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Baylor jumps Zags to take top spot in AP Top 25

Baylor and Gonzaga were the only two teams in the top five that took care of business last week.

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Bloomberg: I'd have to swallow first, but I'd vote to convict Trump

Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg would vote to convict President Donald Trump if he were a senator in the impeachment trial, he said in an interview that aired Monday.


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SpaceX, seeking NASA approval, purposefully blew up a Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX and NASA exploded a Falcon 9 rocket to test a very important safety feature, Crew Dragon's in-flight escape system. It was the final milestone before SpaceX gets NASA's approval to take astronauts to the International Space Station. 

This test was part of NASA's plan to launch "American astronauts on American rockets from American soil for the first time since the retirement of the space shuttles," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said. Read more...

More about Nasa, Mashable Video,...


Graham MacAree

Have you ever seen a professional sport interrupted to silence a fart machine?

Xinhua/ via Getty Images

Sound on please for this “snooker competition interrupted by whoopee cushion” story.

Snooker is a game that requires incredible precision and intense concentration. It is, therefore, massively improved by fart noises:

The snooker final just got reached level 100 for spice! An actual whoopee cushion was planted! Top banter pic.twitter.com/ikR7qjjJf1

— Danielle Bramley (@dani3ll3braml3y) January 19, 2020

“I think it could be someone with a whoopee...


Caroline Darney

NCAA men’s basketball rankings: Baylor takes over No. 1

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The craziness of the 2020 NCAA basketball season continues.

Congratulations are in order for Scott Drew and Baylor as the Bears have taken over the No. 1 spot in the most recent AP poll. Baylor, which upset Kansas and held on against Oklahoma State on the road, becomes the seventh team to become No. 1 this season (Michigan State, Kentucky, Duke, Louisville, Kansas, and Gonzaga). Gonzaga is the first No. 1 to drop out of the top spot without losing,



Andi Thomas

Tactically Naive: A football player speared a fan in the testicles with a corner flag

Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Also: a debut hattrick for Erling Braut Håland, and Liverpool win, again

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Tactically Naive, SB Nation’s weekly soccer column. This week: pistachio nuts. Aren’t they great?

The ecstasy and the agony

From the outside, It can often seem like there’s a lot of suffering built into being a Newcastle United fan. This is a club owned by man who evidently holds the club, the city, the fans,...


Eric Peckham

Fable Studio founder Edward Saatchi on designing virtual beings

In films, TV shows and books — and even in video games where characters are designed to respond to user behavior — we don’t perceive characters as beings with whom we can establish two-way relationships. But that’s poised to change, at least in some use cases.

Interactive characters — fictional, virtual personas capable of personalized interactions — are defining new territory in entertainment. In my guide to the concept of “virtual beings,” I outlined two categories of these...


Alex Wilhelm

Three takeaways from the 2019 venture capital market

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between.

Today we’re digging into the Q4 venture capital market — specifically unpacking three pieces of data that stood out as we read the Crunchbase News Q4 global report — and Pitchbook and NVCA’s comparative, U.S.-focused Q4 data dive. As always, each contains a wealth of charts and numbers, so if you have a specific question, happy hunting.

Our exercise today is to cut...

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Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman

Trump Legal Team Asks Senate for Speedy Acquittal in Impeachment Trial

The day before the trial starts, the president’s lawyers asserted he did nothing wrong and dismissed the proceeding as “rigged.”


Lakers say AD available after missing 5 games

Lakers star big man Anthony Davis is available to play Monday against the Celtics after missing the last five games with an injured backside.

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The President's legal team calls the articles of impeachment 'constitutionally invalid' in a preview of the case they will make on the Senate floor

President Donald Trump's legal team on Monday filed a lengthy response calling the charges he committed impeachable offenses a "charade" in a preview of the case they will make on the Senate floor when the impeachment trial commences.


Ricky O'Donnell

Becky Hammon won the Spurs a late challenge after convincing Gregg Popovich to go for it

Pop didn’t want to challenge a late foul call on Jimmy Butler until Hammon convinced him to go for it.

The San Antonio Spurs were fighting off a comeback attempt from the Miami Heat in the final minutes of Sunday’s game when the NBA’s new coaching challenge rule came into play. As Jimmy Butler drove to the basket for the Heat and went for a layup, the refs called for a continuation and goaltending on the Spurs, which would have given Miami a three-point play opportunity and the chance...


Christian D'Andrea

Richard Sherman won an NFC title, then immediately got into it with Darrelle Revis online

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis criticized Richard Sherman. As is tradition, the 49ers CB responded in kind.

Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis are two of the best cornerbacks to take the field this millennium. They also don’t like each other very much.

Revis called out the 49ers cornerback after he got beat on a Davante Adams deep route late in a 37-20 NFC title game win over the Packers. That led a triumphant Sherman to respond after he’d marched back to the San...


Morgan Moriarty

George Kittle’s signed, shirtless Jimmy Garoppolo shirt was so good

Screenshot via ESPN/YouTube

This explanation was too good.

The San Francisco 49ers have a chance to win their fourth Super Bowl in franchise history, thanks to their 37-20 win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. Afterwards, 49ers tight end George Kittle, who led the team in receiving yards in the regular season, met the media donning a shirt with a shirtless Jimmy Garoppolo on it:

George Kittle wearing a signed Jimmy Garoppolo t-shirt to the post-game podium ......


James Brady

Jimmy Garoppolo can still throw when the 49ers need him to

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Jimmy Garoppolo attempted just eight passes in the NFC Championship Game. But you shouldn’t overlook him, and neither should the Chiefs.

The 49ers ran all over the Packers in the NFC Championship Game, amassing 285 yards on the ground. That says a lot about Raheem Mostert, the guy who did most of the running, as well as all of the players blocking for him. But what does it say about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who attempted just eight passes in San...


Romain Dillet

Maze raises $2 million and adds Figma support to enable user testing at scale

Maze wants to reinvent usability tests by letting you turn design prototypes into tests in just a few clicks. It could become the equivalent of a developing test suite for developers, but this time for designers — it could be something that you run before shipping an update to make sure everything works fine. The startup just raised a $2 million funding round and launched a couple of new features.

Since I first covered the company, Maze founders Jonathan Widawski and Thomas Mary still have...

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Adi Robertson

Huawei signs deal with TomTom for a Google Maps alternative

Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

Chinese phone maker Huawei will work with Dutch digital mapping company TomTom to put maps on its phones, Reuters reports. A TomTom spokesperson told Reuters that the deal closed “some time ago,” but it became public late last week.

While TomTom maintains self-branded apps on iOS and Android, Reuters describes Huawei building its own apps with TomTom’s maps, traffic information, and navigation tools. TomTom has previously provided data for Apple Maps...

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Jon Porter

Garmin’s new Tactix Delta smartwatch looks designed for a privacy-conscious Navy SEAL

Image: Garmin

Garmin’s Tactix Delta is the latest in its lineup of rugged smartwatches built to military standards. New for the Tactix’s fourth generation is a big 1.4-inch display similar to what we saw on the Fenix 6 last year, as well as a power manager feature, which gives you battery life predictions based on which settings you turn on and off.

New for this version of the Tactix is stealth mode, which completely disables storing and sharing of your information, and a kill switch...

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Eric Niiler

Pop Culture May Evolve at the Same Rate as Birds and Bugs

How quickly do music and literature change? Evolutionary biology could give us a hint.

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Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman

Trump Legal Team to Ask Senate for Speedy Acquittal in Impeachment Trial

The day before the trial starts, the president’s lawyers will assert he did nothing wrong and dismiss the proceeding as “rigged.”

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