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Tom Ziller

Carmelo Anthony ruined our Banana Boat fever dream

We have that and more in Monday’s NBA newsletter.

Surprising few who can count to 27,900,000, Carmelo Anthony has decided not to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Thunder. He’ll be paid $27.9 million -- he wouldn’t have commanded anything close to that on the open market, and especially not on a competitive team where the coach refuses to force Melo into a more limited role.

Really, Melo has it quite sweet in Oklahoma City: the media pressure is limited because of the...


Bill Connelly

Why we should have patience with P.J. Fleck in Year 2

His second Minnesota squad still has glaring holes, but should be in lots of close games.

Bill C’s annual preview series of every FBS team in college football continues. Catch up here!

You have to say this for Fleck: he’s not one for short-term solutions. Even if it means losses in the interim, and even if it means youth movements or trial and error, he’s going to take his time figuring out solutions.

At his last job, short-term pain meant long-term domination. He won just three of...

The Verge

Ashley Carman

The Nokia 3.1 goes on sale in the US on July 2nd

Nokia announced today that its new 3.1 phone will go on sale in the US through Amazon and Best Buy on July 2nd. It’ll start at $159. The company unveiled the device in May as an update to its Nokia 3. The 3.1 includes:

5.2-inch HD+ display with a 18:9 aspect ratio MediaTek 6750 octa-core processor 13-megapixel rear-facing camera; 8-megapixel wide-angle front-facing camera 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage

Because it’s also an Android One device, it’ll get monthly Google security updates...

The Verge

Chaim Gartenberg

Apple reportedly working on noise-canceling AirPods for 2019 release

Apple might be upgrading its headphone lineup in a big way next year with a new, high-end version of its wireless AirPods headphones with noise cancellation and water resistant technology and a (previously rumored) over-ear model, according to a report from Bloomberg.

An earlier report from Barclays analysts claimed that Apple would add the noise-cancellation feature to its AirPods sometime in 2019. Bloomberg’s report does indicate a delay for the over-ear models, though, which were...

The Verge

Ashley Carman

How to read a privacy policy

We haven’t been able to avoid privacy policies in our post-GDPR world, but figuring out what these legal documents are trying to tell us isn’t easy. They’re typically filled with legalese and boring chatter about data and how it’s handled. I get why no one wants to spend time reading them.

So to save us all some effort, I called a couple lawyers — Nate Cardozo from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Joseph Jerome from the Center for Democracy and Technology — to learn how...


Sources: LeBron doesn't want recruiting circus

LeBron James is not interested in elaborate recruiting pitches as he weighs his options, sources told ESPN.

NYT > Home Page


California Today: California Today: When Asylum Is Your ‘Only Shot’

Monday: Why migrants seek entry into the United States, President Trump attacks immigrants and the judicial system, and the world’s ugliest dog.


Tim Hume

Turkey’s election hands Erdogan unchecked power for up to a decade

NATO member Turkey slid towards one-man authoritarian rule Sunday, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was returned to office under a new executive presidential system that gives him almost unchecked power.

The 64-year-old, who has dominated Turkish politics since becoming prime minister in 2003, comfortably won the first round of a presidential poll, securing nearly 53 percent of the vote. His nearest rival, Muharrem Ince of the secular Republican People's Party, could muster just 31...

Wired Top Stories

Sophia Chen

The Quest to Make Super Cold Quantum Blobs in Space

Physicists launched a custom-made freezer and then let it plummet back to Earth—for science!


Rachel Thompson

People with disabilities share the moving ways their partners show love for them

Actions speak louder than words — particularly when those actions show just how much you care about a person. 

People with disabilities have been sharing their partners' actions that show them just how much they're loved — actions that are "different from the way abled people show love."

Get the tissues at the ready, you're in for some very moving Twitter #content. 

SEE ALSO: These glasses can help people with disabilities use technology without their hands

The conversation was started...


Sam Haysom

Stephen King just perfectly summed up Twitter in 2 simple sentences

He may have written some incredibly long novels, but Stephen King does brevity well too.

You only need to read some of the many, many Twitter barbs he's aimed at the U.S. President to know how lethal he can be over a shorter character count.

SEE ALSO: Every single Stephen King novella, ranked

On Sunday, the horror master decided to tweet his thoughts about Twitter itself. And the simile he used pretty much nailed it.

I like Twitter. It's like gossiping over the world's longest backyard...


Jonathan Shieber

Facial recognition software is not ready for use by law enforcement

Brian Brackeen Contributor Share on Twitter Brian Brackeen is the chief executive officer of the facial recognition software developer Kairos

Recent news of Amazon’s engagement with law enforcement to provide facial recognition surveillance (branded ‘Rekognition’), along with the almost unbelievable news of China’s use of the technology means that the technology industry needs to address the darker, more offensive side of some of its more...


Grant Brisbee

Baseball is good because of hot dog guns, Shohei Ohtani, and majestic mullets

Welcome to this week in baseball-related still images and videos. The Phillie Phanatic almost shot someone’s eye out.

It’s that time of the week where we meet and talk about various baseball things. Last week at this time, the Indians hadn’t yet run away with the American League Central, and the Mets were on a teensy little winning streak. Right now ... neither of those things are true. A lot can change in a week.

For example, Mike Trout hit just .278 without an extra-base hit last...


David Gilbert

After decimating the print business, Facebook launches a magazine that's not a magazine

It looks like a magazine. It reads like a magazine. It even has the word “magazine” on the front cover. But don’t be fooled. “Grow by Facebook,” a new quarterly publication from the social network, is definitely not a magazine. Rather it’s a “thought leadership platform” about people “challenging the status quo,” according to the company.

Why the Orwellian double-speak over its first foray into print? Because the social network in no way wants to be seen as a publisher...

Fast Company

Michael Grothaus

Smart home tech is being used for domestic abuse

From raising the heat to 100 degrees to playing loud music remotely over an Echo, abusers are terrifying victims through smart home tech.

The New York Times has an interesting (and horrifying) story about how domestic abusers are using the latest home gadgets to inflict new kinds of abuse on their victims. The Times conducted more than 30 interviews with victims, lawyers, and shelter workers who highlighted some of the ways home tech is being used for terror:

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Wired Top Stories

Cities Are Watching You—Urban Sciences Graduates Watch Back

American wifi networks, smart traffic lights, security cameras, cell phones, and vehicles are throwing off truckloads of data. A new program at MIT (and others like it) teaches students to handle it in ways that make residents’ lives better.

Wired Top Stories

Adam Rogers

The Troubled End of an Ethically Compromised Booze Study

NIH pulled the plug on what would have been a grand experiment in “healthy” drinking. Where can the field go now?

Wired Top Stories

Felix Salmon

The Stock Market Loophole That Screws The Little Guy

The stock market was supposed to be a level playing field, but investing in private companies allows the ultra-rich to reap unparalleled gains.


Sam Haysom

This theory will make you look at Harry Potter in a totally new light

Harry Potter is everybody's favourite magical nerd, right?

Well, maybe not.

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On Sunday, someone shared the following, life-altering post in Reddit's r/ShowerThoughts sub.

Mind. Blown.

Soon, the evidence was stacking up.

Image: reddit

Image: reddit

Still — as someone was quick to point out, perhaps Harry's nerd/jock transformation is actually sort of the point.

Image: reddit

Whether you think it's a weird shower...


Jonathan Shieber

Amazon will finish its nationwide rollout of Prime member discounts for Whole Foods this week

By the middle of this week, all Amazon Prime members will have access to discounts at Whole Foods Market stores across the U.S. — finishing a nationwide rollout that’s part of the retailer’s master plan to dominate physical and virtual commerce in America.

All Prime members will receive 10% off hundreds of sale items and “deep discounts on select popular products,” the retailer said in a statement.


In the six weeks since Amazon first made the discounts available to shoppers in...

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