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Ariel Bogle

Scientists find unusual donut shapes hiding behind the Great Barrier Reef

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's great wonders, but scientists have been surprised to find something equally spectacular lurking behind it.

A team from James Cook University, the University of Sydney and the Queensland University of Technology have uncovered an ancient, little known reef off the coast of northern Queensland.

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Using LiDAR technology, the researchers were able to map vast fields...



Heavy rain turned Mike Glennon’s pass attempt into a blooper reel


Uh oh...
Wet alert!

It slips right out of @Mike_Glennon's hand. #WASvsTB https://t.co/b7GED90C8l

— NFL (@NFL) September 1, 2016

We’ve hit that point in the NFL preseason where we just want the games to matter. Don’t get me wrong, getting glimpses of what the regular season might bring in two-drive snippets is entertaining, but then we get things like this.

The preseason is meant to hone one’s craft, but that’s really hard to do during the fourth quarter of a preseason...


Sue Siegel

Applying analytics to clinical data

 Advanced technologies and the rapid adoption of electronic health records are enabling the physical world to merge with the digital, leading to explosive growth in the volume and quality of clinical data. Cognified care is the application of analytics to transform this newly available digitized clinical data into knowledge that can revolutionize healthcare. Read More

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K.M. McFarland and Tim Moynihan

Sphero’s New Wristband Lets You Control BB-8 With Hand Gestures

It won't float in the air and shoot lasers, but Sphero's latest toy is all about honing your use of the Force. The post Sphero's New Wristband Lets You Control BB-8 With Hand Gestures appeared first on WIRED.


Saba Hamedy

Oscar winner and 'Harry Potter' alum Jim Broadbent headed to 'Game of Thrones'

LOS ANGELES — Harry Potter alum and Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent has landed a role on next season of Game of Thrones.

The British actor, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2001 for his role in Iris, was also nominated for an Emmy for playing the title role in the series Longford.

He has also appeared in Time Bandits, Brazil and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

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Entertainment Weekly first broke the...


Johnny Lieu

Watch a watermelon bounce from huge drop, thanks to spray-on stuff

Ever wondered how to ensure a watermelon doesn't break into a million pieces while dropping it from a tower that's 45 metres (147 feet) high? This might be the solution for you.

The good people from experiment-loving, Australian YouTube group How Ridiculous have put together a video in which they coat a watermelon with the super-strong protective spray called Line-X, to see if it would be able to survive after a big fall.

It does. It even bounces like a bouncy ball! But the inside of the...


Jerico Mandybur

First Indigenous female MP sworn in amid traditional song

A prominent Indigenous rights activist and politician has officially become Australia's first female Aboriginal MP, giving her maiden speech in the House of Representatives Wednesday. 

The Wiradjuri woman and former teacher was "sung in" by fellow Wiradjuri women in a powerful display of traditional culture. 

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Delivering her first speech as Labor member for the New South Wales seat of Barton in Sydney's...


Patrick Kulp

AT&T's new distracted driving ad has an incredibly sad, eerie plot twist

For a full three minutes, AT&T's latest PSA-style ad lets you think it might be the one distracted driving message that doesn't end in tragedy.

A cheerful father dutifully ignores his buzzing phone as he drives three laughing young girls to the pool — each vibration ratcheting up the underlying suspense.

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Then along comes an apparition of a cryptic little boy to dash any hopes of a drama-free drive with a...


Struggling Djokovic gets extra time to restore mojo

Struggling Djokovic gets extra time to restore mojo



Nate Boyer writes open letter to Colin Kaepernick

Nate Boyer, a Green Beret and former Seahawks long snapper, spoke to Lindsay Rhodes on NFL Total Access on Colin Kaepernick's decision to sit out the national anthem.


Devin Coldewey

Secret ‘bursts into flames’ feature may be behind Samsung’s Note 7 delays

 The Galaxy Note 7 seems like a pretty decent phone if you like phones literally the size of the galaxy (Brian does) — but be aware that Samsung’s curvy-screened flagship device may be prone to, well, exploding. Fear not, however: Samsung is looking into it. Read More


Tim Chester

Mexican president says he told Trump that Mexico won't pay for the wall

Trump's last-minute Mexican sojourn just gets curiouser and curiouser.

The Republican candidate ditched his press corps in Arizona and jetted into the country unexpectedly Wednesday — amid criticism from its political leaders and protests from its residents — to give a speech praising a nation he recently said was responsible for drugs, crime and rapists in the United States. 

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Nicole Gallucci

Students at South Africa school told to chemically straighten their Afros

Students at Pretoria High School for Girls in South Africa are taking a stand against racism.

After being told by school officials to chemically straighten their natural hair, girls with Afros and braids gathered together last weekend to protest the rule and defend their black individuality, and their actions are inspiring an important change.

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Pretoria Girls High School, which was founded in 1902, only allowed white students...


Johnny Lieu

Watch: Cow-eating crocodile gets caught by the cops

Never smile at a crocodile, especially this cow-devouring behemoth from Australia.

The four metre (13 foot) croc was captured by Northern Territory police on Tuesday, after authorities set up a trap due to reports the crocodile had been busy eating cattle from a nearby farm.

"It was causing a ruckus and was a danger to people in the area," NT Police's Matt Phillips told ABC News. 

The crocodile didn't behave, making its capture difficult, according to Phillips. Eventually it was taken to a...

The Verge


How one designer's vision of tech's future embraced the black and boxy

Search the word "futuristic" on Curbed and, even without images, a certain look emerges. "Not a right angle in sight." "Swoopy." "Jetsons." When the pictures load, there’s an overwhelming whiteness to go with the curves and the assisted floatation, windows like aerodynamic diagrams, columns like Tulip chairs, highlights like an early-2000s logo redesign. It’s a future that owes a lot to Buckminster Fuller and Zaha Hadid, and a little to childhoods spent at Epcot, but is now synonymous...

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Trump Tries a Jarring New Style: Diplomatic

In a quick visit to Mexico, the candidate did something he had failed to do in his campaign: communicate provocative ideas with something resembling diplomacy.

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Donald Trump and Mexican Leader Clash in Accounts of Meeting

The Republican nominee said they did not discuss financing for a border wall, but his host said later that he made it clear that Mexico would not pay.


Peter Berkes

The 10 team Big 12 is down to 6 to 8 teams as expansion candidates. Here are all 11.

This is the strangest sport on earth.

The hubbub surrounding Big 12 expansion has died down now that the season is only days away. Last we left the conference, they not only decided they were going to entertain expanding, but they build up an impressively long list of expansion candidates. The list even included teams that had no idea they were being considered, but that’s in the past now that the conference has whittled its list of candidate schools down to "six or eight" schools,...



A farm in Canada recreated the Jose Bautista bat flip on their cornfield

We are so excited to announce our 2016 corn maze celebrating 40 seasons of Blue Jays baseball! #BlueJaysCornMaze https://t.co/Ei8qjfqdrY

— Hunter Brothers Farm (@HunterBrosFarm) August 31, 2016

Didn’t I tell y’all? Cornfields are the latest and greatest thing in sports right now. First, someone dedicated a Lego-like statue and a corn maze to Washington’s Kirk Cousins.

Then a farm in Ohio decked out their long stretch of land to honor LeBron James the the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland...

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