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Sasha Lekach

Here's Elon Musk's latest self-driving cars promise. And what you can really expect.

If you thought Tesla robo-taxis were a far-fetched Elon Musk delusion, the Tesla CEO doubled down on the self-driving capable vehicles at Wednesday's Tesla earnings call.

After a surprisingly profitable quarter (the company made $342 million after back-to-back quarterly losses), Musk sounded optimistic as he talked about full self-driving capabilities for the all-electric vehicles. He seemed heartened by last month's V10 software update which included Smart Summon, a feature that allows...

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The President hijacked the debate with the phrase 'no quid pro quo.' How he uses the term is important.

President Donald Trump has hijacked the impeachment debate with the phrase "no quid pro quo."

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Aarian Marshall

Tesla Turns a Profit—and Builds a Chinese Factory Very Fast

The Shanghai Gigafactory, which Tesla says can produce 150,000 Model 3 sedans a year, was completed in 168 working days. 

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25 Painfully Truthful Memes That Nail What It's Like To Be A Scorpio

Good morning to Scorpios and Scorpios only.

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Kirsten Korosec

Elon Musk: Model S, Model X production continues for ‘sentimental reasons’

Tesla continues to produce the Model S and Model X more for “sentimental reasons than anything else,” CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday during a call with investors, calling the electric vehicles “niche” products.

“They are really of minor importance to future,” Musk added.

Sales of Tesla Model 3 vehicles far outpace its the company’s older Model S and Model X vehicles. Tesla delivered 17,483 Model S and Model X vehicles in the third quarter, compared to 79,703 Model 3 cars. And...


Kirsten Korosec

Elon Musk predicts Tesla energy could be ‘bigger’ than its EV business

Tesla CEO Elon Musk forecast that the company’s energy business will eventually be the same size as— or even bigger than — its automotive sector, the latest sign that the company plans to put more time and resources to scaling up its solar and storage products.

“It could be bigger, but it will certainly be of a similar magnitude,” Musk said during an earnings call Wednesday. The company surprised Wall Street by reporting a return to profitability in the third quarter.

The bulk...


Follow live: Astros hope Verlander can help even series

Both teams' bats heated up in the first inning, highlighted by Alex Bregman's two-run homer.


Amanda Yeo

'Adventure Time' is returning for 4 huge mega-episodes and oh my glob

Adventure time, come on grab your friends again! Streaming service HBO Max has announced four new hour-long Adventure Time specials, a year after the 10-season cartoon's mathematical series finale.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands will be set after the finale, which saw the end of the Great Gum War, the adventures of Jake and Finn, and the sexual tension between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. 

Like Adventure Time, Adventure Time: Distant Lands will be produced by Cartoon Network Studios,...


Karissa Bell

You can’t lurk on Instagram anymore unless you’re logged in

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Instagram lurkers.

First, Instagram removed its infamous "following" tab, which let you surreptitiously keep track of what posts your friends were liking. Now, the company will no longer let you view more than a handful of photos on public profiles if you're not logged in. 

Prior to the update, which was implemented in the last few weeks, anyone could browse public-facing profiles on Instagram via a browser without logging into the service. Now, after...

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Lawmaker gives play-by-play of chaos inside room

House Intelligence Committee member Joaquin Castro describes the chaotic scene inside a closed-door deposition after nearly two-dozen House Republicans stormed the room.

The Verge

Jay Peters

Microsoft said the Surface Laptop 3 would be easy to open — and it actually is

Image: iFixit

Earlier this month, Surface boss Panos Panay showed how you’d be able to get into the Surface Laptop 3 just by lifting off the top plate — and it turns out, it’s pretty much as easy as Panay made it seem, according to iFixit’s Surface Laptop 3 teardown.

Previous Surface Laptops weren’t easy to open up at all. You had to forcibly pry off the keyboard and top cover assembly to get to the internals — iFixit used a knife on the Surface Laptop — and when you...

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Sean Hollister

Chromebooks will more easily sideload Android apps with Chrome OS 80

Chromebooks are able to run Android apps, but mostly just ones from the Google Play Store — if you wanted to install something that’s not officially sanctioned, you’d generally need to flip your device into a far less secure Developer Mode and/or beam it over from a tethered phone. That won’t be the case with Chrome OS 80, though — that release will add a native sideloading option for Android app APKs, according to Google.

Just ask AboutChromebooks’ Kevin Tofel, who spotted the...

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Peter Baker, Lara Jakes, Julian E. Barnes, Sharon LaFraniere and Edward Wong

Trump’s War on the ‘Deep State’ Turns Against Him

The impeachment inquiry is in some ways the culmination of a battle between the president and the government institutions he distrusted and disparaged.

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Noah Weiland

The Trump Impeachment Inquiry: What Happened Today

After a number of days dominated by the findings of the Democratic-led investigation, Wednesday brought an unconventional Republican response.

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Trump Said He’s Building A Wall In Colorado, And No One Knows What He’s Talking About

"We're building a beautiful wall — a big one that really works."

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The Woman In The Blue Dress In This Incredible Photo Actually Works For One Of Trump’s Biggest Supporters

“At least I look OK,” Charli Huddleston, a staffer for Rep. Jim Jordan, told BuzzFeed News after the photo went viral on #Resistance Twitter.

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37 Products That Really And Truly Make Great Gifts

Gift-giving just got a whole lot easier.

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MLB looking into longtime umpire Drake's tweet

Major League Baseball is aware of longtime umpire Rob Drake's politicized tweet and is looking into it.


Hinch: Springer made 'honest mistake' on double

Although George Springer defended how he ran out an eighth-inning double in Game 1 of the World Series, Astros manager AJ Hinch said Wednesday that the two discussed the play, and he thinks Springer made an "honest mistake" in not reaching third.

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Ukrainian President and advisers discussed pressure from Trump

Two weeks before taking office, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team discussed the pressure they were already feeling from the Trump administration and President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani to publicly launch investigations that would benefit the US leader, according to a source familiar with discussions at the meeting.

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