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The Falcoholic

David J Walker

The Falcoholic’s drink selections for the Falcons’ remaining 3 games

If you don’t drink, you should definitely start.

Let’s be honest: This 2018 Falcons team has been hard to watch recently. The five-game skid has eradicated any playoff hopes and the team has actually looked worse with each passing week. This season has been a reminder that death will eventually take us all and that we should enjoy the rare moments of joy, because this sport will sweep in and steal them all away.

Nihilism aside, this is The Falcoholic after all, and if you watch this team...

The Falcoholic

Dave Choate

This week’s big question: Can the Falcons beat one of the worst teams in the NFL?

This is what rock bottom feels like, eh?

Will the Falcons embrace the suck, letting it consume them and fueling their meteoric rise to the top pick in the 2019 NFL Draft? Or will they spurn the thing that loves them best and actually win a game?

It’s the question of the week because the outcome is legitimately in doubt. The surging Buccaneers should be able to beat the Falcons, if we’re being blunt, and even the suddenly lousy Panthers can get the job done. There are legitimate doubts...

Yardbarker: Atlanta Falcons

A sad Falcons fan’s guide to surviving the last 3 games of this garbage season

We’re in the home stretch, at least. I’m not going to sugarcoat this. This season has been a damn disaster. We had such high hopes for the team’s potential in 2018, which quickly transitioned to no hope whatsoever once we saw the lackluster effort against the Browns. The team has looked completely lost for five consecutive games, and we’ve still got to sit through three more of them before we can effectively tap out on this season. The Falcoholic is suffering, too, but we’ll all...

Yardbarker: Atlanta Falcons

Falcons moving forward: Where it all starts

To Falcons fans across the board, the 2018 season has been a colossal failure, and many are wondering what exactly went wrong with a team that had such high preseason expectations. Currently sitting at 4-9 on the year, Atlanta is poised to hold an early pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. While it remains to be seen what they will do with the pick itself, one thing is for sure, the team has plenty of issues to cover at season’s end. For starters, the Falcons need to address their edge pass rush....

The Falcoholic

Allen Strk

GIF of the Week: Foye Oluokun continues to shine amongst Falcons’ talented rookie class

The promising linebacker made a tremendous play to prevent Jimmy Graham from flexing on the Falcons again.

No matter how bleak a situation is, there is usually something positive that comes out of it. It may consist of a career-changing learning experience or shining moment. While the Falcons aren’t exactly learning from their previous shortcomings, they possess outstanding individual talent, players who can make exceptional plays on both sides of the ball. That’s what makes them...

The Falcoholic

Cory Woodroof

Shana-dates: Candidates to replace Steve Sarkisian who know Falcons’ scheme

Here are a few options to consider should a move be made for 2019.

Well, with 2018 already a fluttering memory of pain and agony in all of our collectives, the Atlanta Falcons are expected to make some changes to the coaching staff come January.

The most likely fellow to fall on the sword, so to speak, would be offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. Sark had a strong first half of the season, but saw his number-hungry offense fade down the stretch.

The team would be more than justified to...

The Falcoholic

Dave Choate

Falcons vs. Cardinals: Which 2019 Arizona free agent are you signing?

The Cardinals don’t have any elite options, but they have some worthwhile fliers.

The Arizona Cardinals are, bluntly, among the least talented football teams in the NFL. They’re bad almost across the board, and it’s going to take a significant rebuilding effort to turn them back into one of the NFL’s best teams.

There are still players of genuine interest for the Falcons among their free agent class of 2019. You wouldn’t sign up for 44-year-old Phil Dawson at kicker, but you...

The Falcoholic

Cory Woodroof

Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Dec. 13

Deck the links with links and more links.

The Atlanta Falcons are still not amazing, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your requisite reading in for the morning on the state of things.

We here at The Falcoholic continue to put out the stories you need to get you through those winless season and sleepless nights.

So sit back, relax and read along, fellow Falcons fans. The links are here for you.

Hooper Not Super, Jarrett Not Great

Well, it looks like the Falcons might be...

The Falcoholic

James Rael

Falcons RT Ryan Schraeder feels like he should be starting

Fact: Ryan Schraeder grows his own Christmas trees

Falcons right tackle Ryan Schraeder’s NFL career has taken a roller coaster trajectory. After playing his college ball at Division 2 powerhouse Valdosta State, Schraeder went undrafted. He landed at Flowery Branch as an undrafted free agent and made the team. Then in 2016, he signed a 5 year extension that made him a rich man.

Just one year ago, Schraeder was kicking butt and taking names, particularly as a run blocker. Fast forward to...

The Falcoholic

Cory Woodroof

Pro Football Focus: Falcons’ Matthews, Mack among NFL’s best OL in 2018

How is this offensive line so bad?

The Atlanta Falcons have an offensive line that is bad, but according to Pro Football Focus, two-fifths of that offensive line is quite good.

Left tackle Jake Matthews and center Alex Mack clocked in on PFF’s top 24 offensive linemen for 2018, stirring selections that leave you hopeful for the future.

We all knew Matthews had taken a sizable step forward this season, and he comes in at number 14 on the list.

2018 Overall Grade: 80.6

Matthews is...

The Falcoholic

Kevin Knight

The Falcoholic Live: Ep63 - Top-5 Draft Pick Talk

Join the crew of The Falcoholic Live at 8:10 PM ET for Episode 63! We’ll be discussing the very real possibility of the Falcons’ end up with a top-5 pick, as well as previewing Sunday’s “Draft Pick Bowl” against the Cardinals.

Watch the broadcast below beginning at 8:10 PM ET

Welcome, fellow Falcoholics, to Episode 63 of The Falcoholic Live! The crew is here tonight to break you some draft takes, as we discuss the very real possibility of the Falcons ending up with a top-5 (or...

The Falcoholic

Matthew Chambers

Tevin Coleman 48th in league in yards after contact

The stats prove out the eye test. Tevin Coleman doesn’t break tackles.

Tevin Coleman is in the middle of his worst season in a usually productive career year. He averaged 4.5 and 4.4 yards per carry in his first two seasons, most notably averaging 13.6 yards per catch in 2016.

Since then it’s been tough sledding. Coleman has gotten more opportunities with Devonta Freeman’s injuries however his effectiveness as dropped to 4.0 yards per carry in 2017, and 4.1 yards per carry this...

The Falcoholic

Cory Woodroof

ESPN’s Todd McShay has Falcons going DT in his 1st mock draft for 2019

Atlanta looks to Death Valley once again in this mock draft.

As the old saying goes, it’s never too early for a mock draft.

With the Atlanta Falcons firmly entrenched for a top-five pick at the moment, ESPN’s Todd McShay has offered up his first rumination for the draft process.

In his super-duper early mock, he has Atlanta picking fifth and selecting Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence to join the defensive interior.

Here’s his reasoning behind the move.

The Falcons...

The Falcoholic

Dave Choate

Falcons vs. Cardinals: What you need to know to watch Week 15

The Falcons need this win for their own sake, but can they get it and will a victory make draft-happy fans angry?

In the heady days of August, when this Falcons team still looked like one that might push for an NFC South title in 2018, the Arizona game loomed as a potential trap for an overconfident team nearing the end of its season. We all knew Arizona was going to be brutally bad, yes, but we know the Falcons have fallen on their faces against lesser lights in past years.

Fast forward to...

The Falcoholic

Dave Choate

Falcons vs. Cardinals: Somehow, Atlanta’s a big favorite in Week 15

Both teams have been very bad this season, but which one will prove to be worse? Oddsmakers are leaning toward Arizona.

Never tell me the odds!

No, seriously. I don’t think any of us have the heart to know what Vegas thinks of this team’s chances of beating the Cardinals, but as someone told me about them for the week, here we are.

You’ll be sort of surprised to know that the Falcons are actually a huge favorite in this one. The line opened at -7.5, and now the Falcons are up...

The Falcoholic

Dave Choate

The NFL salary cap is expected to rise by $10-$14 million in 2019

That extra money will benefit every team, and it gives the Falcons more flexibility to work with.

The Atlanta Falcons could use some more cap space this coming offseason as they attempt to recover from an abomination of a season. Fortunately, they’ll be getting it, along with 31 other NFL teams.

The NFL’s salary cap is expected to rise by $10-$14 million in 2019, a huge increase for a league that was supposed to be in trouble a short time ago. For the Falcons, who may be on the cusp of...

ESPN.com - Atlanta Falcons

Ex-Falcon Roddy White believes Julio Jones can catch Jerry Rice

Atlanta's star is closing on the franchise record for receiving yards, and the all-time mark isn't out of reach at his record pace of 97.1 per game.

The Falcoholic

Cory Woodroof

The Falcons are front-runners

Well, it’s time we finally admit the truth about this franchise.

Leodis McKelvin was right. The Atlanta Falcons are, have been, and for the immediate future, will be front-runners.

Go back to 2016 with me, if you will. The Falcons had just lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, one of the team’s few 2016 regular season flops.

The game showed what happened when the historic offense met a fierce defensive front. The team was held to 15 points on offense and lost control of the game’s tempo,...

The Falcoholic

Carter Breazeale

Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Dec. 12

Enter the void.

The 2018 Dumpster Fire Bowl takes place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium this Sunday, with the 3-10 Arizona Cardinals heading to town to battle the equally inept 4-9 Atlanta Falcons. It’s been tough sledding for both of these Birds, and with each team completely out of it in the playoff picture, this game has heavy implications for draft positioning. For all of the storylines as we prepare for it, here’s Wednesday’s Falcoholinks.

So long, season

It’s been a long,...

The Falcoholic

Dave Choate

5 reasons to keep watching the Falcons over the last three weeks

They’re not great reasons, but they’ll have to do.

Your level of investment in the last three games of the Falcons season might be hovering around zero, and we’d hardly be able to blame you for that. This is a listless, lousy Falcons team that needs to just get to the offseason and get under the hood, and we’ll be there in just three weeks. But in the meantime, football goes on, and we’re all hoping to have something worth watching on Sundays.

Here are five things worth watching...

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