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Dieter Bohn

Google is giving up some control of the AMP format

Ever since Google’s instant article format, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) launched in 2016, the company has stridently pushed back on the idea that it was a Google-specific project. Instead, executives said that it was a part of the open web, with open-source contributions both from Google employees and non-Googlers, and that it is utilized not just by Google search, but also Bing, eBay, and others.

That message didn’t really resonate with the web community, which has largely seen it as...

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Casey Newton

How a new class of “digital martyrs” are manipulating social networks

On a rare slow news day, I found myself reading and re-reading this talk given by danah boyd at the Online News Association’s annual gathering this weekend. Titled “Media Manipulation, Strategic Amplification, and Responsible Journalism,” the talk examines a variety of subjects that will be familiar to readers of this newsletter. boyd (who styles her name in lowercase) looks at claims of anti-conservative bias; the risks of de-platforming toxic users; the balance between speech and...

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Andrew J. Hawkins

Tesla is reportedly under criminal investigation for Elon Musk’s tweets

The US Department of Justice is investigating Tesla over statements made by CEO Elon Musk concerning his desire to take the company private, according to Bloomberg. Federal prosecutors opened a fraud investigation last month after Musk tweeted that he was contemplating taking Tesla private and had “funding secured” for the deal, several sources told the publication. Weeks later, the deal fell through, and Musk announced that Tesla would remain public.

The Justice Department inquiry...

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Stefan Etienne

Master & Dynamic MW07 earbuds review: truly wireless, truly expensive

They work well, but they’re not worth it

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Patricia Hernandez

Thanks for ruining Toad and Mario Kart for me, internet

Perhaps you had the misfortune of waking up this morning, checking social media, and noticing that the words “Mario Kart” were trending. Maybe you thought, “Oh, is there a new game? Is this perhaps related to the Nintendo Switch’s impending online service launch?” Oh, you sweet summer child. If only we could preserve that innocence in amber, where it could remain untouched by the latest absurd news headline of 2018.

This year is so much. Nothing makes sense anymore. Did you read...

The Verge

Patricia Hernandez

YouTube launches new gaming destination, admits that the separate app was a bust

In 2015, YouTube launched a separate app dedicated to games and helping gamers find more videos. Today, the video giant is sunsetting that app and will integrate many of its best ideas onto the main website instead.

On the main site, YouTube Gaming will appear as a tab on the left, just like the Trending destination. From now on, youtube.com/gaming will showcase a personalized carousel of content near the top of the page, including new uploads and livestreams from subscribed channels, as...

The Verge

Chaim Gartenberg

Instagram will use ads to help users register to vote

Today, Instagram announced that it’s starting a new campaign to help encourage users to register to vote, using ads in both users’ feeds and Stories to offer an easy link with information on registering.

An “I voted” story sticker, so you can show off online, too

To provide accurate voting information, Instagram is partnering with TurboVote, which promises “up-to-date information on how to register, how to update their registration, how to look up their state’s voting rules and...

The Verge

Jacob Kastrenakes

Nintendo Switch is getting a Fortnite bundle with exclusive items

Fortnite is by far the year’s biggest game, so it was only a matter of time before it ended up in a promotional bundle with the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo announced the bundle today, saying it will go on sale October 5th. It’ll include 1,000 V-bucks — currency you usually have to purchase in-game — along with some exclusive outfits and items. Unfortunately, the console isn’t themed in any way, like it is for the Pokémon bundle.

The bundle is not a particularly great deal, either....


David Fucillo

Steelers-Buccaneers betting lines and point spread updates for ‘Monday Night Football’

The Bucs are on fire through two weeks, while the Steelers look mediocre at best. We’ve got odds and will be updating them leading up to Week 3’s “Monday Night Football” kickoff.

I don’t know if you could have two franchises with more disparate outlooks right now. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints on the road and then beat the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles at home, led by dominant performances from journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Pittsburgh...


Bill Connelly

Is the NCAA’s new cut block rule harming the triple option?

Short answer: we don’t know yet. Longer answer: there are signs that it’s hurting in a significant way.

College football has seemingly figured out a way to slow down a good triple-option attack: throw flags.

Opponents of triple-option teams have complained forever about cut blocking.

This offseason, the sport’s decision makers did something about it.

All blocks below the waist now have to come within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. All blocks below the waist now have to come from...


Isaac Chipps

The Patrick Mahomes ‘Showtime’ experience is making its Kansas City debut

There’s no better time to pick up new Mahomes merch.

Two starts in 2018. Ten touchdown passes. Out-gunslinging Ben Roethlisberger at Heinz Field. All before his 23rd birthday.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has put up historic numbers to start his NFL career, and now he makes his first start at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

Showtime is making his debut in Kansas City

Mahomes hasn’t even played in front of the home crowd yet this season, and he’s already putting up...


Chloe Bryan

Here's a new font that will help you fudge your next school paper

Remember how you used to adjust the margins on your school papers so you could write a little bit less? If you're still in school, remember how you still do that? Now, at long last, there's a font that will do all the cheating for you: Times Newer Roman.

According to its creator, the digital agency MSCHF, the typeface "kinda looks like Times New Roman, except each character is 5 to 10 per cent wider." This means, ostensibly, that you can turn in a paper in Times Newer Roman without it being...


Joseph Green

The most popular dating sites in the UK, just in time for cuffing season

It’s that time of year again... the chilly period between the beginning of autumn and the start of spring, in which anyone not coupled up finds themselves seeking to be “cuffed” by a serious relationship. Also known as cuffing season. 

We might like to think that we are deeply complex creatures but when it comes down to it we are simple. In the summer, when the sun is shining and the temperature is warm, we are more content to remain single. We socialise more, meet new people, and...


Proma Khosla

Netflix announces live-action series based on 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

Netflix revealed today that it will be adapting a live-action version of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender with original show runners Brian Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

Avatar ran on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008 and has streamed on Netflix in the past. 

SEE ALSO: Here's our first look at Hilda, Zelda, Harvey, and more in Netflix's 'Sabrina' reboot

Early concept art for the 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' live-action series.

Image: john staub/netflix

In the animated version,...

Fast Company

Eillie Anzilotti

Sunrun is bringing 100 megawatts of rooftop solar to low-income communities

As California pushes to reach 100% renewable energy, the state is helping to fund a push by the solar company to install solar panels on affordable housing developments.

As California prepares to shift to 100% renewable energy by 2045–so far, it’s the largest economy in the world to commit to such an aggressive goal–the state needs to double down on its production of local clean energy.

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Fast Company

Julia Malacoff—Glassdoor

Phone interview coming up? Don’t make these mistakes

Phone interviews have become an inevitable part of the job-hunting process. Here are 12 things to keep in mind to make sure you succeed.

These days, phone interviews are an unavoidable part of the job interview process, and for good reason: They save everyone involved time and effort. But that doesn’t mean that phoners require zero energy on the part of the candidate. Yes, you should spend more time preparing for an in-person interview, but many companies treat phone screens as the...

Fast Company

Jesus Diaz

How Apple’s first HQ shaped the company into what it is today

A new oral history of the Infinite Loop campus offers a glimpse into the culture of Apple as it worked to build the first iPhone.

Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of Apple’s Infinite Loop headquarters in Cupertino, California. But its six buildings, the design of those buildings, and the overall campus plan defined an entire era for the company’s employees, its products, and its mercurial leader. In fact, its new Apple Park offices, designed by Foster+Partners, are arguably less representative...


Iowa St. golf champ found slain at Ames course

Former Iowa State golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena, 22, was found dead at an Ames golf course and a suspect has been charged with first-degree murder.


Tess Owen

McDonald’s workers are about to walk out of their jobs to protest sexual harassment

Employees of McDonald’s in 10 American cities will walk out of work Tuesday to protest what they call the chain’s failure to address sexual harassment claims.

The event will be the first ever multi-state strike in the U.S. against sexual harassment in the workplace, according to organizers.

In May, a group of 10 current and former female McDonald’s employees, some teenagers, filed sexual harassment complaints against the company. The female employees said they were sexually...


Jordan Crook

Framer X design tool steps in the ring with InVision, Adobe, and Sketch

Design tools are becoming increasingly important to just about every brand out there. Today, a new entrant joins the race.

Framer X, a revamped version of three-year-old Framer, was founded by Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk after the duo sold design software Sofa to Facebook in 2011. Framer X is a rich, React-based design tool that lets any designer draw out their interface components and instantly send them over to the engineering team for collaboration.

The key here is reusability and...

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