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Steve Dent

BeReal is testing a direct messaging feature called RealChat

BeReal was Apple's iPhone app of the year for 2022, but buzz around the social media app (that forces you to post daily selfies) has died down of late. Now, the French company has introduced "RealChat" private messaging, allowing it to boast a feature found on most major social media apps, TechCrunch has reported. 

The function is one of the most requested, the company said. You can only message another user if you're friends with them on the platform. For a message to be deleted, both...


Katie Malone

The best password managers for 2023

You might’ve seen password managers in the news recently because of the breach affecting LastPass customers. We need to trust that all of our logins, banking credentials and other sensitive information has been neatly locked away, only accessible by us when we need it. But most tech is fallible, and the benefits of unique, strong passwords across your online presence outweigh the risks. Password managers remain a great way to securely store all of the credentials you need on a regular...


Will Shanklin

AMC transfers its on-demand streaming users to Vudu

AMC Entertainment’s streaming service is migrating its users to Vudu. The companies announced today that Vudu is “the official new streaming platform for consumers of AMC Theatres on Demand.”

AMC launched its on-demand streaming service in 2019, and its popularity surged during pandemic-era lockdowns. In 2020, as moviegoers largely avoided theaters, the company partnered with Universal to allow the studio’s films to jump to premium video-on-demand (PVOD) platforms — including...

The Verge

Andrew Webster

No Man’s Sky just launched on Mac with cross-play support

Image: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is touching down on Macs starting today. Hello Games announced that the space adventure is available for Mac users on Steam now (it’ll be free if you already own the PC version), while the game will be coming to the Mac App Store “shortly.” The studio says the game will be “available on any Mac with Apple silicon” and will also be playable on “Intel-based Macs with a Core i5 processor.” The port will support both cross-save with PC and...

The Verge

Jess Weatherbed

Google’s latest feature drop makes Wear OS more useful and expands dark web reporting

Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

Google’s dark web reporting feature — a service that allows users to run one-off scans to see if their Gmail address has been exposed to the seedier corners of the internet — is now fully available on most Google accounts across the US. It’s one of just a handful of updates announced in Google’s latest Android feature drop, which is otherwise looking fairly sparse as we approach the public rollout of Android 14 later this year.

Dark web...

The Verge

Jess Weatherbed

Google Wallet is getting custom cards and state IDs this month

Maryland is the first state to support the feature, with Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia to follow “in the coming months.” | Image: Google

Google Wallet users will soon be able to add their state ID or driver’s licenses to Google Wallet. Announced today, anyone with a Maryland ID or driver’s license can now save their ID card to the Google Wallet app on any phone running Android 8.0 or later that has device lock enabled. Google has been testing digital state ID cards for Wallet...

The Verge

Ash Parrish

Activision Blizzard CEO denies culture of harassment and blames unions for company problems

Image: Getty Images

There is no war (harassment) at Ba Sing Se (Activision Blizzard).

Continue reading…

Wired Top Stories

Joe Ray

Zojirushi Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer NW-JEC10/18 Review: Perfect White Rice for a Price

This machine allows for adjustments after every cooking cycle, eventually helping you approach white-rice perfection. But that wizardry doesn’t justify the price.

Wired Top Stories

Rose Eveleth

Do Sheep Dream of Electric Androids?

What a decades-long debate over animals' ability to imagine the future reveals about science, humanity, and futurism.


Nikki Main

BeReal Tries to Keep the Buzz Up With New Instagram-esque Chat Feature

BeReal dropped a new feature to help users better connect with their friends by using RealMoji reactions or RealChat. The addition seems similar to Instagram, as BeReal seems to compete with the platform to stay in the social media limelight.



Sarah Fielding

No Man's Sky arrives on Mac today

Hello Games made an exciting announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in 2022: No Man's Sky would eventually be making its way to Macs. Now, as we ramp up towards WWDC 2023, the time has come with Mac gamers finally able to play No Man's Sky to their heart's content. Hello Games claims to have worked closely with Apple to bring the game to life and supports the company's Metal 3 API to reportedly "achieve console quality graphics whilst maintaining battery life on laptops and...


Mariella Moon

NVIDIA's Neuralangelo is an AI model that can generate 3D objects from 2D videos

NVIDIA has introduced a new AI model called Neuralangelo that can create 3D replicas of objects from 2D videos, whether they're classic sculptures or run-of-the-mill trucks and buildings. Neuralangelo works by selecting several frames showing the subject from different angles in a 2D video, so it can a get a clear picture of its depth, size and shape. It then creates a rough 3D representation of the object before optimizing it to mimic the details of the real thing. 

According to the...


Mariella Moon

Android can now 'remix' emojis and help with reading practice

Google has listed a bunch of features rolling out to the Android ecosystem starting today, June 1st, and one of them can help new readers improve their diction and vocabulary. The new reading practice tool for phones and tablets is available with thousands of compatible children's books on Play Books. It challenges kids or people who've only started to learn English to read sentences with the mic on. The buttons that show up when they tap help allow them to quickly look up the definition of...


Archer is the new 'social-first' dating app for queer men

To kick off this year's Pride Month, Match Group announces the newest addition to its array of dating apps: Archer, a "social-first" dating app for gay, bisexual, and queer men. Archer will be available in the New York City area this summer, and rolls out nationally within the year. It's now available for pre-registration on the App Store and Google Play, and will be available to download later in June.

Archer partnered with LGBTQ media advocacy group GLAAD to make sure the app was reflective...

The Verge

Andrew Webster

Etrian Odyssey’s new remaster makes me miss the Nintendo DS even more

Image: Atlus

When Nintendo discontinued the 3DS — and with it, the existence of dual-screen handhelds — I lamented the weird games we would no longer have. High up on that list was Etrian Odyssey: a line of dungeon-crawling role-playing games built explicitly with the handheld’s two screens in mind. They’re games where you fight your way through dangerous labyrinths and literally draw your own map to chart your progress. I had a hard time imagining playing them on any other...

Wired Top Stories

Emily Mullin

A Pill Version of Ozempic Is Coming

The injectable weight loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy are already popular. Oral forms could lead to even more demand.

Wired Top Stories

Matt Jancer, Gear Team

34 Father’s Day Gifts for the Dependable Dude in Your Life

Our boozy, outdoorsy, and musical recommendations will put a smile on the face of every type of dad and dad figure.

Wired Top Stories


AI Won’t Wipe Out Humanity (Yet)

This week, we discuss the real and imagined dangers of generative artificial intelligence, which experts are eager to see regulated and contained.


Jon Turi

Orange Amps offers analog warmth with its first line of Bluetooth speakers

It seems that guitar amp companies making Bluetooth speakers could be the newthing. UK-based Orange Amps has just launched a duo of Bluetooth speakers called the Box and Box-L. The first is a battery-powered portable model, while the latter is a wired option that’s more of a homebody. Both echo the design of this iconic brand’s guitar amplifier and speaker series, using the same colors, logo and control panel style. The specs hint at decent stereo sound in the $300-$350 price range with...


Mat Smith

The Morning After: What to expect from Apple’s WWDC 2023

Apple’s big developer conference kicks off June 5th, and all the signs point to the company’s mixed reality headset making its first appearance. The tech giant has been acquiring headset-friendly startups for years, and if the rumors are true, Apple’s stand-alone device (possibly called Reality Pro) may be more powerful than the Meta Quest Pro and many other high-end headsets. It could pack 4K resolution per eye, with full body-motion tracking. It may require an external battery pack...

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