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Colts’ coaches need offseason work too

Everyone always thinks about the work that players do in the offseason, but coaches do just as much work. And the Colts’ coaches are no different. Offseason work is important for every player in the NFL. It gives players time to work on their individual work and skills without having the time crunch of practice […] Colts’ coaches need offseason work too - Horseshoe Heroes - Horseshoe Heroes - An Indianapolis Colts Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Yardbarker: Indianapolis Colts

Colts fans should be excited for the future

No matter what this year’s draft class brings, the Colts are going to be stacked for the future. And fans should be very excited about the team’s direction moving forward. The Colts were able to defy everyone’s expectations this past year and make the playoffs. Everyone assumed that the team was in the middle of […] Colts fans should be excited for the future - Horseshoe Heroes - Horseshoe Heroes - An Indianapolis Colts Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Yardbarker: Indianapolis Colts

Colts part of resurging AFC South

A few years ago, the AFC South was the laughing stock of the NFL as one of the worst divisions in the league. That is no longer the case, and the Colts are a big reason for that. For most of the late 2000s, the AFC South was one of the toughest divisions in the […] Colts part of resurging AFC South - Horseshoe Heroes - Horseshoe Heroes - An Indianapolis Colts Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Yardbarker: Indianapolis Colts

2018 Colts Position Review: Wide Receiver

With no big names other than T.Y, this was the Colts weakest position group last season. Starters: T.Y Hilton, Chester Rogers Bench: Dontrelle Inman, Ryan Grant, Zach Pascal The Colts entered the season extremely thin at wide receiver, and it showed all throughout the season. Besides T.Y Hilton, no Colts receiver had more than 500 yards or 4 touchdowns. If not for the magic of Andrew Luck, this group would have been even worse. Starting with The Ghost, he was as consistent as ever and put...

Yardbarker: Indianapolis Colts

Colts’ 2018 rookie class named best in NFL

According to NFL.com, the Colts had the best rookie class in the entire league in 2018. But that isn’t news to anyone who has been following this team. The Colts had one of the best draft classes in franchise history in 2018. They had two rookies named as a first-team All-Pro. Not only that, but […] Colts’ 2018 rookie class named best in NFL - Horseshoe Heroes - Horseshoe Heroes - An Indianapolis Colts Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Stampede Blue

Jared Malott

AAF Week 2 preview with teaser picks

I have no idea what I’m doing.

Since today is Friday, there are football games each of the next two days! It feels weird typing that after the Super Bowl. Most of you have cut your cable off because, seriously, who wants to watch Golden State win another title? Most of the NCAA teams are pretty good, but not great, and outside of Duke and Zion Williamson, what are we watching?

Nothing. We’re seriously all just killing time until at least the NFL Draft if not Week 1. Come on, April...

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Zach Hicks

Prospect Interviews: Colorado safety Evan Worthington

Our next prospect interview is with Colorado safety Evan Worthington. Worthington is a talented athlete who excelled at CU the last two seasons.

Career Stats: 128 total tackles, 10 tackles for a loss, 10 pass deflections, 4 interceptions, and 1 forced fumble in his final two years.

Worthington interviewed exclusively with Stampede Blue to talk about his team suspension in 2016, his development on and off the field since that suspension, and how he will translate to the NFL.

Zach Hicks: I...

Stampede Blue

Matt Danely

Colts Cast: Positional review heading into the offseason | Safety

Today we finish up with our look at the Indianapolis Colts position by position review with the safety corps as they head into this pivotal offseason.

With the safety group bringing up the caboose in this series, it also happens to be one of the most interesting of all of the units on the roster. The Colts have several in-house free agents, including Clayton Geathers and Matthias Farley, as well as some of the team’s depth pieces from the 2018 season.

The Colts have a decent tertiary...

Yardbarker: Indianapolis Colts

Colts rookie class named best in NFL by NFL.com

There’s no shortage of excitement surrounding the Indianapolis Colts and their young talent that has been acquired by GM Chris Ballard. Despite some being wishy-washy on the 2017 draft class, Ballard’s pull in the 2018 NFL Draft was borderline historic to say the least. The Colts are in the throes of rebuilding the roster as well as the culture inside the organization, and such a massive turnaround between these last two seasons has the entire league taking notice. And yesterday, NFL.com...

Stampede Blue

Zach Hicks

Build-A-Ballard: Who the Colts may target at cornerback in the 2019 NFL Draft

Which corners in the 2019 draft fit Ballard’s preferred mold?

At Stampede Blue, we will do our best investigative work to determine how Chris Ballard might approach free agency and the draft. In this series, we will look back at Ballard’s past drafts with the Colts and with the Chiefs — where he was the Director of Player Personnel or Director of Football Operations from 2013 to 2016 — and try to find common themes or traits that he may look for.

We already know Ballard covets...

Stampede Blue

Alvaro Fernandez da Ponte

2019 NFL Draft Colts prospects | Top 5 Defensive Ends

Breaking down the Top-5 defensive ends in the draft

The Colts run a 4-3 Tampa-2 Defensive Scheme. Personnel-wise, this scheme targets:

2 Safeties that can cover deep down the field 3 corners playing zone An athletic WILL linebacker that can cover Tight Ends and has sideline-to-sideline speed A MIKE linebacker that quarterbacks your defense A run-stopping thumper at your SAM spot. A 0-tech, tends to be your biggest linemen and demands double teams A 3-tech, which tends to take advantage of...

Stampede Blue

Brett Mock

Colts News: Does defensive lineman Al Woods fit into the team’s future?

Colts 2019 Free Agent Watch: Defensive Tackle Al Woods | 1070 the Fan

Over the next few weeks, 1070TheFan.com will publish free agency watches for the unrestricted FAs in 2019. Here we look at defensive tackle Al Woods.

2019 Colts Mock Draft 2nd Look: Cornerback, Defensive Line Focus | 1070 the Fan

Our second Mock Draft look for the Colts in 2019 has a more defensive focus with the Combine starting in two weeks. Here’s a compilation of Mock Drafts from around the NFL world.

Mailbag: Which...

ESPN.com - Indianapolis Colts

Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown fit Colts on field, but not off it

GM Chris Ballard has strict criteria for high-priced talent, and impulse moves to add players with off-field concerns do not fit his vision for Indy.

Yardbarker: Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts 3-round mock draft

Looking at each of the Colts first 4 picks and who could be there for the taking Well, football season is over so it’s time to begin the speculation of what the Colts are going to do before we kick off again in September. In this article, we’ll take a closer look into the draft, especially the Colts first 4 picks and consider who might slide, who will probably be there and who may be a “reach” but would make sense schematically or potential wise. With the 26th overall pick, the...

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Alvaro Fernandez da Ponte

Louisiana Tech defensive end Jaylon Ferguson uninvited from NFL Combine

Due to an altercation in a McDonald’s during his freshman year, Ferguson has been uninvited from Indy

Jaylon Ferguson has had his NFL Combine invite rescinded after an off-field issue seemed to surface where Ferguson was convicted of battery during his freshman year at Louisiana Tech. According to league rules, a violation like this is enough to make a player ineligible to participate in Combine activities.

This is a blow to Ferguson’s draft stock, not so much as in that it may drop, but...

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Blake Pace

Stampede Blue staff holds Colts free agency roundtable discussion

The 2019 NFL free agency period is officially under a month away, and the Indianapolis Colts project to have one of the more intriguing periods with an estimated $107,563,186 in cap space (1st in the NFL) and several trade scenarios in their pockets. The Colts could enter the period as big spenders — signing marquee free agents and trading away stashed assets for valuable talents on the market — or follow the same manta as 2018’s offseason and make several under-the-radar signings that...

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Mateo Caliz

The Colts offense has work to do but numbers don’t lie

Briefly analyzing the most interesting statistics about the Colts season.

The Colts were one of only three teams in the NFL with 2 or more position players with double-digit touchdown numbers.

The Colts, Chargers and Chiefs were the only teams in the League with multiple double-digit scorers. Indy had tight end Eric Ebron, who scored a combined 14 touchdowns — 13 receiving and 1 rushing — and running back Marlon Mack, who scored a combined 10 touchdowns — 9 rushing and 1...

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Zach Hicks

Colts Prospect Interviews: Akron Cornerback Kyron Brown

Akron Cornerback Kyron Brown could be a perfect fit in the later rounds for the Colts.

Our next prospect interview is with Akron Cornerback Kyron Brown. Brown is a 6’1” 195 pound corner who plays with great physicality and strength.

Career Stats: 127 total tackles, 5 tackles for a loss, 21 pass deflections, 6 interceptions, and 1 forced fumble.

Brown interviewed exclusively with Stampede Blue to talk about his college recruitment, his cornerback technique, and how he will translate to...

Stampede Blue

Elliot Singh Denton

Stampede Blue’s Mock Draft Face-Off: Brian Burns vs Jachai Polite

The countdown to the NFL Draft begins!

In this series we will look at mocking viable and realistic options to the Colts each week and analyzing how each pick fits in Indianapolis.

Welcome to Mock Draft Face Off with Elliot and Stephen! The offseason is officially here and the NFL Draft is arguably the leagues biggest offseason event, so each week we will mock draft picks to the Colts and analyze them. We will be start off with just the first round and build up to include later rounds as we...

Yardbarker: Indianapolis Colts

The ‘misses’ of the 2018 NFL Draft for the Indianapolis Colts

The 2018 NFL Draft class for the Indianapolis Colts was arguably the best haul in the NFL — composed of eight players who started three games or more, the Defensive Rookie of the Year and arguably the best guard in all of football. But who were some of the names Chris Ballard and the Indy front office missed out on? Not every draft pick is a slam dunk, and not every athlete reaches his full potential in Year One. Even with as good as this class was, some talents taken later in the draft...

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