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Sarang Sheth

This innovative Power Bank with its own Display has the ability to be MUCH more than just a battery

Power Banks haven’t changed in decades. The PDGO, however, is showing that a simple upgrade could make them MUCH more versatile, and vastly more popular.

Outwardly looking just like a rather blocky smartphone, the PDGO is, in fact, a power bank with its own dedicated display. The theory behind the creation of the PDGO was simple – you use a power bank to charge various devices. Chances are some of those devices could do with an external display too, so the PDGO basically nails two birds...

Yanko Design

JC Torres

Top 5 Sketching Apps on iPads for Product Designers

All product designs, big or small, great or dismal, start with a sketch. OK, technically, they start with the germ of an idea, but these ideas need to be given visual form sooner or later. Many designers are partial to using paper and pen or pencil at the start but eventually bring their ideas to the digital realm sooner or later. With the advent of powerful mobile devices like the iPad and the Apple Pencil, it has never been easier to put those concepts directly on the screen when...

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Be Water My Friend B.W.M.F. — Creative Methodology & Graphic Journey

Be Water My Friend B.W.M.F. — Creative Methodology & Graphic Journey abduzeedo0127—22

Inspired by an interview with Bruce Lee, where he refers to an aspect of Taoist philosophy, that water can teach us “the way,” the graphic designer, creative activist, lecturer, author, and founder of the eponymous studio for branding communication Rafael Bernardo started to wonder whether he “was water” in his creative workflow. Now, five years later, he...

Yanko Design

Sarang Sheth

This miniature James Webb Space Telescope DIY model is a must-have for all space-nerds

Goodbye Hubble, you’ve served us well… but the James Webb Space Telescope is now here to look even farther into the future and help us decode the secrets of the mysterious universe. The revolutionary telescope was launched into orbit just this month and is touted to be the largest and most advanced telescope to ever be put in space… in fact, it’s so advanced that it can actually look back in time, with its largest mirrors helping reflect light that’s traveled for 13.7 billion...

Yanko Design

Sarang Sheth

Label Maker with a Braille input allows visually-impaired to print tactile touch-friendly labels

Here’s a design exercise that I think can really help develop your skills – take a product and see if it’s disability-proof. If it isn’t, you’ve got yourself a rather nifty design brief! Take, for instance, the label maker – a pretty useful product… as long as you can see and read. To overcome this accessibility gap, the Braille Label Maker allows you to print labels in braille that the visually impaired can touch to read. The device sports an easy-to-use, non-cluttered design...

Yanko Design

Shawn McNulty-Kowal

This hanging light fixture doubles as a planter to bring nature indoors

Jungle is a one-part light fixture and one-part planter that can be suspended from the ceiling by two lengthy fabric straps.

Ever since we started working from home, biophilic design has been our saving grace. Created from the intersection of nature and the indoors, biophilic design typically combines some aspect of nature with interior design or architecture.

Designer: KABO & PYDO

Most commonly in homes across the world, indoor gardens are a form of biophilic design. Interpreting...

Yanko Design

JC Torres

This killer whale-inspired mouse concept wants to kill the friction of work

A few things in nature evoke a feeling of smoothness and flow, and, ironically as it might at first sound, the large orca is one of them.

Many people depend heavily on computers, which means also depending heavily on keyboards and mice. These critical input devices, however, are also often the biggest sources of frustration for many people, particularly when it comes to ergonomics, comfort, and usability. Fortunately, people have started to become more discerning about the designs of the...


Lande Architects ? Brand Identity

Meet Lande. /læn'd?/ As a young and energetic architecture practice based in Melbourne, Australia, Lande's philosophy centres around functional, personalised and evocative spaces. Their love for mid-century modern architecture goes further than an adoration for the minimalistic style. With a commitment to principles of efficiency, standardisation and modular ability, Lande's designs are no more?and no less?than what is necessary.

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Daily NFT Spotlight — Starkade by Signalnoise

Daily NFT Spotlight — Starkade by Signalnoise AoiroStudio0127—22

Our good friend Signalnoise and his rad team is releasing their anticipated NFT drop titled 'Starkade' on on February 1st around 10PM CET. With 7000 NFTs with a potential 60m combinations, this will be a pretty rad drop especially knowing that the art is by the mighty James White who has been crafting this 80s style we all dearly love. We are looking forward to this one, I took the liberty...

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How to do A/B testing easily and for free


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Super Elegant Mock up to Add in Portfolio


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JC Torres

iPhone 16 Pro concept has so many changes it’s almost unrecognizable

What makes an iPhone an iPhone? Of course, only Apple can really tell, but there are a number of design cues that easily identify a phone as an iPhone, few of which remain in this concept.

We’ve seen our fair share of design concepts for future phones. Some base their ideas too closely on what is plausible, while others dare to go beyond what is possible. Concepts like these mix dreams and observations with a pinch of wishful thinking on top. Very few have actually hit the mark completely...

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New Cryptocurrency Website Template | Figma | Sketch | XD


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JC Torres

Siemens Pendulum Seat swings out of the way when trains need more standing room

Trains are designed to sit commuters comfortably, or at least in theory. In many cases, however, it might be more efficient to have everyone just stand, and this concept makes it possible for the same train to do both.

As the world tries to return to normal, mass transportation services are once again becoming crowded. In many countries, trains of all kinds are seen as the most efficient way to move the biggest number of people, but their designs are mostly stuck in the past when it comes...

Yanko Design

Srishti Mitra

These innovative + exciting product designs are the ultimate winter essentials for you

Winter is by far my favorite season of the year, as the temperature drops, my excitement rises! Chilly nights followed by frosty morning, cozy naps in bed with blankets wrapped around me, and cups of hot cocoa – it all sounds like heaven to me. As blissful and beautiful as winter can be, it can also be harsh on our bodies and our lifestyles, if we don’t equip ourselves for it. So, we’ve curated a bunch of super interesting and handy designs to get you through this winter season…in...

Fast Company

Molly Jackson—The Conversation

5 simple ways to cultivate hope

“Uncertainty is no reason for paralysis—it is a reason to hope.”

Six months ago, it was easy for many Americans to think COVID-19 was on the defensive. Vaccinations were ticking up as case numbers ticked down. Summer sunshine made hanging out outside actually enjoyable, after a cooped-up winter of socializing with just our pods. Maybe, just maybe, Zoom fatigue would soon be a thing of the past.

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Fast Company

Adele Peters

Palm oil is one of the most destructive ingredients you use every day. These startups are trying to replace it

From shampoo to ice cream to oat milk, palm oil is in everything. And demand for it is driving deforestation and climate change. Now many companies are finding ways to use yeast to create plantation-free alternatives.

Palm oil is ubiquitous—it makes ice cream and oat milk creamier and shampoo foamy, holds the color in lipstick, makes ramen noodles cook evenly, and has uses in hundreds of other products. (It often doesn’t show up on labels as palm oil but as one of dozens of derivatives,...

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