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Adam Rosenberg

'SNL' imagines a Paramount+ Star Trek spin-off where it's all messy drama

Imagine Star Trek, except mixed in with all the serious, professional people in the ship's bridge crew are some younger Gen Z-equivalents who are totally self-possessed and wrapped up in petty personal dramas.  That's Saturday Night Live's pitch for our next Trek spin-off on Paramount+, and honestly it works.

Carey Mulligan and Mikey Day play our overly dramatic crew members, who immediately overreact when a dumb suggestion from Carey is appropriately shut down. The situation spirals from...


Adam Rosenberg

Timothée Chalamet joins Kid Cudi and 'SNL' stars for a rap about flutes

Chris Redd and Pete Davidson should really just take their hip-hop duo on tour at this point, right?

The Saturday Night Live stars were joined by Kid Cudi for a musical sketch about that "weird little flute" you sometimes see in rap videos. And it's great. Just funny words and quality beats, with a side of Timothée Chalamet cameo and a last-minute appearance by Carey Mulligan, the evening's host. Read more...

More about Saturday Night Live, Kid Cudi, Timothee Chalamet, Entertainment, and...


Jess Joho

The best tech podcasts (that aren't 'Reply All')

So your favorite tech podcast just imploded after two beloved figures were accused of an anti-union push that contributed to a workplace culture that discriminated against colleagues of color. Now what?

At the time of publication, Reply All is still on indefinite hiatus. After their recent Bon Appétit series delving into the company's unfair treatment of marginalized staff members prematurely ended once former coworkers revealed that the call was also coming inside their own house at...

Wired Top Stories

Matt Burgess, WIRED UK

New Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Are Going Viral in Arabic

Facebook has been criticized for failing to curb misinformation in English. But little attention has been paid to the scale of the problem in Arabic.

The Verge

Kim Lyons

Google reportedly ran secret ‘Project Bernanke’ that boosted its own ad-buying system over competitors

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google reportedly ran a secret project called “Project Bernanke” that relied on bidding data collected from advertisers using its ad exchange to benefit the company’s own ad system, The Wall Street Journal reported. First discovered by newswire service MLex, the name of the project was visible in an improperly unredacted document Google had filed as part of an antitrust lawsuit in Texas.

A federal judge has since let Google refile the document...

The Verge

Allison Johnson

LG leaves behind more than a flip phone-shaped hole in our hearts

The LG Stylo 6 is one of the company’s bestselling phones in recent history. | Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

The company leaves a void that brands like Motorola and TCL are well-positioned to fill

Continue reading…

The Verge

Kim Lyons

South Korea EV battery makers reach settlement in US trade dispute

Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

South Korean electric-vehicle battery makers SK Innovation and LG Energy Solution have reached a settlment in a US trade dispute, Bloomberg reported. Under the terms of the agreement, SK will pay $1.8 billion (2 trillion won) in cash and royalties to LG.

In a joint statement the companies said they would “work to help the development of EV battery industry in South Korea and the US. through healthy competition...


Adam Rosenberg

Chauvin trial newscast takes an awkward turn into racial issues on the 'SNL' cold open

Welcome to the "I would've voted for Obama a third time" of Saturday Night Live cold opens.

The sketch show's latest episode kicked of with a newscast send-up featuring two Black hosts and two white hosts in Minnesota discussing the trial of Derek Chauvin. It doesn't go well. While everyone at the table is friendly and seems to mean while, the white hosts (Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat) repeatedly turn to trite, saccharine expressions of hope and positivity for the U.S. justice system...


Adam Rosenberg

An amazing 'SNL' Weekend Update sits for an interview with the Titanic iceberg

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update has traditionally been home to bizarre and off-the-wall interviews, but this one... this one is a winner.

Bowen Yang, who just a couple weeks ago jokingly(?) bemoaned SNL's unwillingness to let his "gay Passover bunny" sketch happen, returned to Weekend Update as the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Playing the part like a celebrity with a checkered past, Yang icily (OK, maybe slight pun intended) informs co-host Colin Jost that he's not there to discuss...


Sasha Lekach

How to use Chrome's tab manager to declutter your browser

I have three browser windows open at all times, each filled to the brim with tabs. It's a bit of a mess. 

A few months ago, though, I noticed that my Google Chrome browser was trying to help me out. A pop-up notice shared a hot tip: I could right-click tabs and group them together. 

My tabs were already clumped together based on different topics (over there were the COVID-19 stat sites I always check; farther over, videos for a Tesla Full-Self Driving story; and then in a different window...

Wired Top Stories

Natalie Wolchover

A ‘Last Hope’ Experiment Finds Evidence for Unknown Particles

Long-awaited news from Fermilab’s Muon g-2 team may resolve a tantalizing conflict between nature and theory. But a separate calculation clouds the picture.

Wired Top Stories

Christopher Null

What’s Making You So Gassy? This Gadget Aims to Find Out

The FoodMarble measures the level of hydrogen in your breath, which can tell you which foods are causing your digestion woes.


Elizabeth Lanier on Kinja Deals, shared by Elizabeth Lanier to Gizmodo

Start Your Spring Cleaning On That Unsightly Yard With up to 30% Off Greenworks Outdoor Power Tools

Get Up to 30% off Greenworks Outdoor Power Tools | Amazon



Alexis Nedd

Joss Whedon's 'The Nevers' is a weak remix of his formerly good ideas

Joss Whedon's creative signature has earned him millions of fans over his 24-year career as a showrunner and filmmaker. His characters are self-aware quip machines who banter like their lives depend on it. They also kick butt and squad up with allies to form distinct butt-kicking crews. In Whedon projects, people with power are morally bankrupt and his heroes fight for freedom until one of the good guys dies symbolically. These concepts have been gently remixed to form the Buffy the Vampire...

Wired Top Stories

David Nield

How to Log In to Your Devices Without Passwords

You can use your face, fingerprint, or a wearable to get access to your gadgets. It saves you some typing—and makes you feel like a spy.

Wired Top Stories

Matt Jancer

How to Layer Clothes for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Whether you’re hiking, climbing, or backpacking, here’s how to build a layering system that can handle all that Mother Nature will throw at you.


Jae Thomas

This will be the summer of the robot lawn mower — get this one on sale

TL;DR: Outsource your lawn maintenance to the MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower, on sale for $849.99 — a 14% savings — as of April 11.

Soaking up the summer sun is the best, unless you have to mow the lawn. If you have a riding lawn mower, it's not so bad. But push mowing is a chore no one ever wants to do. Fortunately, you no longer have to stress about it, thanks to the MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower. 

Basically a Roomba for the outdoors, this little dude will automatically cut all the grass...


Jae Thomas

5 robot vacuums on sale to help you delegate your spring cleaning

Not looking forward to spring cleaning? Samesies. Luckily, robot vacuums exist.

These Cybovacs from Kyvol will get the dirty floor work taken care of while you kick back and relax. Whether your home is fully carpeted, tiled, hardwood, or some mix of all three, there’s a robot vacuum cleaner on this list calling your name. As of April 11, you can save up to 22%.

E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum features three different cleaning modes, connects to a companion app, and has a low-profile...


Jae Thomas

Save over 70% on a Private Internet Access VPN subscription that works on 10 devices

TL;DR: Invest in a VPN for less with Private Internet Access. As of April 11, get a two-year subscription for only $69.95 — a 72% savings.

If you browse the internet for any reason at all in 2021, you should be connected to a VPN. Whether you're simply logging on to check Twitter, printing out an invoice, or inspecting your bank account, having the safety net of an encrypted connection and zero traffic logs from a VPN could be the difference between your information staying safe and secure...


Jae Thomas

Save on a refurbished Samsung curved monitor

TL;DR: Boost your WFH setup with this Samsung 32-Inch UR59C Series Curved UHD Monitor, on sale for $399.99 — a 33% savings — as of April 11.

Whether you use it to binge-watch your favorite TV show, to play games, or strictly for work, a good monitor can make a huge difference. If the one you currently own isn't meeting all your needs — or you're still staring at your tiny laptop screen — it's time to re-evaluate with a certified-refurbished Samsung 32-Inch UR59C Series Curved UHD...

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