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Michael D. Shear

Judiciary Committee Report Argues Trump ‘Betrayed the Nation’

The 658-page report asserts that President Trump should be impeached for abusing his office and obstructing the congressional inquiry into his actions.


Jon Hartley

Hartley and Makridis: Trump's USMCA will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and boost growth

Congress should give the American people the Christmas present they deserve: a ratified USMCA that will pave the way for growth in 2020.


Mindy Weisberger

A dark river nearly 1,000 miles long may be flowing beneath Greenland's ice

Far below the frozen cover of the Greenland ice sheet sprawls miles of bedrock — and extending through that bedrock for close to 1,000 miles is a valley that may contain a subterranean river, transporting water from central Greenland to the northern coast.

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Jeffrey Gettleman

Protests Spread Across India Over Divisive Citizenship Law

Several people have been killed as the unrest spreads to new corners of the country, and security forces have cracked down.


David Gilbert

The U.S. Says North Korea May Be Planning a 'Major Provocation' This Week

The U.S. says it will not be rushed into a nuclear deal with North Korea even though all signs suggest that Pyongyang is preparing to conduct its first long-range missile test in almost 18 months.

Stephen Biegun, the U.S. special representative for North Korea, said it would be “most unhelpful” if Kim Jong Un gave orders to conduct a long-range missile test in the coming days after the regime completed a key engine test at its missile site over the weekend.

“We are fully aware of...


Jack Durschlag

Idaho man sent harassing postcards for years, sentenced to 51-month prison term: report

A 76-year-old Boise man was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison for what Idaho prosecutors are labeling a "crusade of harassment" related to a barrage of postcards sent to a homeowner after a minor confrontation in a post office parking lot, a report said.


Brandon Judd

Brandon Judd: Mexican drug cartel members ARE terrorists — Trump's action will help defeat them

President Trump’s decision to officially designate the Mexican cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) is not only technically accurate, it is vital to end the carnage on both sides of our southern border. 

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A Secret History of the War in Afghanistan

The government tried to tell a story of success. Hundreds of classified memos reveal a darker struggle in an “unwinnable” war.

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Azi Paybarah

Weather N.Y.C.: Flurries, Then Rain, Then Sunshine

Flurries could complicate the evening commute, with some sleet and showers thrown in.

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Chris Stanford

Mitch McConnell, India, N.F.L.: Your Monday Briefing

Here's what you need to know.

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Natalie Kitroeff

Fashion Nova’s Secret: Underpaid Workers in Los Angeles Factories

The online retailer makes fast fashion for the Instagram elite. The way many of its garments are made is much less glamorous.

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Graham Bowley

At Pulse Shooting Site, a Plan to Remember Renews Pain for Some

A museum and memorial are intended to honor the victims of the tragic Pulse nightclub killings in Florida, but some families and survivors have objected to the multimillion-dollar projects.

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Jonathan Martin

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Have a Problem: Each Other

They’ve abided by a de facto nonaggression pact. But to win the Democratic nomination, one must prevail over the other by consolidating the left.


Democrats box in Republicans on drug pricing

After months of wrangling, House Democrats finally passed a massive bill aimed at lowering drug prices. And Senate Republicans are flummoxed at how to respond.

The GOP is in a jam that makes action appear somewhere between unlikely and impossible. But if Republicans fail to act, it could easily become a major political liability for the party given the salience of high drug prices in public polling and President Donald Trump’s desire for sweeping reforms.

Yet with an election year cresting...


Trump’s impeachment chaos evolves into a White House strategy

The White House’s chaotic infighting over its impeachment strategy has mostly subsided, replaced by casting and choreography decisions designed to guide the president through a quick trial with the least drama possible.

It’s a sharp shift from the widespread confusion and constant jockeying for influence that dominated the early march toward impeachment this fall. Now, White House officials have settled into specific roles just in time to roll from an expected House impeachment vote this...


Why Trump’s path to reelection is totally plausible

If President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020, there will not be lots of people — unlike in 2016 — gasping with surprise at the outcome. But there are plenty of people who remain utterly bewildered by the prospect.

How after everything — abysmal polls, the 2018 midterm debacle, this week’s impeachment — is a second-term even a possibility? The belief that the usual rules of politics simply do not apply to this president — whether due to political dark arts or some kind of...


How Kevin McCarthy kept Republicans in lockstep behind Trump on impeachment

Last November, Kevin McCarthy dialed up his longtime rival Jim Jordan and made a surprising overture: I want you to run for the top GOP spot on the House Oversight Committee.

Jordan, who was working out at the members-only gym at the time, had just lost a challenge to McCarthy to be minority leader, and had spent years tormenting the California Republican after co-founding the hard-line House Freedom Caucus.

But as House Republicans prepared to pick their new committee leaders, McCarthy was...


Hail to the Bernie

MANCHESTER, N.H. — It’s a celebration much of Washington thinks has approximately zero chance of ever happening. But to get a sense of what a Bernie Sanders inaugural ball might look like, consider the dinner that unfolded at a banquet hall near the airport here in late November, when several hundred union members ate mashed potatoes and filet mignon while Sanders drank from a Michelob Ultra bottle with a paper napkin wrapped around it. Ceiling drapes hung over pre-set tables and signs...

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