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The Verge

Sean Hollister

Fast & Furious can’t resist that joke about turning it up to 11, so you get one last movie

The Fast & Furious saga will finally end after its 11th installment, Deadline and Variety report — which, if you’re counting, is one more movie than we were expecting until now. Justin Lin, who directed five of the past eight F&F films (counting the upcoming F9), is reportedly set to direct the last two as well.

Of course they were going to make another movie. Unlike Chaim and Julia, I may know next to nothing about Fast’s plot or characters, but I do know spectacle — and there was...


Matt Burns

GMC reveals the Hummer EV: 1,000 HP, 350 mile range, and 0-60 in “around 3 seconds”

General Motors today revealed the GMC Hummer EV, its first electric pickup. The vehicle has a 350 range, 1,000 HP, and up to 11,500 pound feet of torque (through fuzzy math). And with a starting price of $80,000, it’s easily twice the cost of a gas-powered pickup. Yes, it sort of looks like the Tesla Cybertruck.

Several key stats stick above the rest. Three motors within two Ultium drive units power the vehicle and it appears to have the longest battery of any GM vehicle with an electric...


Darrell Etherington

Feast your eyes on the all-new, all-electric GMC Hummer EV

GMC has a new all-electric version of its classic Hummer oversized SUV. This thing is a beast, as you might expect, with an advertised 350-mile range and a 3-second zero to 60 mph time. It’s a bit ridiculous to be honest, which is kind of what the Hummer has always been about so that makes sense.

Alongside a teaser, GMC released a number of press photos of the 1,000 HP bruiser, so take a look below. It definitely looks like a Hummer – which may or may not be your cup of tea.



Jordan Crook

AOC aims to get out the vote by streaming Among Us with pokimane and HasanAbi

We are about seven months into a pandemic and just two weeks from a presidential election. At this point, surprises are a dime a dozen. So it should feel very 2020 that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is about to stream Among Us, the hit game of 2020, on Twitch alongside mega-streamer pokimane and political analyst HasanAbi.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted yesterday that she was looking for people to play the popular game with in an effort to get out the vote, noting that she’s never played before but...


Matt Burns

Watch GM unveil the $80,000 GMC Hummer EV right here

GM just took the wraps off the Hummer EV and it looks great. The vehicle is coming to dealers in 2022, with pre-orders starting in 2021. You can watch the unveiling here.

The vehicle is detailed here. With 1,000 HP, 350 mile range, and autonomous drive modes, it’s an impressive vehicle though still significantly more than Tesla said the Cybertruck will cost.

Feast your eyes on the all-new, all-electric GMC Hummer EV

GMC reveals the Hummer EV: 1,000 HP, 350 mile range, and 0-60 in...

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Sheila Kaplan, Sharon LaFraniere, Noah Weiland and Maggie Haberman

How the F.D.A. Stood Up to the President

After months of caving to pressures from the White House, Commissioner Stephen Hahn and a band of agency scientists have eked out a few victories.

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Emily Cochrane and Nicholas Fandos

McConnell Moves to Head Off Stimulus Deal as Pelosi Reports Progress

The top Senate Republican told colleagues that he had advised the White House against striking a pre-election deal with Democrats to deliver pandemic aid, fearing political repercussions.

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Here's Why Chris Pratt Got So Much Backlash On The Internet This Weekend

A viral meme has reignited conversations about the actor's alleged political views.

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33 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

Pet nail polish, a cute graphic tee, fun planner stickers, and more under-$25 delights to light up your life.

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What you should know about Biden's tax plan

Gallery: America votes | The Road to 270


Rachel Kraus

This week in politics on Instagram: Breitbart vs. 'Feminist'

Every Tuesday in the run up to the Nov. 3, 2020 election, Mashable will break down the most viral posts about politics on Instagram. Using data from the Facebook-owned analytics service CrowdTangle, we’ll show you the topics and perspectives on Instagram that the most people are talking about and engaging with. Our hope is that this provides a look at what’s dominating the political conversation in social media spaces that you might not see otherwise. 

While it’s clear that highly...


Amanda Yeo

'Fast and Furious' franchise will cross the finish line with 11th film

Family is forever, but all good things must still come to an end.

The beloved Fast and Furious franchise will sadly reach its finish line after an eleventh film, according to a new report by Variety. Fast and Furious veteran Justin Lin will return to direct the final two instalments, having previously steered Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, and next year's F9. (He also directed The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but we don't talk about that.) 

Then it's Coronas and family...

Fast Company

Mark Wilson

The notorious Hummer is back—but this time it’s all electric

Inside the design of the $100,000 Hummer pickup truck.

On June 1, 2009, General Motors announced the discontinuation of the Hummer brand—on the same day GM announced its own bankruptcy.

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The Verge

Andrew J. Hawkins

The Hummer is back as a 350-mile range ‘electric supertruck’ that can drive diagonally

A $112,000 version will be available in late 2022

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Darrell Etherington

After historic OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample collection, Lockheed Martin VP Lisa Callahan will join us at TC Sessions: Space

This December 16 and 17, we’re hosting our very first TC Sessions: Space event. It’ll be a virtual, live-streamed two-day show, including conversations with some of the best and brightest in the space industry. We’re thrilled to be hosting Lisa Callahan, Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Civil Space at Lockheed Martin, at the event, and she’ll join us to discuss her company’s history-making work in robotic space exploration – including the asteroid mining sample...

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Steve Lohr

Google Up Against Laws That Thwarted Microsoft (and Others Since 1890)

The Justice Department’s antitrust case points to restrictive contracts, a focus that a professor said “is as old as the Sherman Act.”


Sasha Lekach

Elon Musk says 'Full Self-Driving' mode on Tesla is finally here, sort of

For the lucky few selected to experience "Full Self-Driving" (or FSD) on their Tesla vehicle, Tuesday night is the night. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday afternoon that the autonomous mode was "happening tonight" after promising the feature would make it onto cars last week.

FSD has been a long time coming. It's been available as a future-ready option on the electric cars for a while, even if you couldn't actually use it.

Musk warned that the car's autonomous abilities will be...

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