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Fast Company

Jeff Beer

This new razor wants you to forget about price, gimmicks—and shave like an engineer

ShaveLogic is emerging from years-long patent battles with Gillette to bring a high-tech angle to a grooming category that’s been more price obsessed.

The first thing you notice about this razor is the weight.

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Fast Company

Mark Wilson

The subtle ways your phone makes you hate yourself—and what Google is doing about it

What is beauty, anyway? Google hopes its new approach to selfies doesn’t lean so hard into stereotypes.

Smooth skin. Large eyes. A tapered jawline. These are the stereotypes of beauty that everything from the stock camera app found on Android phones to Instagram and Snapchat will add to your face digitally. Some will even do so without asking your permission at all, without disclosing that this person isn’t really you.

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Abduzeedo Design Inspiration - Design Inspiration & Tutorials


Again Spring Poster Design

Again Spring Poster Design abduzeedo10.01.20

HWAL shared this poster design 5 years ago. Yes, you heard it right, it was back in 2015 but it looks as fresh as if it was done yesterday. It goes back to the principle that good design (in this case graphic design) is long lasting. The complementary colors, subtle gradient and beautiful composition are a perfect recipe for that. 

Abduzeedo Design Inspiration - Design Inspiration & Tutorials


Flow - Motion Design Exploring the World of Mountain Bikes

Flow - Motion Design Exploring the World of Mountain Bikes abduzeedo10.01.20

Flow is a curious visual exploration journey into the world of mountain bikes and its elements. For some time Twistedpoly wanted to bridge his two passions, which is his creative side and the love for bikes. This film is the result of experimenting with different elements using Cinema 4D for 3D and motion graphics accompanied by music and sound design by White Noise...

Abduzeedo Design Inspiration - Design Inspiration & Tutorials


Draw from nature, with Unto's Color Gem

Draw from nature, with Unto's Color Gem abduzeedo10.01.20

Draw from nature, as if you picked up a rock and start coloring. Color Gem is a set of mineral-like crayons exploring the metaphor and satisfaction of releasing colors directly from a burnt chalk, an apple, or granites and stones. Studio Unto has transformed the crayon block into a process similar to rock erosion; every sign of press, indent and dulled corner instruments the flow of the user's...

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Astropad & Luna Display Announce Windows Support


Fast Company

Nate Berg

These fog-spraying robots kill the coronavirus

Breezy One uses an EPA-registered disinfectant originally developed by Sandia National Laboratories to eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses.

Every night, after the last plane has landed at the Albuquerque airport, and all the passengers have left the terminal, a robot rolls out of a closet and begins filling the room with fog. Following a predetermined map of the space and rolling at the pace of a quick walk, the robot zips through the empty terminal, puffing a disinfectant powerful...

Fast Company

Joe Berkowitz

Cutting off Trump’s mic at the next debate will backfire. Here’s why

The first debate was a hot mess. The planning committee is making one big change for the next one, but that could end up making things even worse.

As far as mainstream media outlets are concerned, the appearance of objectivity is a hell of a drug.

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Fast Company

Ainsley Harris

As schools go remote, two top edtech companies are joining forces

Altitude Learning has agreed to merge with the U.S.-based arm of itslearning, a European learning management system.

With schools around the world experimenting with digital learning as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, edtech companies see an opportunity to expand their reach.

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Fast Company

john rothchild

Michigan’s groundbreaking redistricting plan has roots in ancient Greece

Michigan is selecting its redistricting officials by lottery, a technique used in Athens 2,500 years ago but rarely seen since.

Michigan has embarked on an experiment in democratic governance using a technique employed in Athens 2,500 years ago but little used since: the selection of government officials by lottery rather than by appointment or election.

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Fast Company

Jacqueline Anderson

Why we have a love-hate relationship with working from home

Employees may be out of sight with remote work but their concerns should not be out of mind, a seasoned HR executive says.

After six months of working from home, many of us have settled into new routines and accepted that remote work is here to stay for a while. In speaking with employees located in the U.S., Australia/New Zealand, and Europe at my company, I found that many are experiencing a vast range of emotions when it comes to unexpectedly working remotely, which shouldn’t be too...

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Bootstrap 5 Alpha 2 has arrived!


Designer News

Minimalistic themes for iOS 14


Fast Company

Jeffrey Selingo

The man who invented college spam—and created a monster

Bill Royall was a humble direct mail marketer until he hit upon a novel idea. Royall made himself a millionaire—and transformed higher education in the process. Author Jeffrey Selingo explores the dark side of the admissions-industrial complex.

The glossy college brochure has become a rite of passage for many Americans. Parents groan as leaflits fill boxes in bedrooms and cover kitchen tables. Teenagers marvel at the attention from admissions departments in far-flung locales.

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Fast Company

Christopher Zara

Cord-cutting service FuboTV is coming to the NYSE: Here’s what to know

The stock offering comes as cable-TV subscribers ditch traditional bundles in record numbers.

FuboTV has filed for a public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, the company announced this morning. The sports-focused streaming service, first launched in 2015 as a way to watch soccer games without cable, has been rapidly growing its subscriber count in recent years, despite a flood of competitors in the crowded streaming-TV space.

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Yanko Design

Jay Alba

Leica’s handheld scanner captures a 360° walkthrough of your environment, until you get tired of holding it

There are times when 2D visuals are not enough to encapsulate the look and feel of an environment. For instance, a realtor might want to create a virtual walkthrough of a house. That’s where 3D imaging scanners come in: to capture a 360-degree view of an environment for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals; media and entertainment pros responsible for scouting locations and creating immersive virtual reality experiences; and professionals who work in the preservation...

Fast Company

Mark Sullivan

‘He’s actively cheating already’: Mary Trump on her uncle’s campaign

The president’s niece says that his debate strategy was driven by recent revelations about his taxes.

I talked to Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, the morning after Tuesday’s presidential debate, perhaps the worst debate in the history of U.S. politics. The spectacle was made miserable by Donald Trump, a political animal whom after almost four years as our president we still don’t know quite how to handle.

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Fast Company

Marc Cenedella

How to use the latest management trend to get raises and job offers

Ladders founder Marc Cenedella explains how to leverage OKRs (objectives and key results) as a way to establish and demonstrate your value.

Objectives and key results, otherwise known as OKRs, are part of the management philosophy that combines setting objectives, with measuring their key results, have swept through the tech industry. Legendary VC John Doerr famously introduced OKRs to Google in the early 2000s, basing his system on one he learned from Andy Grove at Intel in the 70s. Since...

Fast Company

Adele Peters

The case for a national climate bank

A national climate bank could spur private investment in clean energy and create millions of jobs—paving the way for a low-carbon future post-COVID-19.

On a block in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a row of small houses are each topped with solar panels. The homeowners might not have normally considered solar or been able to afford it, but they’re part of a program that helps lower-income households access solar power and efficiency upgrades. They now save hundreds of dollars each year on...

Fast Company

Michael Grothaus

Google will pay publishers $1 billion to quell claims of unfairly profiting from their content

The search giant has come under increasing pressure from publishers and regulators in recent years about the way it profits from the work publishers do.

Google has announced a new initiative called Google News Showcase that will pay select publishers for content the showcase is populated with. Currently, Google has set aside $1 billion to pay publishers over the next three years to get the initiative off the ground. In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai described Showcase as follows:


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