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Eric Stephen

UFC 201 results: Full coverage of Lawler vs. Woodley

Full coverage of UFC 201 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, a fight card headlined by welterweight champion Robbie Lawler facing Tyron Woodley.

UFC 201 takes place tonight (Sat., July 30, 2016) inside Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. It features Welterweight champion Robbie Lawler, who will attempt to defend his 170-pound belt for the third consecutive time against No. 4-ranked contender Tyron Woodley in the pay-per-view (PPV) main event of the evening. Flyweight champion Demetrious...

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Find Out The Next Guy You Will Bottom For

So many tops, so little time.

Who’d you get? Tag ‘em to share the answer.


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Here’s What Kitchen Products People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week in kitchen products: rainbow knives, citrus peelers, and fruit fly traps!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

This set of fun, colorful, and deceivingly sharp knives.


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11 Very Real Ways Pokémon Go Is Awesome For Your Mental Health

Show this to anyone who won’t shut up about everyone being ~attached to their phones~.

Since Pokémon Go launched, people have been talking about how much it's helped their mental health already.

While the happiness that the game brings people pretty much speaks for itself (you get to catch POKÉMON — IN REAL LIFE), BuzzFeed Health wanted a psychologist to weigh in on what exactly makes Pokémon Go so fucking magical. And it's pretty much the perfect storm of...

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Kids Learned How To Stack Cups And Were Surprisingly Good At It

“I’ll be done in less than five seconds.”

Speed stacking, cup stacking, whatever you want to call it, is a talent in itself. So, we had a bunch of kids come in and learn the tricks on how to do it, and they killed it:

BuzzFeedVideo / Via youtube.com

Joshua, the professional cup stacker, blessed all of us with his style and grace.

BuzzFeed Video

Like, this kid is only in sixth grade and has some...


Lora Kolodny

Serious privacy flaws discovered in Glow fertility tracker app

 There are scores of startups making fertility tracker and family planning apps today, but a Consumer Reports investigation has singled out Glow Inc. for serious security and privacy flaws. First, Consumer Reports’ team was able to access very personal information including data and comments about users’ sex lives, history of miscarriages, abortions and more, through a privacy… Read More


Kyle Samani

In what contexts should messaging be the UI?

 The current messaging hype is overstated. There are certainly some interesting and unique opportunities for messaging as an interface, but I contend the number of practical use cases is a fraction of what the current hype cycle suggests. Read More


Four-Ball: Who is affected most by PGA delay?

Four-Ball: Who is affected most by PGA delay?


Nats land star closer Melancon in Pirates trade

Nats land star closer Melancon in Pirates trade


Source: Padres send Kemp to Braves for Olivera

Source: Padres send Kemp to Braves for Olivera


Eric Stephen

Braves to reportedly acquire Matt Kemp from Padres in bad contract swap

In one of the more bizarre deals before Monday's non-waiver trade deadline, the Atlanta Braves have reportedly agreed to acquire outfielder Matt Kemp from the San Diego Padres through a deal that includes high-priced Cuban import Hector Olivera in a swap of bad contracts, per David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who reported the deal was agreed to and is pending completion of physicals.

The Padres are reportedly sending cash to Atlanta in the deal, per Ken Rosenthal of Fox...



DeAngelo Williams and his wife love 'The Walking Dead' so much they had a zombie-themed wedding

My Walking Dead Wedding Adventure

Whether you're a fan of The Walking Dead or not, you'll find this entertaining and different (to say the least lol)...

Publicado por DeAngelo Williams em Sábado, 30 de julho de 2016

Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams is a great son and father. And now, he’s an amazing husband/zombie.

Apparently becoming a walker from The Walking Dead has been a dream for DeAngelo Williams. It’s as big a dream as getting married. But instead of treating both dreams...

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Is Black Lives Matter blowing it?

Here's a question for both supporters and critics of the Black Lives Matter movement:

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Witness: Balloon looked like 'ball of fire'

A hot air balloon carrying 16 people crashed in central Texas after catching fire in the air, the Federal Aviation Administration said. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.

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Trump responds to slain Muslim soldier's father

Donald Trump rejected a Muslim lawyer's assertion on the Democratic convention stage that the Republican nominee has "sacrificed nothing and no one."


Kellen Beck

Virtus.pro beats Fnatic to become ELeague season one champions

Virtus.pro, the Polish Counter-Strike dynasty, bested Fnatic in a close 2-0 match to become the first ELeague champions. 

SEE ALSO: Best 'Counter-Strike' plays of the ELeague semifinals: Virtus.pro vs. Mousesports

Both teams went into the grand finals on Saturday after handedly winning their semifinals matches 2-0, but Virtus.pro ended up on top, continuing their streak of never losing in a tournament's finals.

Fnatic started out strong on the first map, Cobblestone, out-maneuvering and...


Kellen Beck

How to watch Netflix together without being in the same room

Just because you and your friends have moved to different corners of the globe doesn’t mean you have to stop watching shows and movies together.

Trying to all hit play at the same moment — as well as juggling between Netflix and Skype, a Facebook chat, Slack, Discord or any other online chat program — isn't exactly the most convenient thing in the world. Luckily, there is another way. 

SEE ALSO: Get rid of Netflix's annoying 'Continue Watching' button with this extension

There are...

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Do You Look More Dominant Or Recessive?

We promise you won’t need to remember high school science class to find out.

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Do You Know What Happened In The News This Week?

Hillary Clinton is officially the Democratic party’s presidential nominee, Baltimore prosecutors dropped all charges against officers in the Freddie Gray case, and the ’90s are coming back to MTV. Take the BuzzFeed News quiz, made from stories in new BuzzFeed News app and the BuzzFeed News newsletter this week.

Want to get better at the BuzzFeed News quiz? Download the BuzzFeed News app!

Via Giphy

And enter your...

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10 Olympic Sports All Anxious People Would Medal In

Welcome to the Anxiety Olympics, where nobody really wins.

Google Self-Diagnosis

Be the fastest person to input your symptoms and arrive at a deadly diagnosis and that gold is yours.

Ocusfocus / Getty Images / Via thinkstockphotos.com

Politely Enraged Nodding

Only advanced competitors can pull off smiling through advice like, "Just meditate!" Or better yet, "Relax!"

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images


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