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15 UK Black-Owned Businesses To Get Your Best Gifts From This Christmas

There's something in here for everyone on your list!

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37 Gifts To Give If You Want To Be Remembered As A Great Gift-Giver By Your Family

You'll be invited to holiday parties for years to come.

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Fast Company

Adele Peters

Watch this magic plastic instant-coffee package disappear in your drink

It’s made of seaweed (tasteless, don’t worry)—and can also work for things like tea bags, noodles, or detergent.

With a typical single-serve packet of instant coffee—the ready-to-brew kind that Starbucks and other brands sell for home and office use—the plastic wrapper ends up in the trash. In a prototype of a new seaweed-based packaging design, the wrapper dissolves into the drink, adding nutrients.

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Fast Company

Natalie Nixon

The most in-demand soft skill has an ROI

Creativity has a business ROI. There is not a soft fuzzy dotted line between creativity and business value. There is a solid connection. 

Ten years ago, if your organization wasn’t a tech company in some form, then you were in trouble. Today, if you’re not a creative company—no matter your sector—then watch out.

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Fast Company

Joanna Woo

How you can make workers feel valued based on their personalities

The head of People at CruxOCM says we may think we’re showing an employee they’re valued by giving them a pay raise, when they may value the time spent with a coach and mentor learning new things instead.

The last nearly two years allowed for employees to question what they want for themselves, the organizations they work for, and the world. While we can certainly keep hiring additional people to fill the gaps, it’s significantly more cost effective to keep the top talent you already...


The rhythm therapy massager wants to soothe your muscles *and* your mind

TL;DR: As of Dec. 7, get a Lyric Massager, a massage gun designed to vibrate at frequencies that relax the mind, for $199.95 with free shipping and a one-year warranty.

By 2025, one in every three Americans will be wearing a fitness tracker. The market for mobile health apps around the world is expected to exceed $102 billion by 2023.

Health tech is now putting an individual’s wellness squarely in their own hands, giving users the ability to track and treat some of their own health issues...


Snag this automated toy that will tickle your cat’s curiosity for under $30

TL;DR: As of Dec. 7, get a Smart & Interactive Self-Rotating Ball for cats on sale for $28.99 (9% off its regular price of $32).

A playful cat is (often) a physically and mentally healthy cat. But you probably don’t have enough time to play with them as often as you should. Don’t feel discouraged; just get this smart and interactive self-rotating ball and keep your cat entertained for hours without lifting a finger.

It’s usually $32, but you can slash a few bucks off and get this adorable...


Save 32% on Astro Alan, the mini astronaut galaxy projector

TL;DR: The Astro Alan™ Galaxy Projector is just $59.99 at the Mashable Shop as of Dec. 7.

You’ve undoubtedly seen galaxy projectors all over TikTok. But you probably haven’t seen any quite as unique as Astro Alan. 

Inspired by Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut in space, Astro Alan is a miniature astronaut with adjustable head angles that serves as a galaxy projector and delivers out-of-this-world experiences. And for a limited time, this quirky little space explorer is on sale...


This Sony Bluetooth turntable lets you enjoy the best of both worlds

TL;DR: The Sony PSLX310BT Turntable is just $229.95 at the Mashable Shop as of Dec. 7.

Grab your premium headphones, favorite Bluetooth speakers, or wired speakers. With this easy-pairing Sony turntable, you can play your record collection from any device you choose.

The Sony PSLX310BT Turntable is a mix of old-school and new-school. Its minimal design is sleek and solid, with a belt drive mechanism and aluminum die-cast platter that cuts down on vibrations, a thick dust cover that delivers...


Snag deals on heartfelt photo gifts from CVS through Dec. 11.

TL;DR: Save 50% off all photo orders at CVS with code MERRY50 through Dec. 11.

We all know that photo gifts, like a mug with your mug, are a big hit with the fam. What you might not know is that CVS has a wide range of photo gifts from calendars to photo books to blankets to ornaments — and at a range of price points.

To make your holiday gift budget stretch even further, CVS photo gifts are on sale for 50% off with code MERRY50 through Dec. 11. Same day pick-up on many of the gifts means...


Digital Neo looks very real in new 'The Matrix Awakens' teaser for Unreal Engine 5

"What is real?" is a pretty tough question when you really dig into it, but we can share with you one thing that definitely is real: You can now pre-load the new The Matrix Awakens demo on your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S console. Really!

The actual demo, which is built with Epic's new Unreal Engine 5, is dropping on Dec. 9 at The Game Awards, so you'll have to wait two more days to see it in full. But there's a (very short) teaser featuring Neo himself to whet your appetite, below.



This is your last chance to save on refurbished Apple iPhones before Christmas

SAVE ON REFURBS: Refurbished devices at Woot might have cosmetic imperfections, but they have been tested to be in full working condition. Find the best deals on refurbished Apple iPhones at Woot, with delivery before Christmas.

Nobody is perfect, and everyone deserves a second chance. We all take on a few scratches and dents in life, but that doesn't mean we're not good people. We still function just fine.

Just like people, refurbished devices deserve another opportunity to succeed....

The Verge

Jon Porter

Instagram to introduce parental control features next year

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Instagram will roll out new parental control features on its platform in March, the service’s head Adam Mosseri has announced in a blog post. They’ll allow parents and guardians to see how much time their teenagers spend on Instagram, set time limits, and get notified if their child reports someone. The controls were announced as a package of new features designed to make the platform a safer place, particularly for its teenage...

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15 Times "Schitt's Creek" Gave Me Better Advice Than Literally Everyone Else In My Life

Very interested in that option, actually.

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Netflix's 'Bubble' teaser shows a beautiful anime world where gravity is broken

Sometimes a movie's visuals are enough to sell the thing.

This is certainly the case with Netflix's new teaser for Bubble, an anime movie set in a world where gravity has been altered by a storm of mysterious bubbles raining from the sky.

From Attack on Titan director Tetsurô Araki and based on characters by manga artist Takeshi Obata, Bubble follows a group of young characters in Tokyo who use the gravitational change to leap between buildings.

The story sounds awesome, the film looks...

CNN.com - Top Stories

More than a foot of rain has fallen over the last 48 hours in some areas with all of the islands under a flood watch through the afternoon

Relentless rain in Hawaii has left parts of the state under the threat of "significant and life-threatening flooding," the National Weather Service in Honolulu said Monday night, with some areas already tallying more than a foot of rain over a 48-hour span.

Fast Company

Sophie Kobylinski

4 things you must do in your first month of a new job

These four strategies will set you up for success.

It’s an exciting time for new hires. To contend with the Great Resignation, businesses are upping their incentives for employees, offering signing bonuses, increasing compensation, and reducing requirements for new applicants. Some companies are even offering tuition assistance for hourly workers.

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