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Fast Company

Jared Lindzon

Why Gen Z is so keen on entrepreneurship, and what that means for employers

The majority aspire to run their own business within the next 10 years. Here’s why.

Who do members of Gen Z want to work for most in the future? Themselves.

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Fast Company

Mark Wilson

Wow! MIT’s color-changing paint could make your iPhone look different every day

This amazing research out of MIT could have big implications for gadgets and fashion.

Color-changing Hypercolor shirts were all the rage in the ’90s. But for the most part, when something is made, its color is set. That’s true for everything from iPhone cases to dresses to cars.

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Fast Company

Matthew Cockerill

The last iMac you’ll ever need? Why we must think beyond the endless product cycles to reduce e-waste

Many of our technology products have form factors that don’t change year to year. Instead of making new ones, we could just keep updating the old ones.

The consumer electronics industry has started to make long-overdue changes to the way our technology products are designed, manufactured, shipped, and recycled. But despite commitments to recycling and carbon neutrality, the UN has predicted that e-waste is still set to increase by around 40% before 2030.

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Fast Company

Michael Grothaus

Starbucks hopes nostalgic tastes capture your summer dollars with the Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino

Industry experts say nostalgic flavors are in as customers long for pre-pandemic times.

Summer is quickly arriving and with it, brands are beefing up their cold menu offerings for customers looking for ways to escape the heat. That’s why Starbucks today has released its new summer menu featuring their lineup of this year’s cold beverages, which, Starbucks says, accounts for more than 50% of their sales at company-operated stores.

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Yanko Design

Gaurav Sood

Mastercard’s Priceless Face Mask is a sound reactive wearable with LED lights for the Gen-Z!

It was not long ago when the clothes and shoes were the clear reflections of your personality. Add to that another accessory absolutely necessary in current times when safety is second to none. Yes, face masks have become an extension to one’s personality with the safety and style quotient attached as 17 percent of the Gen Z and millennial crowd choose unique designs matching their outfit. Understandably 14 percent of the younger generation also believes that the face masks they sport...

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Designer News

8 VS Code Plugins To Improve Your Productivity


Fast Company

Bianca Finkelstein

3 reasons why you’re feeing uninspired and how to break out of the rut

A key issue is that often, we go about selecting our career path reactively, forgetting to consciously track the source of our inspiration.

It seems that any time we start on a new career path, we are filled with the excitement of possibility. It’s sort of like being an artist and standing in front of our blank canvas while enjoying the feeling of pure potential ahead of us.

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Yanko Design

Gaurav Sood

This 3-in-1 kitchen appliance with voice assistance is the butler you need!

The kitchen is one of the most important sections of any home, and for me, growing up in a small house, the kitchen was almost sacred. It’s the first place in the day where everyone began their mornings, and in every big family gathering, everyone would eventually end up chatting in the kitchen. This A’ Design winner lets you upgrade your existing kitchen without the requirement of an expansive space or the limitation of existing elements in your kitchen. The Open Suite Cooker Hood by...

Designer News

What is Intelligent Process Automation and How Does it Differ from Robotic Process Automation?


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React Bootstrap 5


Designer News

How to move away from dark UX patterns



Marque de l'État

Là où l'État est présent, agit, finance, sa présence doit être clairement identifiée.

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Complete guide on how to create an app like Airbnb


Abduzeedo Design Inspiration - Design Inspiration & Tutorials


Normann Copenhagen, Allez Chair - Motion Design

Normann Copenhagen, Allez Chair - Motion Design abduzeedo05.10.21

Back in February, Jonathan Formento had the honor to work with Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen. Working directly with Designer Simon Legald to understand the story of the piece, we brought to life their latest creation. The Allez Chair. Approaching the film with a fresh and compelling rhythm, we kept the clean and contemporary look and feel that so uniquely represents the brand....

Yanko Design

Sarang Sheth

Meet the world’s most compact, mold-proof, and water-tight rolling shower screen!

It doesn’t need a rod or hooks like shower curtains, and it isn’t as fragile and expensive as those frosted glass shower doors/partitions.

JoyFous takes the existing shower curtain and gives it a much-needed design upgrade. Made for 3-walled bathtubs (where the 4th wall is usually occupied by a curtain), JoyFous is a nifty, slim, retractable screen that’s easy to pull out and retract before and after your bath. It’s a much more convenient alternative to the shower curtain...

Yanko Design

Srishti Mitra

Greenhouses that promote sustainable urban farming + push the boundaries of innovative architecture!

Did you know that greenhouses produce 6 to 10 times more crop yield as compared to open fields? Not only that, but 40% of the drainage water in greenhouses can be recycled and reused. They allow you to grow your own food, and combat the prevailing food crises! I could go on, and on, but you get the point – the benefits of greenhouses are innumerable. Hence, architects have been coming up with impressive greenhouse designs. These innovative structures not only promote sustainable...

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