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Andrew J. Hawkins

Domino’s teams up with Nuro for driverless pizza delivery in Houston

Nuro, the self-driving delivery startup, is teaming up with Domino’s to launch a pilot for driverless pizza delivery in Houston, Texas, the companies announced Monday. Starting later this year, Domino’s will use Nuro’s driverless fleet of custom-built robot cars to deliver pizza to select Houston residents who place orders online.

Nuro, which was founded by two ex-members of Google’s pioneering self-driving team, has been using its fleet of R1 robot cars to deliver groceries to...

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Dami Lee

Adobe’s next iPad drawing app is called Adobe Fresco

Adobe’s upcoming iPad drawing and painting app will be called Adobe Fresco, the company announced today on its blog. Previously called Project Gemini, the app will arrive sometime later this year.

Named after the Italian Renaissance-style painting technique of applying water-based pigments to wet plaster, Adobe Fresco’s main selling point is its Live Brushes, which mimic the way paint would mix and blend in real life. Adobe’s chief product officer, Scott Belsky, writes that Live...

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Cameron Faulkner

You can still save $200 on a Samsung Galaxy S10E

Father’s Day 2019 has passed, but some great deals that we saw last week are still happening. For example, you can save $200 on a Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus, the lowest prices that we’ve seen for these phones, which are unlocked and don’t require activation. The Google Pixel 3 XL with $300 knocked off of its price ($599.99 at checkout) isn’t too bad, either, though it’s a harder sell since the Google Pixel 4 has been revealed — by Google itself.

It’s not just phones...

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Natt Garun

Cat filter derails Pakistani politician’s live-streamed press conference

Most political press conferences can be sort of a bore, but during last week’s live-streamed presser by Pakistani regional minister Shaukat Yousafzai, the event attracted international attention for all the wrong reasons. While Yousafzai addressed the public in his weekly conference, a volunteer on the team accidentally activated the cat filter on Facebook Live, causing the minister to appear with digital cat eats, whiskers, and rosy cheeks.

What have this official PTI KPK Facebok page...

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Ashley Carman

Spotify now allows advertisers to specifically target podcast listeners

Spotify announced today that advertisers can now target ads based on the podcasts that people listen to. This means that unlike before, where advertisers could mainly target Spotify’s free-tier listeners by the music they enjoy — by genre or playlist — they can now target based on the category of podcast they consume, which is likely going to be much more specific and fruitful for the advertisers. Today’s news is likely only the start of how Spotify plans to eventually leverage its...


Jon Fingas

Domino's will use self-driving vehicles to deliver pizza in Houston

Domino's is determined to make autonomous pizza delivery a practical reality. The chain has unveiled plans to deliver pies to "select" Houston customers later in 2019 using Nuro's self-driving R2 vehicle. If you order online from a participating st...


Kris Holt

Netflix puts a 'Patriot Act' episode about bad internet access on DVD

The latest episode of Netflix variety talk show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj focuses on the digital divide. In it, Minhaj breaks down some of the many reasons why internet access is so terrible across much of the US, including the roles of carriers...


Brian Mastroianni

AI could be the key to catching Type 1 diabetes much earlier

Will AI lead to a quicker diagnosis of diabetes, a condition often called the silent killer? IBM researchers are hoping so. They recently announced an AI-powered screening tool that could potentially identify Type 1 diabetes antibodies in people's bl...


Alex Cranz

Samsung Deletes Terrifying Tweet Warning That Its Smart TVs Can Get Viruses

The internet of things, in which all of our gadgets are plugged into data connections, will bring some terrible downsides along with its conveniences. We were blessed with a reminder of this uneasy future this morning when Samsung’s Twitter account for customer support tweeted a guide to performing a security scan on…



Darrell Etherington

NASA taps CMU to develop robots to help turn pits on the Moon into potential habitats

Lunar rovers are cool – but imagine how much cooler they’d be if they could also rappel. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University will try to make rappelling robots a reality, after having been selected by NASA as the recipient of a new $2 million research grant aimed at coming up with new technology to help robots explore ‘pits’ on the Moon.

Yes, pits, as distinct from craters, which are essentially surface features caused by meteorite impacts. These pits are more akin to...


Rita Liao

Huawei says US ban will cost it $30B in lost revenue

Following a string of trade restrictions from the U.S., China’s telecoms equipment and smartphone maker Huawei expects its revenues to drop $30 billion below forecast over the next two years, founder and chief executive Ren Zhengfei said Monday during a panel discussion at the company’s Shenzhen headquarters.

Huawei’s production will slow down in the next two years while revenues will hover around $100 billion this and next year, according to the executive. The firm’s overseas...


Darrell Etherington

Intel is doing the hard work necessary to make sure robots can operate your microwave

Training computers and robots to not only understand and recognize objects (like an oven, for instance, as distinct from a dishwasher) is pretty crucial to getting them to a point where they can manage the relatively simple tasks that humans do every day. But even once you have an artificial intelligence trained to the point where it can tell your fridge from your furnace, you also need to make sure it can operate the things if you want it to be truly functional.

That’s where new work from...


Danny Crichton

Decentralized video infrastructure platform Livepeer raises $8m series A

Video is the core entertainment medium of the web. Platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Netflix and more deliver millions of hours of videos to hungry consumers every day, and those deliveries will only intensify as video games move increasingly to streaming models.

Yet, delivering all of that content remains an expensive and challenging endeavor. The largest platforms employ hundreds of video encoding specialist engineers to optimize the transcoding and delivery costs of their product, while...


Emma Comeau

Early-bird pricing extended one week for TC Sessions: Mobility 2019

Procrastinate much? Then give thanks to Saint Expeditus, the patron saint of speedy causes, because now you have an extra week to save $100 on your pass to TC Sessions: Mobility 2019 on July 10, in San Jose, Calif.

Do not shillyshally, dillydally or otherwise drag your feet on this last-chance opportunity. Buy your ticket right now before the early-bird clock runs out at 11:59 p.m. (PT) on Friday, June 21.

TC Sessions: Mobility, a day-long intensive experience, explores the current and...


Sarah Perez

Spotify advertisers can now target listeners by what podcasts they stream

Spotify is taking the next big step in terms of building out its podcast business: it’s now offering the ability for advertisers to target listeners based on what types of podcasts they’re streaming. The company says brands will be able to reach Spotify Free listeners who stream from specific podcast categories, including Comedy, Lifestyle & Health, and Business & Technology.

This option is being launched across 10 global markets, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France,...

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Angela Watercutter

'Men in Black: International' Disappoints at the Box Office

Also, Taylor Swift dropped a video for "You Need to Calm Down." Watch it here.


Dylan Haas

The Keurig Café is on sale on Amazon — save $50

TL;DR: The versatile Keurig Café can make a plethora of coffee-based beverages, and you can save $50 and get one for just $149.99 on Amazon.

There’s not much that can make a Monday morning less awful then it will inevitably be — the weekend has come to an abrupt end, you’re more tired than usual, and you have to be up bright and early to get your butt to work. There’s at least one thing that you can do for some well-needed damage control, though: Make a delicious cup of coffee. But...


Leah Stodart

This 6-quart Crock-Pot is on sale for less than $50 at Walmart

TL;DR: This classic 6-quart programmable Crock-Pot is on sale for $48.61, saving you more than $20 off the original price.

Slow cookers are one of the best graduation gifts. You won't change our mind.

Everyone hypes up MacBooks and iPads as the things to get, but practical gifts are just as important. The grad in your life will understand when they're able to make their own home-cooked meals like lasagna or chicken tacos while friends blow their bank accounts on Uber Eats.

We'll even help...


Alex Perry

Apple will release two 5G-ready iPhones in 2020, according to analyst

Mobile 5G internet is still a dream for most, but Apple could help make it a reality next year.

That's what TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks. He said Monday in a research note that two of Apple's three iPhones released in 2020 will be 5G-compatible for the first time.

Kuo's note said Apple will release three OLED iPhones next year, backing up an earlier DigiTimes report. If you want 5G, you'll need to get the 5.4-inch or the 6.7-inch model; the 6.1-inch model will...

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Jon Porter

Nvidia will support ARM-based CPUs for new, energy-efficient supercomputers

Nvidia is working with chip designer ARM on technology that’s designed to allow for more energy-efficient supercomputers. VentureBeat reports that the graphics company will give the ARM ecosystem access to all its high-performance and AI-focused software by 2020, in a move which Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang said will help to “boost” the industry to achieve so-called exascale computing, systems capable of a billion billion (or a quintillion) floating point operations a second. The...

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