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David Gilbert

An Outside Oversight Group Is Forcing Facebook to Get Its Shit Together for the Election

It’s been 13 months since Facebook announced it was forming an independent oversight board to tackle its dangerous misinformation problem, pledging $130 million to fund the effort.

But in the middle of a pandemic and with just over a month to go before one of the most divisive elections in U.S. history, the board has yet to meet.

Now, as misinformation about next month’s vote continues to flourish on Facebook, even when it violates the platform’s own policies, dozens of academics,...


Emily Green

Border Patrol Snipers Were Authorized to Use Deadly Force at George Floyd’s Burial

With hundreds of mourners planning to gather in Pearland, Texas, on June 9 for the burial of George Floyd, local and federal authorities braced for “rioting and looting” in the Houston suburb — and they were willing to use deadly force.

As a horse-drawn carriage took Floyd’s body to its final resting place in Pearland’s Houston Memorial Gardens cemetery, planning  records show that at least six “sniper teams” were in place on rooftops and authorized to open fire if the...


Rita Liao

News apps in the US and China use algorithms to drive engagement, discovery

Algorithms are reshaping many parts of our lives, including how news gets to us. Around the world, entrepreneurs make use of algorithms to program their ideal news apps, and while they normally agree on universal objectives like fighting fake news, their views diverge elsewhere, leading to different applications of machines and user experiences.

No one has a monopoly over the “right” approach to build an algorithmic news app, but it’s perhaps timely and necessary to examine various...


Natasha Lomas

Twitter confirms some service flakiness today — now fixed

Twitter users around the world have reported some short partial outages today, with the platform not displaying certain tweets or not able to retrieve any at all.

TC’s own geographically distributed staff reported issues with accessing tweets in Europe, India and the US, for example, while DownDetector‘s map indicated some service issues across the world — with a more severe outage apparently concentrated in Japan.

In a support tweet, Twitter confirmed it’s had an issue — writing:...


Ron Miller

Microsoft enhances customer data platform as pandemic drives need for personalization

When Microsoft introduced its customer data platform last February the focus was on simply connecting silos of data to help customers get the data into the system, but as the pandemic has taken hold this year, customers need deeper insight into their customers and Microsoft has made some enhancements to the platform today.

James Phillips, president of Microsoft business applications says the goal of the platform is about understanding customers at a deeper level. “From that depth of...

The Verge

Julia Alexander

Hello Kitty is getting a new, adorable Tamagotchi treatment

The newest Tamagotchi model from Bandai will let Tamagotchi owners use Hello Kitty to help them take care of their tiny pet.

Think of Hello Kitty as a co-parent to the tiny Tamagotchi pet that people will nurture and help grow. It will appear on screen to help feed the Tamagotchi pet (with milk or apple pie), clean up, and generally just hang out. Everything else about the Tamagotchi should be familiar to people who have played with Bandai’s past virtual pet gadgets, but now with the...

The Verge

Megan Farokhmanesh

Hades is a roguelike with hot gods to kiss and kill

When it comes to Hades’ handsome, half-clothed prince Zagreus, it’s sometimes hard to tell his enemies from his exes. Supergiant’s gods are as cheeky as they are beautiful; everyone seems to have a history with Zagreus, whether it’s long-lost relatives or someone he’s scorned in his bid for freedom. It’s a rich web, woven by the creators of games like Bastion and Transistor, that makes roguelike Hades worth trudging through hell again and again for.

Supergiant’s latest follows...

The Verge

Jon Porter

Google keeps adding Pixel features it claims it didn’t need: 2020 edition

Image: Google

This year’s Pixel 5 includes two rear-facing cameras; a 12.2-megapixel main sensor, and a 16-megapixel ultrawide with a 107-degree field of view. Google chose a configuration that’s similar to recent Samsung and Apple devices, which have prioritized ultrawide over telephoto cameras on dual-camera handsets like the Galaxy A51 and iPhone 11. Fine.

But the funny thing about Google’s decision is that it contradicts what the company said just one short year ago at the...

The Verge

Barbara Krasnoff

Android basics: how to tweak your multitasking pane

Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

In Android 11, Google has added new functionality to its multitasking pane or recent apps view — that handy flow of thumbnails that lets you view all your active apps and choose which one you want to use.

As of Android 10, you’ve been able to choose from three different ways, not only to access your multitasking pane, but to navigate your home screen. These three methods are named, appropriately, after the types of buttons that appear at the bottom of...

The Verge

Nick Statt

Apex Legends crossplay launches in beta next week

Image: Respawn

Respawn’s battle royale Apex Legends is getting its long-awaited crossplay feature next week, the developer announced on Thursday. Crossplay will arrive on October 6th alongside the new limited-time “Aftermarket Collection” event.

The feature, first announced back in June, is launching into beta for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, meaning those three groups of players will be able to play with and against one another for the first time since the game’s...


Alicia Rodriguez

A soccer player directed a slur at a gay player, so his teammates walked off the pitch

This comes one week after a Black player on the team was called a racist slur by an opposing player.

American second-division soccer team San Diego Loyal walked off the field Wednesday after an openly gay player was allegedly called a homophobic slur by an opposing player, and remarkably, it was the second alleged incident of hate speech against the team in the last week.

San Diego, a new team this year in the USL Championship, is coached by American soccer legend Landon Donovan, and are in...


Will Buikema

Secret Base Reviews: Sciatica

Universal Images Group via Getty

Before you go and get lower back pain, read this

You would never think about your back if it weren’t for bad reasons. No one wakes up and says “back sure feels good today” unless it had previously felt not-good. Hidden behind you, it is an unheralded part of the body that functions like a time bomb with a finicky detonator. While your back is capable of exploding in many ways, today’s focus takes us to the lower part of the spine — specifically,...

NYT > Home Page

The New York Times

The Future of the Trump-Biden Debates

After the first debate, which prompted the Commission on Presidential Debates to change its rules, everything seems up in the air. Here’s the latest.

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The SEC is ready to give us the college football weekend we've been waiting for

Texas A&M visits Alabama and Auburn heads to Georgia in two top-25 matchups.


How far can Mike Leach, Air Raid go this time? It'll have to go beyond LSU

Mike Leach made yet another big coaching debut after leading Mississippi State to victory against LSU.

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