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Mallory Locklear

Snapchat's new ad formats are designed to keep you watching

This week, Snapchat debuted two new ad styles meant to engage its users more and encourage less skipping, TechCrunch reports. So far, the app's ads have largely consisted of short videos, which followed the last clip in a Story or were placed through...


Andrew Tarantola

'Ghost In The Shell' VR arcade game is a four-on-four firefight

For everybody that's watched Ghost in the Shell and thought to themselves, "yes, I too would like to experience tearing tanks apart with my bare hands," your day has come. Well, sort of. Bandai Namco has partnered with VR Zone Shinjuku, a 40,000-squa...


Jess Joho

Trump says he turned down Time's 'Person of the Year,' and no one's buying it

Unless you repressed all memories of 2016 (and who could blame you), you'll remember that Time named Donald Trump "Person of the Year." Now, the president is claiming that the magazine asked him again this year but, like, urgh who can even be bothered?

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In a tweet Friday, the president took time from his busy schedule of getting absolutely nothing from his agenda done to make a bold claim about rejecting the magazine's honor for...


Keith Wagstaff

Black Friday raised Jeff Bezos' net worth to $100 billion

Jeff Bezo$ made out like Scrooge McDuck on Black Friday after rising Amazon share prices lifted his personal fortune to more than $100 billion. 

That's billion, with a "b." His 78.9 million shares of Amazon got a boost thanks to investor optimism over Black Friday sales. Basically, your desire to buy cheap stuff from your couch made the richest man in America even richer. 

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Now, that $100...


Saqib Shah

Tamagotchi is heading to your smartphone in 2018

Tamagotchi is celebrating its 20th birthday this year with the release of a special anniversary edition, which was good enough to land on our holiday gift guide. But, the festivities don't end there, as the virtual pet is (at long last) making the le...


Jess Joho

Someone help Chrissy Teigen get her lost Nintendo Switch back

Model and proud Nintendo Switch super-player Christine Teigen made a mistake. And we're gonna have to help her pull off a holiday miracle to rectify it.

Like many of us, Teigen's been obsessively playing (and posting amazing Twitter content about) Super Mario Odyssey since its release last month. But tragedy struck on Friday, Nov. 24, when she forgot the portable console in the Courtyard Marriott in Springfield, Ohio. Now, she needs her own blue overall-wearing hero to materialize from a...


Jenni Ryall

If you're still alive, snap up the hottest products from the Black Friday sales

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

We've been online with you all day, scouring the depths of the internet to source the best deals to send your way. But if you are feeling as overwhelmed as we are and your fingers are exhausted from all that swiping, rest your weary eyes on this final list.

Here is a collection of your Black Friday favorites. The deals you loved, the products you couldn't live without and the cool stuff...

The Verge

Dieter Bohn

Jeff Bezos’ net worth surpasses 100 billion dollars

Bloomberg has been keeping an eye on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth and notes that today, for the first time, it has exceeded $100 billion. That’s 100,000,000,000 dollars. He was already definitively the richest person in the world after spending part of 2016 trading places with Bill Gates. Gates, by the way, was the last person to reach that stratospheric level of wealth, back in 1999.

Bezos’ fortune is swelling mainly because Amazon’s stock has been doing so well this year. It...


Carlos Cadorniga

Dominate gift giving with these 5 Black Friday deals on Lego

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Lego always makes a great gift for kids and kids at heart for the holidays. As such, we've hunted down a few Black Friday deals on Lego for you to dominate the gift-giving game.

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Chances are you love Star Wars as much as we do. So, why not go with the classic Millennium Falcon set? This set...


Jess Joho

Trump's Black Friday promo sells out our democracy at a bargain price

If Black Friday riot videos weren't enough to convince you that America is a consumerist hell on Earth, then our president's Black Friday promo surely will.

Trump took to one of his two Facebook pages (while the GOP took to Twitter) to promote a sale on some of his campaign merchandise. Just throw some festive #MAGA swag into your cart, enter the code "SATIRE2017" at checkout and, bam! You've got yourself a bargain on our democracy. (Literally!) 

Because, apparently, the best Black Friday...


John Biggs

13 great board games to play with family and friends

 Board games are a blast. They’re cheap to buy, fun to give, and amazing to play. We’ve chosen twelve of our favorites that you can add to your stack of games this Holiday Season. Some pit you against each other; others have you working together to save the world. Order in, crack a few beers (or seltzers) and have a blast! Read More


Jenni Ryall

Cozmo is the robot for the kid that has everything – and it's on sale

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Cozmo is still the coolest robot on the block. 

The robot toy from Anki isn't just a regular toy, it learns from the people around it and remembers faces and names. Cozmo was the coolest kid's gift last holidays and it hasn't lost its charm. 

A Mashable Choice product, Cozmo is currently on sale for $149.99. That's $30 less than its regular $179.99 price tag. This is the gift that will...


Carlos Cadorniga

Save big on these wireless headphones for Black Friday

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Got your new phone sorted? Great. Now, we're here to help you take the next step with a pair of wireless headphones. Here's a list of the latest and greatest wireless headphones to hit the market.  

Wearhaus Arc Social Headphones

Social headphones make listening a team sport. These over-the-ear headphones by Wearhaus can daisy-chain on one bluetooth connection, allowing multiple people to...


Brian Koerber

12 stoner gifts for the cannabis connoisseur in your life

Giving the right gift is hard.

Look, it's 2017. We all have that friend or loved one who maybe likes weed a little too much. Give them what they really want this holiday season. 

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Give the gift of cannabis.

1The Black Rock Smell Proof Backpack

You know that person who ALWAYS smells like dank weed? Well, buying them this bag is like buying your friend with bad breath some gum. The sleek bag is made from water-resistant materials, and is...


Carlos Cadorniga

This Samsung Wi-Fi system connects all your smart devices together for an even smarter home

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

We all have those rooms in our homes with crappy wi-fi. Well, it's time to get your whole home covered with this wi-fi system from Samsung, which is on sale today for 44%.

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According to the company, the Samsung Connect Home can spread your wi-fi coverage over 1500 square feet. It even doubles as a...


Keith Wagstaff

Wendy's hits McDonald's with sick burn after Black Friday Twitter fail


Black Friday: McDonald’s isn't lovin' it. In fact, they just got served — by another hamburger chain.

If you missed the drama on Thursday, the person who runs the McDonald's Twitter account made a very public mistake.

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Black Friday **** Need copy and link****

— McDonald's (@McDonaldsCorp) November 24, 2017

The next day, one of the company's rivals decided to go for the jugular. 

When the tweets are as broken...


Steve Dent

NASA goes back to the middle ages for its rover tire design

The Mars Curiosity rover has been a big success, but NASA's modern tech couldn't save its tires from breaking down in the harsh conditions of Mars. For future missions, the agency has gone back to the age of knights. Based on the principals of chainm...


Darrell Etherington

Pokémon Go creator raises $200 million ahead of Harry Potter game launch

 Pokémon Go creator Niantic has raised a new $200 million in funding, reports The Wall Street Journal. The Series B raise was led by Spark Capital, and includes participation from Founders Fund, Meritech, Javelin Venture Capital, You & Mr. Jones and NetEase, Inc. Spark partner Megan Quinn is also joining Niantic’s board as part of the new financing deal. Niantic is known for its… Read More


Fitz Tepper

11 bragworthy gifts for the 20-somethings in your life

 It’s me, TechCrunch’s resident 20-something back for a third year to help you figure out what to get the millennials in your life. Here’s a great selection of gifts that any student, grad or freshly-employed person would be thrilled to get this holiday season. Read More


Katie Roof

Macy’s credit card processors stop working on Black Friday

 It’s one of the biggest shopping days of the year, but retail giant Macy’s can’t get its credit card processors to work. Customers have been waiting in lines across the United States to buy discounted items, only to find out that the machines won’t take credit cards or gift cards. Some Bloomingdale’s stores, which are owned by Macy’s, may have also been… Read More

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