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Reporter Aaron Wilson issues statement after being fired over Deshaun Watson interview

Houston Chronicle reporters are supposed to receive clearance before doing interviews such as this one, and it sounds like Wilson did not.

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Philadelphia Eagles reportedly could pursue Deshaun Watson trade

It will likely be months before another team even tries to trade for Watson. But when that moment comes and general managers have clarity following the NFL’s investigation, the Eagles certainly have the capital to land whatever quarterback they want.

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Aaron Wilson Fired by Houston Chronicle over Deshaun Watson Radio Comments

The Houston Chronicle fired veteran NFL reporter Aaron Wilson following inappropriate comments made on WEEI radio in Boston concerning allegations...

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Deshaun Watson’s Plan For 22 Cases Against Him

This past week Deshaun Watson suffered the first consequences of the troubling allegations made against him. At least two corporate sponsors have publicly distanced themselves from the Houston Texans quarterback, and more are likely on the way.

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Houston Chronicle reporter loses job over remarks about Watson accusers

Houston Chronicle football writer Aaron Wilson is no longer employed by the newspaper due to recent remarks he made in an interview about the women accusing Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual assault.

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Deshaun Watson's Trade Value Has Reportedly 'Cratered' Amid Civil Lawsuits

The ongoing legal situation for Deshaun Watson has reportedly caused his trade value around the NFL to plummet.  On Saturday morning's...

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More of Deshaun Watson's reported victims must identify themselves

Friday brought more clarity on the Deshaun Watson case. The reported victims who have alleged the Texans quarterback committed sexual assault and/or sexual misconduct will be identified.

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Watson lawyer: 'Consensual' acts did take place

Deshaun Watson's lawyer said Friday there were some "consensual encounters" between the Texans quarterback and some of the women who have filed lawsuits against him, but he said Watson never engaged in any acts that were not "mutually desired."

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Deshaun Watson’s Attorney Says QB Had Previous Massages That Ended in Consensual Sex

Rusty Hardin, lawyer for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, acknowledged his client had consensual sexual encounters with massage therapists in the...

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Deshaun Watson admits to having consensual sexual encounters with some reported victims

Rusty Hardin, Watson’s lead defense attorney, said there were times when Watson had “consensual encounters” with some of the alleged victims.

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Attorney says Deshaun Watson sometimes had consensual sexual encounters with massage therapists

Attorney Rusty Hardin admitted that Deshaun Watson says massages with women sometimes resulted in consensual sexual encounters: 

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Matt Weston

Pro Football Focus Three Round Mock Draft has the Houston Texans Selecting...

Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One pick through three rounds has the Texans selecting...

Click, click, click, click, listen to the football starving locusts chomp down and swallow every NFL mock draft that is published across the internet. These mock drafts used to be limited to the first round, then they expanded to the second round, and now, look what we have here, a three round mock draft.

This is good news for the Houston Texans. A glowing light for Texans fans,...

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Deshaun Watson admits to having consensual sexual encounters with some accusers

Deshaun Watson has maintained his innocence despite 22 different women accusing him of sexual assault, but the Houston Texans star has now admitted that his relationship with some of the massage therapists was not exactly professional.

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Will each woman suing Deshaun Watson have to reveal her identity?

Two Harris County judges ruled that 13 of the 22 women must refile with their names attached to the civil lawsuits already.

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Nine reported victims of Deshaun Watson willing to put their names on lawsuits

In total, 22 women have alleged sexual assault or misconduct by the Texans quarterback.

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Deshaun Watson Plaintiffs Ordered to Attach Names to Lawsuits in Emergency Hearings

Several plaintiffs in the lawsuits filed against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will re-file their lawsuit using their real names.  Per ESPN's...

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TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: Who Needs a Quarterback?

There is a time for playing and a time for the business to get ready to play. | Photo by B51/Mark Brown/Getty Images

There are rumors that one may be available

HOUSTON, TX - With Free Agency over a month old and the draft fast approaching, various NFL franchises are making their moves. In particular, those franchises looking towards the future are posturing themselves to obtain that most critical piece: A franchise quarterback. As this most recent run to the Super Bowl showed, if you don’t...

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This Date In Transactions History: Rams Trade Brandin Cooks To Texans

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Rams trading Brandin Cooks to the Texans. The deal netted the Rams a second-round pick in exchange for the wide receiver and a future fourth-round choice.

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Deshaun Watson Earns Major Legal Victory

Deshaun Watson hasn’t gotten much good news over the last few weeks, but that changed on Friday. As noted by ProFootballTalk, a Texas judge ruled that one of the women who has accused him of inappropriate behavior must use her real name.

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Judge rules that reported victim of Deshaun Watson must identify herself

Twenty-two women have filed lawsuits against Watson, alleging he inappropriately touched them, exposed himself or forcibly kissed them during massage appointments. 

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