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Low Poly Worlds

These worlds were created to show the endless possibilities of our Low Poly Ultimate Pack and inspire game developers or 3D artists to create their unique stories using these assets

Yanko Design

Sarang Sheth

The Award-winning Guilin Lamp reflects the tranquility of staring at sun-kissed mountains

Is it a lamp? Or a sculpture? Or both? The Guilin is most appropriately described as a ‘lampscape’. With etched acrylic mountains that sit on an illuminated base, the multiple award-winning Guilin lamp lights up your room with an ambient glow, while also adding sculptural beauty to one’s space.

The Guilin lampscape is a good example of how design awards can catalyze a business. After securing an A’ Design Award, a Red Dot Design Award, and a Lexus Design Award, designer Kevin Chu took...

Fast Company

Jeff Beer

20 years ago, the dot-coms took over the Super Bowl

Pets.com, Hotjobs.com, and OurBeginning.com were just a few of the 17 websites that took over the big game ads in 2000.

Of all the dot-com brand commercials in the 2000 Super Bowl, Etrade’s was the best. Others were funny, yeah (I mean, “Cat Herders,” amirite?), but Etrade’s dancing monkey was a living embodiment of what we were seeing at that very moment, right in front of our eyes. Brands were taking millions of dollars, putting it in a pile, dousing it with gasoline, and paying...

Fast Company

Arianne Cohen

6 galling statistics about wealth inequality that show how women are paying the price

Women pay the price for men’s global wealth.

Tomorrow is the first day of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which means it’s showtime for Oxfam International’s annual report on income inequality. This year’s theme is women.

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Designer News

A Few Useful Books for Product and UX Designers


Designer News

136 new remote design jobs at GitHub, Chili Piper, Mondo and others

During the period from January 13 to 19, I collected 136 vacancies from popular job boards like Glassdoor, Flex Jobs, We Work Remotely, and others, as well as from Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. It takes about 3 hours a day to visit 78 sources that I prepared in advance. Here are the links: - UX/UI Design Jobs – [https://meerkad.com/remote-ux-ui-design-jobs](https://meerkad.com/remote-ux-ui-design-jobs) - Product Design Jobs –...

Abduzeedo Design Inspiration - Design Inspiration & Tutorials


Photos of the Week - Germany Edition

Photos of the Week - Germany Edition abduzeedoJan 20, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I shared some photos I took last year. The main goal was, one, to share high resolution images, and two, to create an incentive for me to take more photos. With those noble causes in mind I had the chance to travel to Europe last week for a short business trip. In between meetings I was able to sneak out and capture some photos. So for this post I would love to show you a bit...

Yanko Design

Srishti Mitra

Nike’s latest release reduces running injuries by 52 per cent!

Nike’s latest running shoe was designed to reduce injuries…by 52 percent! One of the major issue runners always face are running injuries, and these injuries have the power to completely end careers! Nike’s React Infinity Run comes from its React family of sneakers, however, it has been equipped with impressive improvements, majorly its wider midsole and plushier cushioning.

The React Infinity Run has 24 percent more cushy foam under the foot! The sleek midsole features a wider footbed,...

Fast Company

Stephanie Vozza

This is why you should have your own personal communication style

To be an effective communicator, a leader must have good emotional intelligence—and follow these few simple steps.

When it comes to most problems, you can often trace the root cause to a breakdown in communication. Something said the wrong way, or not at all, can lead to assumptions that create unnecessary challenges. So wouldn’t it be great if more of us focused on improving our personal communication style?

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V1RAGE / Why we drive

V1RAGE® is a brand operating in the Automotive sector. They sell premium cars and provide rental services for their customers. The objective was to introduce the company to the industry, develop brand strategy and visual identity. Our main area of focus was about helping our Client stand out from the fast-paced competition where car-sharing and rent-a-car are no longer a trend but a starting point. The brand strategy process led to creating a dynamic and transparent brand which reflects...

Yanko Design

Ruchi Thukral

Apple users! Extend your productivity with this extended keypad!

This sleek keyboard brings you the nostalgia of the OG keyboards with number pads and a taste of the future with macOS shortcut keys to your Apple set up. The Satechi Bluetooth Extended pad is the key to increasing the productivity of your tech set up and its lightweight build makes it a great traveling companion on work trips too.

With the extended set, the Satechi keyboard brings the functionality of a traditional, fully-functional desktop keyboard to your setup which allows you the...

Fast Company

Mark Wilson

Hero dad turns his son’s sketch into a real dresser

Thanks for making the rest of us dads look bad.

It’s a bitter irony of life: Children’s imagination is unlimited, but their capacity to realize it won’t be developed until they grow up. And over those decades, as kids become adults who learn how to use computers,  drive a car, and pay rent, they lose something. Maybe creativity doesn’t die as we grow older, and one’s career can always still peak, but I think most of us would agree that the sensation of boundlessness fades as we...

Fast Company

Chris Gilliard

The two faces of the smart city

For some, surveillance is designed to be a luxury good that makes life more seamless. But for others, it is involuntary, overt, and dangerous.

This article was originally published on Urban Omnibus as part of the special series Digital Frictions.

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Fast Company

Christopher Zara

China coronavirus symptoms: Here’s what the CDC is checking for as the Wuhan outbreak spreads

The virus, which the CDC is calling 2019-nCoV, is causing pneumonia in China. The risk to Americans is low, but U.S. health officials aren’t taking any chances.

The outbreak of a mysterious virus that was first detected in the central Chinese city of Wuhan continues to spread. Health authorities in China just confirmed 139 new cases of pneumonia linked to the virus, including two cases in Beijing and one in Shenzhen. A third death has also been confirmed, CNN reported.

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Fast Company

Kathy Morris–Zippia

The most common days for people to call in ‘sick’ aren’t what you think

Playing hooky is just as contagious as the flu on some days during the year.

Feeling sick? Maybe just a bit hungover or want to eke out a little bit more of the weekend? Shoot, maybe you just had a whole day off for a holiday and now need time to recover from your family.

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Fast Company

Bill Shapiro

The Outsider Art Fair is the offbeat escapism we all need right now

Forget the alarming headlines for a moment, and get lost in the weird, wonderful world of outsider art.

Given the high-stakes drama that’s marked the first three weeks of 2020—an assassination in Iran, a retaliatory strike on U.S. bases in Iraq, an impeachment hearing, and, yes, the royal Megxit—the 28th Outsider Art Fair that rolled into New York last week offered the creative class the kind of winter escapist breather that sun-worshippers seek in Miami. The four-day fair, which...

Fast Company

Kristin Toussaint

These carbon offsets counter your emissions while helping rain forest workers access healthcare

To help convince people not to turn to illegal logging, you need to give the economic alternatives. Health in Harmony’s offset program works with them to plant trees, and provides them with services, too.

Sometimes it feels like there’s only so much we can do in our efforts to be environmentally friendly. We can invest in reusables, but maybe we still need to drive to work if we don’t have reliable public transit. We can eat less meat, but maybe we don’t want to miss out on a trip...

Fast Company

Arianne Cohen

Most Americans still have to work on MLK Day. Here’s what’s open and closed

Federal holidays still mean no love for most Americans. Here’s a list of what’s usually open (stores) and closed (the government) on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

If you work for a private sector company and have Martin Luther King Jr. Day off, thank your bosses: Most Americans still clock in for this federal holiday, which marks the civil-rights leader’s birthday.

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Fast Company

Michael Grothaus

Amazon wants you to use your hand to pay for things at third-party retailers

It’s all about getting more data about your shopping habits and purchases outside of the company’s website.

Mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay may be all the rage right now, but Amazon is hoping to make those payment methods look archaic by allowing anyone to pay for goods at brick-and-mortar stores simply by using their hand. That’s according to the Wall Street Journal who says the company is creating checkout terminals that would allow people to scan their hand to...

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