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Michael D. Sykes, II

5 Eric Bledsoe trade scenarios that make sense

Eric Bledsoe and the Suns are parting ways. Where will he land?

After yesterday’s Twitter fiasco and Earl Watson’s firing as the Suns head coach, Eric Bledsoe is on his way out the door.

Bledsoe tweeted “I Don’t want to be here” on Sunday evening before Watson was fired. Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough said he discussed the tweet with Bledsoe and was told he was “at a hair salon.” McDonough, however, wasn’t biting.

McDonough RE: Bledsoe's tweet: "He said he was at a...


Jon Benne

Washington vs. Eagles 2017 live results: Scores and highlights from ‘Monday Night Football’

Carson Wentz and the Eagles look to extend their lead in the NFC East.

The Philadelphia Eagles are flying high at 5-1 and hold a commanding lead in the NFC East. They can put a stranglehold on the division when they host Washington Monday night at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN (WatchESPN).

These teams last met in Week 1, when the Eagles walked away with a convincing 30-17 win. Washington is 3-2 and has gotten better since then, but this game could have large implications down the line. Philly...


Leah Collie

Absolutely no one believes Eric Bledsoe's salon excuse, but it makes for an A+ meme

When Phoenix Suns' point guard Eric Bledsoe got in trouble over a tweet, he tried to use a trip to the hair salon as an excuse.

The team's general manager didn't buy it, but the internet ate it up, Photoshopping Bledsoe's face into a salon chair and having at it with the hair jokes. 

After the pro baller wrote "I Dont wanna be here" in a cryptic tweet Sunday night, he got called out by the Suns' upper-ups. He said he was referring to a trip to the salon with his girlfriend, but the Suns'...


Leah Collie

Try not to cry as this couple celebrates their 80th wedding anniversary

Warning: Get your Kleenex ready because this charming couple will bring you to tears. 

Arthur and Marcia Jacobs are a centenarian couple (he's 105 years old, she's 100) who recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. In this video from the couple's grandson Gabe Jacobs, the pair holds hands on the eve of the big day.

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"I've loved you for 80 years, honey. That's a lot of time," Arthur tells...


Brian Koerber

Terrifying jack-o'-lantern will scare the crap out of all your friends

Forget the ghosts and ghouls, this simple pumpkin carving will terrify all who see it.

Breaking away from the standard scary face carving, Redditor fordr015 decided to create a truly terrifying jack-o'-lantern that's a little different than most. 

"I carved the scariest pumpkin I could imagine," they wrote on Reddit.

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Not even killing apps or turning off Wi-Fi can save you from 2 percent battery life. 



Tim Chester

Thousands are gathering to scream at the sky on the anniversary of Trump's victory

It's been almost 365 hard tweetin', war widow-bashin', truck-drivin' days since Russia helped create something called President-elect Trump.

Thousands are gathering to mark the occasion, in Boston, New York and possibly Seattle, by bellowing helplessly at the rapidly warming sky. 

SEE ALSO: Trumps offends family of another fallen soldier, and this time a $25,000 check was involved

Continuing the communal primal scream begun by Yoko Ono in the days following the 2016 election, Americans are...

The Verge

Jacob Kastrenakes

Robert Scoble departs his augmented reality company following sexual harassment claims

Longtime tech blogger and evangelist Robert Scoble has resigned from the Transformation Group, a “mixed reality” consulting firm he co-founded earlier this year, following multiple allegations of sexual assault.

The allegations against Scoble began coming out last Thursday, starting with a blog post by journalist Quinn Norton, and grew over the next day. By Friday evening, Scoble had published a Facebook post saying he was “deeply sorry to the people I’ve caused pain to” and...

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Feature: When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy

As a young social psychologist, she played by the rules and won big: an influential study, a viral TED talk, a prestigious job at Harvard. Then, suddenly, the rules changed.

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Stephen Sondheim, Theater’s Greatest Lyricist

Lin-Manuel Miranda speaks to the man who has consistently remade the American musical over his 60-year career — and who is trying to surprise us one more time.

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On Campus: College Advice I Wish I’d Taken

I’m a teacher, but as an undergraduate, I was the type of mediocre student I now disdain.

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Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

A self-help organization in Albany called Nxivm has begun to unravel as members reveal disturbing practices and fears of blackmail.

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Ask Well: Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive?

Experts don’t know exactly why hearing aids are still so costly, but under a new law, the cost should soon be coming down.

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Global Health: The Long War on Polio, as Recalled by Its Generals

“Coffee With Polio Experts” videos may be amateurish, but they are full of insights explaining why polio eradication has been such a struggle.

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Hundreds of Mysterious Stone ‘Gates’ Found in Saudi Arabia’s Desert

With Google Earth, archaeologists have uncovered strange stone structures that may have been built by nomadic tribes in ancient lava fields.

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Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent

Nearly all big tech companies have an artificial intelligence project, and they are willing to pay experts millions of dollars to help get it done.

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Nonfiction: The Pop-Culture Evolution of Frankenstein’s Monster

In “Frankenstein: The First Two Hundred Years,” Christopher Frayling resurrects Mary Shelley’s classic through the countless visual adaptations of its monster.

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Communism’s Answer to Mickey Mouse Is Thrust Into a Very Capitalist Dispute

The mole Krtek was a much-loved figure in popular culture behind the Iron Curtain. Now he is at the center of a copyright squabble in the Czech courts.

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Critic’s Notebook: Forced Out By Flooding, Houston’s Opera Gets On With the Show

Its home is closed for the season, recovering from Hurricane Harvey. But Houston Grand Opera opened its “La Traviata” in a makeshift auditorium.

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Books of The Times: ‘Sticky Fingers’ Captures Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner and the Culture He Helped Create

The biographer Joe Hagan understands why a rock magazine editor matters to the history of the 20th century.

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Steve Paxton, a Buddha of American Dance

Mr. Paxton, 78, doesn’t perform much these days. But we talked to him a few weeks before a rare New York show with old friends Simone Forti and Yvonne Rainer.

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