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Grant Brisbee

The horrible aesthetics of baseball moving to an all-reliever strategy

The Rays are experimenting with pitcher usage. If they succeed, what does that mean for the watchability of baseball?

Even just the riff and opening bells would have caused a mass panic in 1950. The lyrics, specifically, “I’m gonna get you, Satan get you,” would have melted the collective mind of a society that wasn’t ready for a married television couple sleeping in the same bed, but focus on the bells. The idea of 100-decibel dinging and donging bells echoing through the ballpark...


Kristian Winfield

How the Celtics are succeeding without Kyrie Irving

Boston has played better than anyone expected since Irving’s knee surgery. So now what?

As the Boston Celtics have thrived in the second half of the season and through two-and-a-half rounds of playoff basketball, an ever-so dapper Kyrie Irving has watched on from the sidelines. Irving developed an infection in his leg and had screws removed from his surgically-repaired knee to deal with his ailment. But a projected four to five months of inaction have caused the Celtics to learn and grow...


Jason Kirk

New NCAA APR scores show who could bowl at 5-7

The NCAA’s chosen metric for academic progress also factors into bowl season.

What happens to bowl season if there aren’t enough college football teams with six wins or more? Since 2015, the NCAA’s allowed bowls to dip into teams with 5-7 records, with the leaders in APR getting first dibs.

What’s APR? That’s Academic Progress Rate, the NCAA’s attempt to measure how well a program has done at advancing its athletes toward graduation over a rolling period of four years at a time....


Zito Madu

Kyle Korver may be old and slow as hell, but his game is pure genius

One of the Cavaliers’ oldest and slowest players has become one of their biggest sparks in the playoffs.

The first time that Kyle Korver blocked Jaylen Brown in Game 4, I contemplated the psychological damage that being blocked by someone like Korver would have on the young player. Brown is smart and the curse of the intelligent is in sometimes over-analyzing situations. Surely Brown would slide into despair after being stopped by a man whose vertical jump can be measured in centimeters....


Greg Walters

Michael Cohen took $400,000 to fix a meeting between Trump and Ukraine’s President, report says

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was secretly paid at least $400,000 to help arrange a meeting between Ukraine’s president and Trump last summer, the BBC reported Wednesday citing two unnamed sources in Ukraine.

The payment was made by intermediaries acting on behalf of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in an attempt to extend the length of his arranged meeting with Trump beyond an embarrassingly short handshake and photo op, the BBC reported.

Cohen and the two...


Romain Dillet

50 tech CEOs come to Paris to talk about tech for good

Ahead of VivaTech, 50 tech CEOs came to Paris to have lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron. Then, they all worked together on “tech for good”. The event was all about leveraging tech around three topics — education, labor and diversity.

At the end of the day, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe invited everyone for a speech in Matignon. It wasn’t a groundbreaking speech as Macron is also speaking at VivaTech tomorrow morning. “We’re trying to pivot France,” Philippe...


Brian Heater

Apple offers a $50 credit for some out-of-warranty iPhone battery purchases

If you bought a battery replacement for an out-of-warranty iPhone last year, you may be eligible for a $50 credit from Apple. The company issued a new support page post this week, announcing the rebate policy, which applies to purchases made at authorized locations.

The move is part of on-going restitution in the wake of an admission that the company was throttling processing speeds on older model phones, in order to save on battery life. Late last year, Apple apologized for not informing...


Devin Coldewey

Representatives rip FCC Chairman Pai’s ‘lack of candor’ and double down on net neutrality questions

Thirteen members of Congress have written to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai criticizing his “repeated evasive responses to our inquiries” and “outright refusal to respond to some of the members of this Committee.” Unsatisfied with the answers or evasions he has offered to date, they reiterate questions related to net neutrality and other issues that they’ve sent over the past months.

“While we appreciate your continued willingness to testify before our Committee, we are concerned that...


Jonathan Shieber

Upstarts emerge to chase Tesla’s lead in electric vehicles

A slew of well-funded new entrants backed by massive amounts of capital are chasing Tesla’s lead in an effort to power the next generation of the electric vehicle industry.

Electric vehicle startups have raised more than $2 billion in the U.S. over the first months of 2018 alone, a huge increase over the $650 million raised in 2017, according to data from PitchBook. And the investment trends point to more competition for Tesla from established car companies and upstart manufacturers alike...


Brian Heater

Samsung adds ‘The Incredibles’ to its AR Emojis

Samsung’s AR Emojis were met with a…lukewarm reception when they launched alongside the Galaxy S9. The augmented reality avatars were regarded as a me-too response to Apple’s Animojis — and more to the point, were downright creepy.

But at launch, the company brought one key element to the offering that Apple hasn’t: a content partnership. And not just any content partnership, mind. A Disney content partnership. So far, it’s rolled out the iconic likes of Mickey, Minnie and...

The Verge

Sean O'Kane

Uber ends self-driving operation in Arizona

Uber has shuttered its self-driving testing program in Arizona and laid off close to 300 workers there — most of them test drivers, or “vehicle operators” — two months after one of its autonomous cars killed a pedestrian, the company said on Wednesday. The company had been testing its self-driving technology in the state since 2016, but halted operations in the wake of the March crash. The company’s testing was also indefinitely suspended by the Arizona governor’s office.


The Verge

Colin Lecher

Trump blocking Twitter critics is unconstitutional, court decides

It is unconstitutional for public officials, including the president, to block Twitter followers who criticize them, a court ruled today in a legal dispute over President Trump’s account.

Twitter’s “interactive space” creates a public forum

The lawsuit, brought by Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute, argued that Twitter users blocked by @realdonaldtrump had their First Amendment rights violated. In a decision released today, a federal judge hearing the case...

The Verge

Andrew J. Hawkins

Uber and Lyft are terrible at providing wheelchair-accessible service, and here’s the proof

Uber and Lyft fail to provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles in New York City 70 percent of the time, a scathing new report found. The evidence underscores the long-running battle between disability rights groups and the ride-hailing companies over the availability — and economic viability — of wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Researchers with the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest made dozens of requests for wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAV) on Uber and Lyft in New York City...

The Verge

Casey Newton

Facebook will ask researchers to measure the effects of misinformation in the News Feed

Facebook is asking academics to help measure the volume and effects of misinformation on the platform, the company said today. The move, which comes a month after the company said it would ask researchers to help it understand the effect of Facebook on elections, illustrates how the company is working to restore trust after revelations that Russian agents spread misinformation and during the 2016 US presidential election.

The same commission established last month to analyze Facebook and...


Fire and ice: Capitals coach skates hot lap

Capitals coach Barry Trotz took a hot lap around the ice to kick off practice, just as Alex Ovechkin had done.

Fast Company

Steven Melendez

5 last-minute GDPR resources to help bring businesses into compliance

The deadline is Friday and you’re still not prepared?! Check out these tools now.

This Friday is the deadline for compliance with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation, widely considered the strictest law in the world in terms of regulating the collection and use of consumer data. In broad strokes, GDPR generally requires companies get clear consent for collecting people’s personal data and allows people to access the data stored about them, fix it if it’s...


MJ Franklin

Stephen King really, really hates Twitter, apparently

Well this is awkward. Stephen King — a notable tweeter — really, really hates Twitter, apparently.

On Tuesday night, the horror author appeared at the 2018 PEN Literary Awards, where he was receiving the PEN Literary Service Award. Each year the accolade is given to a critically acclaimed author of free speech, and King graced the stage to both accept the speech and advocate for the power of books.

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In his speech,...


Jake Krol

Apple is giving a $50 credit if you paid for a new iPhone battery in 2017

Back in December Apple announced the iPhone battery replacement program amid the "slow down" controversy. It brought the price for repair down from $79 to $29, but the company didn't provide much help to customers who had already paid for a replacement.

That changes today. Apple is now offering a credit for some replacements made in 2017.

Customers with an iPhone 6 or newer model who paid for an out-of-warranty battery replacement between January 1 through December 28, 2017, can now expect a...


Proma Khosla

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' and more coming to Netflix in June

After Infinity War and Solo, fans of sprawling Disney franchises are in for a bit of a dry spell for the month of June – luckily, Netflix is here to helpThe Last Jedi and Thor: Ragnarok will join the streaming platform's movie library this month, along with new seasons of GLOW and Luke Cage, the finale of Sense8, and much, much more.

Here's what's coming to Netflix in June.

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Top pick: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The latest...

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