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Designer News

What are the most unusual christmas illustrations for 2020? Here is our selection.


Fast Company

Pavithra Mohan

As COVID-19 surges, families anticipate a different sort of holiday season

Many Americans are choosing to spend the holidays away from family and friends but still finding creative ways to connect.

If this was any other year, Ariel Pitman would be spending Christmas at her parents’ house in Ohio or convene with extended family in South Carolina. But that was then. Like so many other Americans, Pitman is opting out of her usual holiday gatherings this year. As is often the case with holiday plans—and even more so during a pandemic and never-ending election—the...

Fast Company

Elizabeth Segran

Too many designers worked for free in 2020

A survey of 11,000 designers from around the world reveals how hard it has been to be a freelancer in 2020.

How have freelance designers survived the pandemic? A new survey of more than 11,000 of them across 147 countries tells a bleak story.

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Fast Company

Scott Galloway

Big Tech was already dominant. Has coronavirus made it unstoppable?

Scott Galloway explains how the pandemic supercharged Silicon Valley—and why it’s time to break up “The Four.”

People often ask me what stocks I own. My investing advice is simple: I only invest in unregulated monopolies. They aren’t supposed to exist, but our antitrust laws were written in the era of steam engines, and enforcement has been nonexistent. Big tech is the twenty-first century version of John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, and there is no trust-busting Teddy...

Fast Company

Denise Brien

10 lessons from CEOs on how to manage corporate reputation in a new era of activism

When employees are pushing companies as hard as outside activists, and a CEO’s reputation is directly tied to his company, these lessons offer help toward building and maintaining good public perception.

A changing landscape of social, political, and business dynamics is creating a new set of challenges for CEOs. Corporations and their hard-won reputations now have as much to gain as they have to lose from sudden changes in perception. To gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and...

Fast Company

Michael Grothaus

Elon Musk passes Bill Gates to become the second-richest person on the planet

At least 2020 is a good year for someone.

We finally found someone who isn’t having a hard time in 2020: Elon Musk. That’s because the Tesla and SpaceX cofounder is now the second-richest person in the world, reports Bloomberg. As of last night, Musk had a net worth of $127.9 billion. That officially puts Musk as worth more than Bill Gates, who has a net worth of $127.7 billion.

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Yanko Design

Ruchi Thukral

Bobby Berk would approve of this modular, wooden cabinet inspired by the phases of the moon!

I love modular, easy-to-assemble furniture that is designed to adapt to your space – big or small. Right now IKEA is the biggest player in this arena but if you dig a little deeper (or just follow Yanko Design, we do the digging for you) then you will find gems like the MOON cabinet – Bobby Berk will 100% approve of this!

This timeless looking piece is crafted from solid wood finished off with rounded corners that give it an organic form. “We got the three elements from deconstructing...

Fast Company

Darren Menabney

5 ways remote work can make you more creative

Go ahead and find ways to be more productive when working remotely, but don’t leave creativity out of the conversation.

Many of the online HR conference sessions I’ve joined recently have been dominated by discussions around finding ways to make our remote workforce more productive and efficient. Yet while productivity matters, creativity often gets left out of that conversation. If creativity is discussed at all, it’s often seen as something that we’ve lost with the move to remote...

Fast Company

Joe Berkowitz

Netflix’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ audaciously decides who deserves empathy

Coming so soon after this rancorous election, ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ is a piece of prosperity gospel that’s insulting to everybody.

The book Hillbilly Elegy arrived just before America elected Donald Trump president, and Netflix’s version has now arrived just after America denied him a second term.

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Designer News

15+ Top Sources To Download Free Stock Photos




Photography: @lukenugentphotography Creative Direction: @melissasimonhartman & @lukenugentphotography Designs & Styling: @melissasimonhartman Muses: @msmows & @charliiamlegend Hair artistry: @edmundbossmanhair Makeup artistry: @callistalorian

Yanko Design

Ruchi Thukral

Dutch architects upcycle waste into sustainable glamping pods!

The pandemic has given a boost to road trips, local travel, and camping as borders remain shut and air travel increases risks. The easiest way to catch your breath, take a break, and spend time away from home while rejuvenating is to go to a local camping ground! While looking at interesting campsites I found Culture Campsite which was designed by architects to be an urban oasis filled with quirky pods that will give you the escape you’re craving while not ‘wasting’ any resources or...

Yanko Design

Takashi Yamada

This smart helmet with dynamic LEDs and a sleek design keeps you fashionable and safe!

We’re seeing an unprecedented shift to biking. It’s healthy, inexpensive, and in a world where we’re all working from home, it’s more expedient because commutes are usually much shorter – to the grocery or a friend’s place and back. However, it has its share of issues too… Most biking accidents occur because bicycles are inherently quiet and relatively invisible – especially in low-light conditions.

The FARO helmet hopes to make bicycling safer and more convenient during...


Bio-inspirés - an illustrated book about biomimicry

"Bio inspirés" is a book about biomimicry and its wonders, accompanied by various illustrations. Biomimicry, taking inspiration from the living & nature, observing it to invent new objects, materials, techniques and ways of living. This book is more like a documentary album that explains the principles of life on Earth, of biomimicry in general and showcases many inventions born from it. I had the great pleasure to draw the illustrations for it. "Bio inspirés" has 64 pages, with more...

Fast Company

Elizabeth Segran

Post-COVID-19, remote work won’t be the norm in India and China

A new report from McKinsey reveals how COVID-19 has transformed work forever—and how it differs, depending on what country you live in.

In the United States and other developed countries, the pandemic has driven a large proportion of the workforce to work from home, and in the aftermath of the crisis, the number of people who permanently work remotely is likely to triple or quadruple. But in countries such as China and India, a much smaller percentage of the population will be able to work...

Yanko Design

Gaurav Sood

This Spiderman worthy Lotus supercar is inspired by the bone structure found in nature!

Nature is our best inspiration for creating modern designs and this project is no different. Taking a deep inspiration from the basic skeletal of bone, that uses the bare minimum building elements while staying structurally strong, this barebones concept racing sportscar gives a glimpse of the brand’s future – or what it could be. The brainchild of industrial designer Ondrej Hlavenka from Munich, Germany, the supercar concept has a unique form factor focused on performance via...

Fast Company

Kathleen Davis

This is how to build the next Silicon Valley

Steve Case and Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo discuss ways to encourage entrepreneurship outside of the major tech hubs.

“It makes no sense why 90% of all venture capital is clustered in five or six cities in the country,” says Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo.

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Fast Company

Rachel Raczka

The most meaningful holiday gift that you could give might be hiding in a shoebox

If you can’t make new memories with friends and family this holiday season, you can celebrate old ones by digitizing your photos and creating a keepsake album.

With CDC guidelines explicitly recommending you stay put this Thanksgiving, many people are opting to celebrate the holidays away from family—for the first time ever, for some (i.e. me). That means it’s a good time to begin investing in a sentimental gift to help bridge the distance and homesickness this December.

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