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Tim Hume

It Looks Like Germany's Worst Fear Just Happened: a Far-right Political Assassination

For years, experts have warned that Germany’s increasingly radicalized far-right would one day lash out with deadly violence against a politician. Now it appears this nightmare scenario has finally happened, underlining the arrival of a dangerous new political reality for the country.

German authorities announced Monday that the country’s federal prosecutor had taken over the investigation into the June 2 murder of Walter Lübcke, a prominent pro-refugee local politician, who...


Tim Hume

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s First Democratically Elected President, Just Collapsed and Died in Court

Egypt's ousted former President Mohamed Morsi died after fainting in a courtroom during a hearing on espionage charges Monday, Egyptian state television reported.

The 67-year-old won his country’s first free presidential election in 2012, but was ousted by the military following mass protests the following year.

Morsi, a leading figure in the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement, had been serving lengthy jail sentences since his ouster from power. He was serving a 20-year sentence on a...

The Verge

Colin Lecher

First Amendment constraints don’t apply to private platforms, Supreme Court affirms

In a case closely watched for its potential implications for social media, the Supreme Court has ruled that a nonprofit running public access channels isn’t bound by governmental constraints on speech.

Split 5–4 ruling

The case, which the conservative wing of the court decided in a split 5–4 ruling, centered around a Manhattan-based nonprofit tasked by New York City with operating public access channels in the area. The organization disciplined two producers after a film led to...

BuzzFeed - Latest

We Know Your Deepest Darkest Secret Based On What You Order At Olive Garden

It's time to admEAT some things!

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Darrell Etherington

Domino’s serves up self-driving pizza delivery pilot in Houston

Domino’s really emphasizes its commitment to ‘innovation,’ but even if it’s a marketing tactic, the global pizza brand does indeed walk the walk. Case in point: It’s launching a new pilot for self-driving pizza delivery in Houston in partnership with Nuro.

Autonomous driving tech startup Nuro was founded by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, two veterans of Google’s self-driving car project (which became Waymo), and now includes a team of self-driving engineers with experience at...


Darrell Etherington

Enterprise healthcare platform Collective Health raises $205M led by SoftBank

SoftBank’s Vision Fund may be facing some challenges when it comes to restocking its massive reserves, but the firm famous for cutting big checks is leading a sizeable round for Collective Health. This startup focused on enterprise employee healthcare management announced a $205 million Series E raise today, brining its total funding to $434 million since its founding in 2013. Its last raise was a $110 million round in February, 2018.

Collective Healths’ client list includes Red Bull, ...


Bryce Durbin

Adobe’s new painting and drawing app will be called Adobe Fresco

Adobe’s upcoming drawing and painting app has an official name: Adobe Fresco. Inspired by the classic technique of applying pigment to wet plaster, the app is intended “to inspire spontaneous creativity.”

The app has been in development under the codename ‘Project Gemini’ and debuted at Adobe’s Max conference in 2018. It will first be available as an iPad app and later for other devices that use touch and stylus inputs.

Fresco will replicate how real-world mediums such as...


Romain Dillet

Tim Cook says Silicon Valley has created too much chaos

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a speech to Stanford graduates this weekend. In addition to the usual motivational stuff, he attacked other big tech companies in a not-so-subtle way. He painted a stark picture of Silicon Valley, saying it’s responsible for too many mistakes.

“Today we gather at a moment that demands some reflections. Fueled by caffeine and code, optimism and idealism, conviction and creativity, generations of Stanford graduates and dropouts have used technology to remake our...


Emma Comeau

Only 5 days left for super savings on passes to Disrupt SF 2019

We know you’re hard at work bringing your early-stage startup dreams to fruition, but allow us to offer this hot tip. Super-early-bird-pass pricing for Disrupt San Francisco 2019 pulls a disappearing act on June 21 at 11:59 p.m. (PT).

Buy your pass now and depending on the pass you buy you can save up to $1,800. You can even select the payment plan option during checkout and pay for your pass over time. Viva la budget!

If you’re serious about realizing your startup dreams, and we’ve...


Megan Rose Dickey

The future of diversity and inclusion in tech

Silicon Valley is entering a new phase in its quest for diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. Some advocates call this part “the end of the beginning,” Code2040 CEO Karla Monterroso tells TechCrunch.

At first, advocates were focused on calling out the lack of diversity at tech conferences, pressuring companies to release diversity data and debunking the pipeline problem. Then the focus shifted to hiring heads of diversity and implementing unconscious bias training (more on...

CNN.com - Top Stories

READ: Court opinion in Virginia racial gerrymandering case

The Supreme Court on Monday handed Democrats a win in Virginia racial gerrymandering case.


Raymond Wong

Apple's Tim Cook slams Silicon Valley over 'false promises' and 'chaos'

Apple CEO Tim Cook had a few words of wisdom for Stanford's 2019 graduating class.

During his commencement speech at Stanford University on Sunday, Cook praised technology's role in "remaking society," but also warned about letting it go unchecked. He urged graduates to be fearless in building things, but to also take responsibility for their effects on society.

Without naming any specific companies, Cook threw shade at Silicon Valley for thinking "good intensions excuse away horrible...


Haley Henschel

The Dyson Multi Floor 2 upright vacuum is on sale for under $300 — save $110

TL;DR: This multitasking Dyson upright vacuum retails for $399.99, but you can get on sale on Amazon right now for just $289.99.

Crushing your to-do list feels great, sure, but all that multitasking can take a serious toll on your intellect: Studies have shown that people who multitask during cognitive exercises experience a drop in their IQ score on par with people who pull all-nighters. 

But it's not just your brain that suffers when you multitask; your career can take a hit, too: Further...


Sage Anderson

10 ways to have fun when you're stuck in an office this summer

As an adult, the warmer months tend to blur together like long-forgotten calendar notifications hitting you all at once. "Wait, it's June? Now it's July? Mid-August? How did we get here?" 

Forget about the "Sunday Scaries" — nothing beats that sinking feeling of existential dread when you realize it's been X number of years since you've been out of school. Meaning it's been X number of years since you've had a proper summer vacation. Bummer. 

Sure, if your company's big enough, they...


Dana Froome

Help Your Friend Quit JUUL

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Juul, Tech, and Health


Leah Stodart

This 34-inch Dell UltraSharp curved monitor is $420 off with code

TL;DR: This 34-inch UltraSharp monitor from Dell is a multitaskers paradise is only $679.99 with code SAVE15, saving you $420 in total. It also comes with a free $100 Dell gift card.

Too Many Tabs Syndrome is definitely a thing.

We hope that having tabs lined up will help us cross them off like a to-do list, but that never happens. Instead, the headache from staring at a computer screen just heightens from squinting to read minuscule tab titles, and being productive turns into being...

Fast Company

Joseph Reagle—The Conversation

This is why some people are obsessed with tracking themselves

Why is it that some people continue to track their data despite achieving little progress in the areas that they’re tracking?

People who identify with the “Quantified Self movement” are, as expressed in the movement’s motto, seeking “self-knowledge through self-tracking.” They want to know how to sleep better, stay fit, or have a more productive morning. They do this by keeping count of how many times they roll over in the night, how many steps they take in the day, or how many...


Charles McDonald

7 of the most surprisingly athletic NFL players from the past 20 years

Just because you aren’t chiseled doesn’t mean you can’t ball in the NFL.

No sporting event this year was as visibly jarring as heavyweight boxer Andy Ruiz getting a TKO against Anthony Joshua. Joshua looked like he was in peak physical condition while Ruiz confidently rocked the dad bod. Their contrasting physiques suggested that Joshua should’ve been the clear favorite, but Ruiz was the superior athlete in the ring.

That got me thinking: which current or former NFL players didn’t...


Alex Lubben

Netanyahu Just Put Up a Giant Gold “Trump” Sign in the Golan Heights

There’s a Trump Tower in New York, and one in Chicago, and one in Las Vegas. There was nearly one in Moscow. And now, thanks to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there will likely be a settlement bearing Trump’s name in the disputed Golan Heights.

“Trump Heights” will be built in a region that Israel annexed from Syria more than 50 years ago. Golan Heights has never been internationally recognized as Israeli territory — that is, not until Trump tweeted out his...

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