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Chloe Bryan

I used a crystal water bottle for a week and it was mostly just heavy

VitaJuwel ViA water bottle $78-330 View Product The Good Sturdy • Aesthetic (like the adjective) • Rocks don't actually touch the water The Bad Pricey • Too heavy for daily transport The Bottom Line The ViA might be a fun luxury buy for the crystal enthusiast, but those just looking for a good water bottle (why did you even look at this?) should avoid. ???? Mashable Score 2.5 ? Aesthetic 4.0 ????Easy to use 3.0 ????Delivers on...


Leah Stodart

Tuft & Needle mattresses are cheaper on Amazon than on T&N's own site

TL;DR: Tuft & Needle original mattresses are up to 20% off at Amazon, saving you up to $150 and beating out the 15% off sale happening on Tuft & Needle's website.

It's hard to have holiday cheer when your eyes feel like they're about to melt out of their sockets.

The weeks before holiday break are essentially a never-ending cycle of waking up on your shitty mattress and having to force your sore sack of bones out into 30-degree weather. Should you say "screw it" and buy a new bed?

Yup. If...


Kellen Beck

'The Mandalorian' Chapter 5 explores familiar territory on Tatooine

Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for Chapter 5 of The Mandalorian.

Chapter 5 of The Mandalorian, titled "The Gunslinger," is all about the fan service.

In Friday's episode of Disney+'s The Mandalorian, our helmeted hero and his baby companion are still on the run from bounty hunters, and after last week's battle and an opening dog fight, the duo takes a trip down memory lane for Star Wars fans, touching down on the desert planet of Tatooine.

So many callbacks

The Mandalorian...


Mashable Brand X

5 tips to stress less at work during the holiday season


Whether it’s a multiplying inbox, a million meetings, or technical difficulties, the little things at work make the biggest difference — in our mood, our productivity, and our overall job satisfaction. Add holiday parties and white elephant gift swaps to the mix and things can feel more than a little chaotic. Take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered with five tips to be less frenzied and more merry this holiday season.

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Ruby Lambie Read...

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Neil Irwin

How a Strong Job Market Has Proved the Experts Wrong

Conventional wisdom seems to have been too pessimistic about how much the economy could grow before setting off inflation. In hindsight, a costly mistake.


Michael Pina

LeBron James and Rajon Rondo are a match made in basketball IQ heaven

The LeBron James and Rajon Rondo pairing is working out just fine.

James has the teammate he’s always wanted in Rajon Rondo.

Most practice-day press conferences during the NBA Finals are forgotten as soon as the next game ends. But in 2018, with his Cleveland Cavaliers about to get swept, LeBron James delivered a revealing four-minute soliloquy about team-building, basketball intelligence, and his idea of a quintessential teammate that I still think about sometimes.

One line that seems...


The most important question for each conference championship game

From the SEC and Pac-12 all the way down to Division III, here's your complete championship weekend preview.

Fast Company

Mark Wilson

This is the world’s most satisfying, or infuriating, clock

It’s like a Rorschach test in the form of time!

Today, the time is whatever we read that it is on our iPhone’s home screen. It’s another digitized fact in our lives. But historically, clocks helped articulate the experience of time passing. Consider the swinging pendulum of a grandfather clock, or the hourly chirp of a cuckoo. These timepieces gave time a certain context in our lives—so much so that sailing ships once used clocks to navigate trips across the ocean.

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The Verge

Bijan Stephen

The PlayStation 4’s Share button changed the way we play together

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Nobody games alone anymore. That’s never been strictly the case, anyway. Video games have always been relatively social, despite the old basement-dwelling, Cheeto-stained stereotypes. It’s 2019: we’re all gamers now. Part of that is because video games are more accessible now than they ever have been — smartphones are just tiny consoles! — but another part of it is also that games are more visible now. They go viral just like...

The Verge

Alex Parkin

Making weird go viral with Hi Stranger creator Kirsten Lepore

About three years ago, a naked, hairless humanoid told us that it was okay to look at its butt. The internet obliged. The mesmerizing short animation Hi Stranger quickly amassed millions of views and was even featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The film’s soothing message that “everything was going to be okay” was a perfect antidote to the stress many were feeling in early 2017.

The film came from the mind of artist Kirsten Lepore, a stop-motion animator who has a knack...

The Verge

Julia Alexander

Baby Yoda is key to the Disney+ takeover

Disney+ has quickly become the only streaming service people want to talk about in the weeks since it launched, and a big part of that is because of The Mandalorian; specifically, the existence of one Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian is an incredibly fun, well-crafted show on its own, and Baby Yoda is undeniably wholesome and adorable. Baby Yoda also happens to represent countless dollars in merchandise sales down the road, and The Mandalorian will soon include marketing for Star Wars: The Rise...

The Verge

Loren Grush

Rocket Lab tests key maneuver needed for reusability during 10th flight to space

Rocket Lab’s Electron streaking into space on December 6th | Image: Sam Toms

Small satellite launcher Rocket Lab successfully flew its 10th mission this morning from New Zealand, sending seven small spacecraft into orbit above Earth. While the primary goal of the flight was a success, Rocket Lab also used the mission to test out a key maneuver with its rocket — one that could allow the company to reuse its vehicles in the future.

Rocket Lab’s one and only rocket is the Electron, a...


Jordan Crook

Canva introduces video editing, has big plans for 2020

Canva, the design company with nearly $250 million in funding, has today announced a variety of new features, including a video editing tool.

The company has also announced Canva Apps, which allows developers and customers alike to build on top of Canva. Thus far, Dropbox, Google Drive, PhotoMosh and Instagram are already in the Canva Apps suite, with a total of 30 apps available at launch.

The video editing tool allows for easy editing with no previous experience required, and also offers...

BuzzFeed - Latest

Don't Sleep On HBO's "Watchmen"

Creator Damon Lindelof’s thriller isn’t just politically radical and formally stunning — it’s also so fun to watch.

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BuzzFeed - Latest

We Know Which Underrated Disney Character You Are Based On Your Disney Movie Choices

Are you more like Tadashi from Big Hero 6 or Jane from Tarzan?

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Wired Top Stories

Rhett Allain

How Rocket Wrecks the Ravagers With Physics

In *Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2*, our favorite furry antihero deals out cosmic justice—and some great material for video analysis.

Wired Top Stories

Will Bedingfield, WIRED UK

Physics Explains Why You Can’t Open a Plane Door in the Air

A British Airways passenger caused chaos after trying to open the aircraft door during a flight, but air pressure and clever design make it impossible. 

Wired Top Stories

Paris Martineau

What's an Influencer? The Complete WIRED Guide

Everything you need to know about what an influencer is, the history of influencers, the difference between influencers and celebrities, and more.

Wired Top Stories

Christie Aschwanden

200 Researchers, 5 Hypotheses, No Consistent Answers

Just how much wisdom is there in the scientific crowd?


Tim Marcin

A UPS Driver and Bystander Were Killed in a Police Shootout Over the Driver's Hijacked Truck

A police shootout on a jam-packed highway outside Miami left four people dead on Thursday. Law enforcement opened fire on a hijacked UPS truck ? with the kidnapped driver still inside ? after suspected robbers led them on a high-speed chase.

The UPS driver, an innocent motorist, and two suspected robbers were all killed.

The exact details of what happened ? including who fired their weapon first and how two innocent people were killed ? are not yet clear. But video of the incident shows...

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