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Ashley Carman

Emporio Armani's first connected watch has a reported six-month battery life

Emporio Armani has realized even people with expensive taste want connected devices. The fashion company partnered with Fossil to launch its first hybrid connected watch this week, called the EA Connected Watch. The watch comes with an analog display, but still syncs with phones through Bluetooth and a companion iOS / Android app. It features the standard wearable fare, including sleep tracking, notifications, activity tracking, and music control. But the EA Connected slightly differs...


Jason Tan

Designing mindful machines

 Facebook recently fired the entire Trending Topics team of human editors amid accusations they were promoting specific agendas and biasing what news was deemed “important.” Now the company is relying on machine learning algorithms to manage Trending Topics — and finding that keeping the results free of hoaxes and fake news isn’t always easy. Read More


Laura Vitto

Pranking a dog with a fake skeleton is the only good Halloween prank

Maymo the dog's spooky new playmate is the large plastic skeleton creeping around his living room. 

Though Maymo is initially skeptical, the friendship they form over the course of this video is nothing short of delightful.

Innovative dad creates 'Princess Cumulus' Halloween costume for daughter

Orphaned possum and zookeeper have a pretty adorable bromance

'Destiny' dance troupe delivers an amazing Michael Jackson medley

The Shins return with the tender and eerie 'Dead or Alive' Read...


Miriam Kramer

You might still have time to catch amazing auroras around the globe

On Tuesday night, the northern lights put on quite a show for people as far south as Minnesota and Wisconsin, and tonight could bring even more aurora action.

Earth's magnetic field is currently being pelted with particles streaming from the sun, sparking a geomagnetic storm that is increasing aurora activity in the high latitudes of the southern and northern hemispheres. 

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's...


Jeff Sneider

Michael Massee, veteran character actor from 'The Crow' and 'Seven,' dies

LOS ANGELES — Veteran character actor Michael Massee, who played Funboy in Alex Proyas' 1994 cult classic The Crow, died of unknown causes Wednesday. He was 61.

Massee really should be best remembered by the work he left behind — not the fact that he accidentally shot Brandon Lee. But it was Massee who had the unfortunate task of shooting the hero of the film, played by Lee; his prop gun was improperly prepared and Lee was fatally killed at the age of 28. 

The shooting was ruled an...


Chloe Bryan

Good pal drives 50 miles to give his friend a banana

The best way to test a friendship is to ask your friend to drive 50 miles to give you a single banana.

That's just what 21-year-old Martin Peredo — who's been friends with 20-year-old Justin Mendoza for over a decade — did.

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REAL FRIENDS pic.twitter.com/9SnCSGtA1u

— MARTIN (@supmartin) October 24, 2016

While he was studying in a local Starbucks, Peredo texted Mendoza to ask if he could bring him a study...


Tara Flanigan

Miss Iceland shuts down pageant who told her to lose weight

Miss Iceland Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir was told to drastically limit her eating before the finals of the Miss Grand International 2016 pageant. So she quit the competition. Read more...

More about Mashable Video, Fat Shaming, Miss Iceland, Miss Grand International 2016, and Beauty Pageant


Karissa Bell

Salesforce CEO on the acquisitions that got away

LAGUNA BEACH, California — Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says he had an "exciting vision" for how he could have used Twitter at his company even though he wasn't able to make good on it.

Speaking Wednesday at the Wall Street Journal's WSJD conference, Benioff again spoke about his recent attempt to acquire Twitter — and why he backed off. 

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Part of the problem, he said, was how the fact that news of the talks had leaked in the...


Marcus Gilmer

The strange, sad tale of a president who was never elected

Editor's note: This is the 38th entry in the writer's project to read one book about each of the U.S. Presidents in the year prior to Election Day 2016. Follow Marcus' progress at the @44in52 Twitter account and the 44 in 52 Spreadsheet.

Man, poor Gerald Ford.

That's all I could think after completing Douglas Brinkley's book on Ford for the American Presidents Series — one of the few biographies available on a man generally seen as a caretaker president. 

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Sam Laird

How did Joel Embiid work on his shot? 'I watched white people'

NBA fans are going gaga over the fact that Joel Embiid is finally, finally able to play real NBA basketball after injury scrapped his first two seasons as a pro. 

Not only is the Philadelphia 76ers center a tantalizing talent with a deadly combination of size and agility, but he also provides some of the league's more entertaining quotes and social media posts. 

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Embiid and his long road to the court is the subject...


Laura Prudom

The worst has happened: Bryan Fuller won't be showrunning 'Star Trek: Discovery' after all

When Bryan Fuller was announced as executive producer and showrunner of Star Trek: Discovery, the internet rejoiced, given Fuller's geek credentials as a former writer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager (not to mention cult favorites like Hannibal and Pushing Daisies).

Alas, nothing gold can stayMashable has confirmed that Fuller has stepped back from showrunning duties on the CBS All Access series, as Variety first reported, because his producing plate is already overcrowded.



Alena Alambeigi

Blizzard offering $100K to each 'Heroes of the Storm' team just for playing

LOS ANGELES — Blizzard says it will pay each team competing in one of its Heroes of the Storm tournaments at least $100,000 no matter where they place, possibly the largest guaranteed minimum in esports. 

SEE ALSO: Activision-Blizzard CEO may have let slip news of an official 'Overwatch' league

The minimum prize money could set a precedent for future events — and not just Blizzard's. Though other events have offered base pay, they weren't close to this amount.

Blizzard's head of esports...

BuzzFeed - Latest

Is This Okay? • When Do Halloween Costumes Become Offensive?

“Where do you draw the line with offensive costumes?”

As Halloween approaches, so do the controversial costumes. On this episode of Is This Okay? we talked about when Halloween costumes become a little too problematic:

BuzzFeedVideo / Via youtube.com

Instead of policing what people decide to wear, how can we educate them about what makes a costume offensive?

BuzzFeed Video

A lot of...

BuzzFeed - Latest

19 Squash Recipes To Warm You Up This Winter

Roasted, baked and stuffed.

Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

Creamy Butternut Squash Alfredo Pasta

Creamy squash sage and thyme sauce, topped with crispy bacon. YES. PLEASE. Get the recipe.


Butternut Squash Fries

They're made with squash, so that basically means they're healthy right? Right. Get the recipe.


One Pan Baked Chicken with Butternut...

BuzzFeed - Latest

19 Things That Are Way Too Real For People Who Love Cats But Are Allergic

Life is a constant battle between your immune system and your desire to hug all the cats.

When you look at this picture you know the exact mix of burning and itching the person in it is feeling.


Even the tiniest scratch apparently involves calling your whole immune system into action.


So, even though you'd love nothing more than a feline friend to come home to after...

BuzzFeed - Latest

Here's Gordon Ramsay Ripping Bad Halloween Treats A New One

“Smarties are for fucking dummies.”

Last night, Gordon Ramsay stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! and gave his thoughts on the five worst things you can hand out on Halloween.


And as always, Chef Ramsay didn't hold back.

ABC / Via youtube.com

His first victim: Smarties.

ABC / Via youtube.com

His next? Circus peanuts.

ABC / Via youtube.com


BuzzFeed - Latest

19 Gifts That Will Make Your Daughter Feel Awesome About Herself

Girls will change the world.

Give her this hand-stamped bracelet to remind her that just being herself is beautiful.

Get it here for $12.


Let her know what it really means to be pretty with this decorative pillow.

Buy this pillow here for $36.


Inspire her with this powerful wall decor.

Get this set for here for $43.95.


Let her show how proud she is to be...


Tim Cato

NBA Wednesday: Live updates and highlights from the first full night of basketball

10 games! All the highlights, wild stat lines and bizarre moments from them right here!

There are 10 games in the NBA tonight. Stop in here to stay up to date on the coolest stuff from all 10 of them.

Just enjoy this Paul George dunk a few times. Oh yeah, NBA IS BACK

Please enjoy this terribly lovable sequence.

send the tape to springfield pic.twitter.com/ZS3ih1MUVd

— James Herbert (@outsidethenba) October 26, 2016 Gerald Green’s hair is a shamrock now

Dedication ??...


Mark Sandritter

Max Scherzer’s wife accidentally threw the jersey from his second no-hitter in the trash


Max Scherzer has accomplished a lot of great things during his career. He’s thrown two no-hitters. He’s also struck out 20 batters in a game. With so many great moments, it’s hard to remember the specific details from each. That struggle nearly resulted in Scherzer’s jersey from his second no-hitter ending up at the garbage dump.

Wife was cleaning up the house and threw away a "dirty" Jersey... It was the 2nd No Hitter Jersey! #ShesSleepingOnTheCouch...

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