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Jack Morse

Everyone is freaking out over this weird Twitter notification

Did someone press the wrong key or something?

Phones around the country blew up Tuesday morning with strange push notifications from Twitter showing a seemingly random series of letters and numbers. And yes, even CEO Jack Dorsey appeared to fall victim to the spam.

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"We're seeing this issue too," he tweeted. "On it."

We’re seeing this issue too. On itpic.twitter.com/pzjd6248gJ

— jack (@jack) October 16,...


Marcus Gilmer

Donald Trump referred to Stormy Daniels as 'horseface.' Seriously.

Donald Trump hit a new low in his presidency — if that's even still possible — when he smashed out a tweet Tuesday morning referring to Stormy Daniels as "Horseface," confirming we are living in the worst possible timeline. 

“Federal Judge throws out Stormy Danials lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees.” @FoxNews Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the Great State of Texas. She will confirm the letter she signed! She knows nothing...


Amanda Luz Henning Santiago

Boston Dynamics robot SpotMini twerking to 'Uptown Funk' is still terrifying

Robot engineering company Boston Dynamics released a video of its robot dog SpotMini dancing to "Uptown Funk" on Tuesday, and I'm just wondering: Is this supposed to make me feel better about our robot overlords?

Sure, it's still the early days of AI and robot innovations, and our robotic counterparts don't yet reign supreme—but I know it's coming — and this doesn't make me feel any better about it! 

Of course, I recognize that this video is meant to be humorous and adorable. But with...


Katie Rife on Film, shared by Harrison Weber to Gizmodo

This is Halloween: 31 more streaming options to set your October right 

As the horror genre becomes ever more mainstream, we here at The A.V. Club imagine that there are more of you than ever looking for something creepy to watch this Halloween season. And with streaming services on a similar upward cultural trajectory, we’re guessing that many, if not most, of you won’t be watching that…



George Dvorsky

Ancient Steroid Suggests Sea Sponges Were One of Earth’s First Animals

Scientists from the University of California, Riverside, are claiming to have discovered the oldest known animal fossil—an ancient sea sponge that emerged between 660 million and 635 million years ago.



Bryan Menegus

Something Bricked Twitter's Notifications System

Huge numbers of Twitter users on Tuesday found their push notifications turned to useless strings of letters and numbers, and so far no one—including CEO Jack Dorsey—seems to know why.



David Murphy on Lifehacker, shared by Andrew Couts to Gizmodo

The Best Camera Apps

Last week, we asked you to tell us about the camera apps—for iOS or Android—that you can’t live without. Our Hive Five hunt was prompted by my work on the iOS and Android Lifehacker Packs, when I noticed that there are a ton of different third-party camera apps you can grab for your device. I thought I found some…



Shep McAllister on Kinja Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Gizmodo

Take 3TB of Files To Go For Just $75

If you need a lot of extra space to store photos, videos, or console games, this 3TB Toshiba portable drive has never been cheaper than $75. It doesn’t require an extra power cord; just plug it into a USB port, and you’re ready to go.



Mallory Locklear

Amazon announces recycling and green energy initiatives in US and UK

Amazon has announced two new green initiatives in the US and the UK aimed at reducing waste and its carbon footprint. In the US, the company shared plans to invest $10 million in Closed Loop Fund, which supports recycling infrastructure throughout th...


Andrew Tarantola

These AI-generated fortunes are just as mysterious as the real thing

Fortune cookies are as American as baseball and apple pie. Initially popularized in California at the turn of the 20th century, these after meal treats have long counseled casual diners with sage advice, prophetic phrases and lucky numbers. But why s...


Mallory Locklear

Twitter sent out strange, nonsensical notifications to its users

If you got a super weird Twitter notification today, featuring a seemingly random string of numbers a letters ending in a colon and another number, you're not alone. Quite a few users posted screenshots of the ones they received today, noting that wh...


Steve Dent

Fujifilm X-T3 review: An X-Series camera that gets video right

Fujifilm's X-T3 sure looks a lot like the X-T2, but don't be deceived. Aside from the handsome, compact body, this is a smarter, more capable mirrorless camera in almost every way. It's got a higher-resolution sensor, much improved autofocus and...


Kris Holt

Discord’s game store is open to everyone

Discord is marching further onto Steam's turf by opening up its game store to all users. The store arrived in August in a limited beta, and now everyone can pick up games directly from the app.


Frederic Lardinois

GitHub launches Actions, its workflow automation tool

For the longest time, GitHub was all about storing source code and sharing it either with the rest of the world or your colleagues. Today, the company, which is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft, is taking a step in a different but related direction by launching GitHub Actions. Actions allow developers to not just host code on the platform but also run it. We’re not talking about a new cloud to rival AWS here, but instead about something more akin to a very flexible IFTTT for...


Frederic Lardinois

Arm launches Neoverse, its IP portfolio for internet infrastructure hardware

Arm-based chips are ubiquitous today, but the company isn’t resting on its laurels. After announcing its ambitions for powering more high-end devices like laptops a few months ago, the company today discussed its roadmap for chips that are dedicated to internet infrastructure and that will power everything from high-performance servers to edge computing platforms, storage systems, gateways, 5G base stations and routers. The new brand name for these products is ‘Neoverse’ and the first...


Devin Coldewey

Pokémon Go update bringing ‘mon from the Sinnoh region is live

If you’ve been laying off the Pokémon Go for a while due to a lack of new monsters, prepare to be glued to your phone again. Niantic is now adding pokémon from the rugged Sinnoh region that first appeared in 2007’s Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games.

Of course, it’s not so simple as a dump of a hundred new ‘mon into your area. The new guys are arriving in waves, likely meaning the most common sorts will start appearing today, while cooler ones and sets of themed critters will...

The Verge

Casey Newton

Twitter spammed people’s phones with cryptic notifications

Twitter, the Bluth Company of Silicon Valley social networks, kicked off Tuesday by sending users incomprehensible text strings via push notification. A wide range of Twitter users tweeted their notifications, which consisted of long strings of numbers and lowercase letters, followed by a colon and another number. Maybe it’s a random burst of data. Maybe Twitter has revealed the nuclear launch codes! Either way, it should be a fun afternoon.

Tapping on the notifications simply opens your...

The Verge

Adi Robertson

VR company Sixense is refunding Kickstarter backers for its endlessly delayed STEM controllers

After more than five years, Kickstarter users who backed the Sixense STEM — an eagerly anticipated, long-delayed virtual reality motion controller — are all being offered refunds, as Sixense abandons its original plan for a mass-market device. Sixense is sending its 2,383 original backers a message today, and it’s also offering refunds to people who preordered the STEM system after the 2013 campaign closed. It will continue to produce hardware for businesses, which is a relatively...

The Verge

Bijan Stephen

FX to adapt feminist horror collection Her Body and Other Parties

From The Handmaid’s Tale to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it’s a banner moment in TV for the terrors of womanhood. That trend, it seems — much like the terror of womanhood itself — is just getting started: Deadline reports that FX is developing Her Body and Other Parties, the award-winning debut collection of feminist horror stories from Carmen Maria Machado.

I can *finally* say something! HER BODY AND OTHER PARTIES is officially in development over at @FXNetworks. FX has...

The Verge

Stefan Etienne

The Nokia X7 is headed to China with a notched 6.2-inch display and affordable price

The Nokia X7 smartphone just announced in China is part of an expanding line of Nokia-branded phones that have revived the brand name under the wing of HMD Global. The new X7 has near-flagship specs with competitive pricing — as is often the case in the Chinese smartphone market — and is expected to launch outside of China as the Nokia 7.1 Plus. The Nokia 7.1 was launched earlier this month and is coming to the US for $349.

Image credit: HMD Global

Specs include a 6.2-inch 1080p LCD...

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