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'Wordle' today: Here's the answer hints for June 22

Oh hey there! If you're here, it must be time for Wordle. As always, we're serving up our daily hints and tips to help you figure out today's answer.

If you just want to be told today's word, you can jump to the bottom of this article for June 22's Wordle solution revealed. But if you'd rather solve it yourself, keep reading for some clues, tips, and strategies to assist you.

Where did Wordle come from?

Originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner, Wordle rapidly spread...


NYT Connections today: See hints and answers for June 22

Connections is the latest New York Times word game that's captured the public's attention. The game is all about finding the "common threads between words." And just like Wordle, Connections resets after midnight and each new set of words gets trickier and trickier—so we've served up some hints and tips to get you over the hurdle.

If you just want to be told today's puzzle, you can jump to the end of this article for June 22's Connections solution. But if you'd rather solve it yourself,...


Daniel Cooper

Doctor Who: Empire of Death review: Take your dog for a walk

The following contains spoilers for “Empire of Death.”

“Empire of Death” is the typical Russell T. Davies series finale: It’s bombastic, dense and totally uninterested in resolving its own story. The episode bounces around for the requisite amount of time before leaping to its climax with an arresting visual of little substance. Because what Davies is really interested in is the scenes afterward, and the all-too-brief moment where Ruby Sunday gets coffee.

Bad Wolf / BBC Studios



All our burning questions for 'Doctor Who' season 15

Sutekh's Empire of Death has crumbled. And with it, Ncuti Gatwa's first season of Doctor Who (a.k.a. Season 14 of the show that was rebooted in 2005) is in the books. 

While some plot threads were tied up neatly (the Susan Twist mystery; the search for Ruby Sunday's real mum), others remained teased but untied. 

So since the TARDIS is no longer being dogged by the canine-headed god of death, here are the big questions that will continue to dog Whovian brains until Season 15 hits our screens...


'The Exorcism's Joshua John Miller taps his family's cinema roots for horror rebellion

Joshua John Miller's The Exorcism, which he co-wrote with partner M.A. Fortin, is not your average summer scare-'em-up. Instead, it's a spiky subversion of the possession subgenre, a talky psychological drama starring Russell Crowe as a washed-up actor attempting to make a comeback with a remake of an unnamed exorcism movie — that sure sounds a lot like The Exorcist. Anthony Miller (Crowe) is also trying to reconnect with his queer teen daughter, Lee (Ryan Simpkins). But can Lee forgive...


'Empire of Death' changed 'Doctor Who' history — here's what you missed

The history of Doctor Who was forever changed by the season finale episode "Empire of Death" — but not in the way we were expecting.

Despite inspiring a flurry of fan theories about Ruby Sunday's mum (could it be Rose?), showrunner Russell T Davies simply gave us the statistically most likely answer. As foreshadowed in "The Legend of Ruby Sunday," the mystery mother was ... an ordinary young woman. Instead of the appearance of Susan the Doctor's granddaughter, we learned that her name was...


James Whitbrook

An Ode to Star Trek's Undershirt Moments

This week, Star Trek: Prodigy dropped the first trailer for its second season, and it’s full of all the sort of good Star Trek action you’d want—even more so if, like me, you’re a Voyager fan. But as a Voyager fan, there was one shot in particular that called to me: Admiral Janeway, her uniform jacket removed, down to…


The Verge

Jay Peters

Arizona toddler rescued after getting trapped in a Tesla with a dead battery

Image: Tesla

A 20-month-old child was rescued after being trapped in a Tesla Model Y in Scottsdale, Arizona — where temperatures have exceeded 100 degrees this week — after its 12-volt battery died, according to a report from Arizona’s Family.

The child was safely removed from the car after firefighters used an ax to smash through a window. But the issue raises concerns about why there isn’t an easy way to open the car from the outside when its 12-volt battery — the one that...

The Verge

Janko Roettgers

Redbox missed a multimillion-dollar payment it couldn’t afford to miss

Photo by Smith Collection / Gado / Getty Images

Redbox’s financial situation continues to spiral out of its control. On Thursday, a Los Angeles court entered a $16.7 million judgment against the company in favor of NBCUniversal, after Redbox failed to pay a scheduled installment of a settlement the parties reached earlier in May.

The missed payment bodes ill for the DVD kiosk company, which now owes the remaining balance in full. More importantly, the missed payment suggests the...

The Verge

Emma Roth

AT&T is still on the hook for offering landline service in California

Image: The Verge

AT&T can’t pull the plug on landline service for customers across California. In a ruling on Thursday, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) rejected AT&T’s request to release it from its obligations as a Carrier of Last Resort (COLR), as reported earlier by Ars Technica and CBS News.

AT&T has had a COLR designation in California since 1996, which ensures everyone in the state has access to affordable and reliable telephone service. Some people in...


'Oppenheimer' just switched streaming services: Here's how you can watch it at home

UPDATE: Jun. 21, 2024, 4:00 p.m. EDT This guide has been updated to include new streaming details for Prime Video, as well as information on 'Oppenheimer's' Oscars wins.

The best ways to watch 'Oppenheimer' at a glance: BEST ON-DEMAND OPTION Rent or buy on digital ...


Sabina Graves

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Thankful That Doctor Strange Lets Him Be Strange in Other Roles

With things in motion on theMarvel Studios slate, actor Benedict Cumberbatch is once again talking about his role in the franchise as Doctor Strange.



Danny Gallagher

Hamish Linklater is the new voice of Batman

Replacing a talent like the late Kevin Conroy, the man who voiced Batman in fan favorites like Batman: The Animated Series and the Arkham game trilogy, must be a monumental feat. Conroy’s deep, steady voice defined the character for decades — it’s a challenge just to think of a cartoon Batman and not hear Conroy’s voice behind the mic. Sadly, Conroy passed away in 2022 and Batman must carry on without him.

A new series is coming to Amazon Prime starting on August 1 called Batman:...


Alvin Hemedez

Crypto Market Pullback Expected to Bounce Back Soon, PlayDoge Presale Still Going Strong

Over the past few days, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a pullback, but many traders and analysts are anticipating a significant bounce soon.

The current dip in prices presents a potential dip buying opportunity, with optimistic news on the horizon suggesting that meme coins, altcoins, and Bitcoin could see substantial gains in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Trump’s plan to end Biden’s crypto regulations: A potential bull market catalyst for digital assets

Recent news...


Graeme Hanna

Australia’s online safety regulator retreats on child abuse detection rules

Australia’s independent regulator for online safety has made concessions on new rules to force big tech firms to take stronger action to detect child abuse and terror content. 

Some of the nation’s top tech companies hit back with a warning of the potential for mass government surveillance if they were compelled to take action on problem content on encrypted messaging and cloud storage services. 

Led by Julie Inman Grant, the eSafety Commissioner is a government agency “committed to...


Graeme Hanna

Ten top chatbot programs are spreading Russian misinformation, says report

A news monitoring service has found leading chatbots are regurgitating Russian misinformation, among them OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Copilot and Google’s Gemini  

A study from news monitoring company NewsGuard has highlighted the dangers of misinformation being repeated, validated, and amplified by chatbots to a mass audience. 

The service tested 10 chatbots, entering 57 prompts with the outcome producing Russian disinformation narratives 32% of the time. The prompts were made up...


Alvin Hemedez

Top AI Crypto Raises $6 Million in Presale – Experts Predict 10x Gains at Launch

While most altcoins have dropped in value this week, meme coins are defying the trend and experiencing a surprising upswing.

One example is WienerAI (WAI), a project generating significant buzz through its successful presale. With this momentum, WienerAI aims to become the top AI-themed meme coin of 2024.

Additionally, smart money traders and crypto influencers have taken notice of $WAI, with some predicting it could be the next 100x crypto. Let’s see why.

Will WienerAI be the next big...


Graeme Hanna

“They’ll see it’s different” – Borderlands director Eli Roth responds to critics

Eli Roth, the director of the upcoming Borderlands film, has hit back at critics who have likened the production to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The movie has transitioned from the best-selling video game series to the big screen, but already, there are concerns that it will be too different from the edgy, irreverent, adult themes that gamers are very familiar with.

Starring Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jack Black, Borderlands is released in the US and UK on...


Owen Good

Tilted Towers and Fortnite’s OG map come back with Fortnite Reload mode

Surprise! Fortnite Reload is coming on Saturday, June 22, less than a day after Epic Games first announced the mode with a post on X.

Fortnite Reload looks like the game’s OG map going back to 2017, when Epic introduced Fortnite Battle Royale and transformed not only a sleepy, base-building PvE game but also the company itself with its Fortnite Battle Royale’s success.

Oh hiiiii, Tilted pic.twitter.com/PCfIJN7VUC

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) June 21, 2024

Reload will be a separate game...


Graeme Hanna

Spotify confirms new Basic subscription plan for US customers

Spotify has launched a new subscription plan for users in the United States with a lower price, but it also comes with a trade-off.

The ‘Basic’ plan will cost $10.99 per month and includes all the regular features of the Premium plan except no Audiobook monthly listening time.

The change comes soon after the streaming giant pushed up the Premium tier subscription from $10.99 to $11.99, with that increase reportedly set to contribute toward the cost of audiobooks. Premium users are also...

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