covering an area roughly the size of New Zealand.

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Rina Raphael

How This Unique Tooth Floss Turned A Dull Ritual Into A Luxury Treat

They love it at Goop and Sephora, but can Cocofloss, a newfangled take on a dental hygiene staple, sell wide at $8 a roll?

“Flossing is always associated with dread, neglect, or guilt,” says Chrystle Cu, a dentist and cofounder of Cocofloss. “I really wanted people to think about flossing differently.” And she has.

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Fast Company

Art Markman

Five Steps To Make Your Dry, Boring Work Writing Less Terrible

Your job might not require you to be a good writer. That’s part of the problem.

Chances are you’re a crappier writer than you realize, and your job is at least partly to blame. Like most people, you write most often when you’re texting or sending emails rather than composing formal documents, which your job might not require you to do very often to begin with.

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Fast Company

Jeff Beer

CNN’s New Ad Campaign Takes On “Fake News” Accusations

The broadcaster effectively uses a simple analogy to illustrate the importance of real facts.

What: A new ad campaign from CNN that touts facts and mocks accusations of “fake news.”

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