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The Verge

Jamieson Cox

This is your next jam: Father John Misty, Mac Miller, and more

Welcome back to The Verge’s weekly musical roundup. I’m Jamieson, I’m still your host, and I hope you didn’t miss me too much last week. I took a break from jam curation because I had my hands full with the Panorama festival, the celebration of music, art, and technology that gobbled up last weekend in New York City. We presented an ultra-cool (seriously, it was air-conditioned) collection of art installations called The Lab, and we also spent plenty of time backstage...

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Andrew Liptak

Kanye West is demanding that Apple buy Tidal from Jay Z

At the end of June, word broke that Apple was looking to acquire Tidal, Jay Z’s streaming service. There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the rumored takeover, but according to Kanye West, the Apple needs to stop playing hardball and make a deal.

Apple taking over Tidal has its advantages and disadvantages: it would give Apple a leg up in the music streaming world, even as the deal appeared to be a bit of a long shot. As we noted then: a lot could go wrong before the...

The Verge

Leah Reich

How to be human: 'It's just this one thing with how we communicate...'

Leah Reich was one of the first internet advice columnists. Her column "Ask Leah" ran on IGN, where she gave advice to gamers for two and a half years. During the day, Leah is a Senior User Researcher for Slack, but her views here do not represent her employer. You can write to her at askleah@theverge.com and read more How to be Human here.

Hi Leah,

I'm 25 and was in a relationship for five years. I loved my life with him so much. It was literally picture perfect. We respected each...


Chloe Bryan

'Game of Thrones' will end after eighth season, HBO confirms

All shows must die — even Game of Thrones.

HBO programming executive Casey Bloys confirmed at this weekend's Television Critics Association press tour that GoT's shortened eighth season will be its last.

SEE ALSO: The 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 outtakes are a battle of the bloopers

The news, rumored for months by showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, comes as no surprise to fans. Still, it's the first outright confirmation from HBO. And if we've learned one thing from Game of Thrones,...


Nicole Gallucci

Granddaughter gave her grandparents a heartwarming photoshoot to celebrate 63 years of marriage

True love can last a lifetime.

Joe Ray, 86, and Billie Wanda Johnson, 83, have been married for 65 years, and their feelings for each other are as strong as ever.

In 2014, to celebrate 63 years of marriage, their granddaughter, photographer Shalyn Nelson, gave them a very special present:  a photoshoot to capture their evergreen romance.

Though the heartwarming photos are two years old, they have recently resurfaced because Nelson's grandfather's health has been suffering over the past few...


Emma Hinchliffe

In housing, tech employees get yet another advantage

Tech employees already get free food, free dry cleaning and free beer. Now, they also get deals on housing. 

New hires at Google and other Silicon Valley companies are often offered home loans with no money down and a host of other financial planning services, Bloomberg reported this week. 

The help for tech employees buying houses, of course, is taking place in one of the least affordable and most competitive housing markets in the country.

And if people in the tech industry need this...

BuzzFeed - Latest

19 Hilariously Real Tweets That Summarize Your Obsession With Whataburger

“My phone just autocorrected ‘whatever’ to ‘Whataburger.’”

When someone insists you have a problem:

Twitter: @TXEverything

When you have to lay down the law with your priorities:

Twitter: @SorryImTexan

And when you see this, you see #Goals:

Twitter: @Jake_is_a_baker

When all you want in life is to just lie in bed and eat Honey Butter Biscuits:


BuzzFeed - Latest

16 Things You Do That Make People Say "You're Such A Mom"

Just livin’ that mom life.

When there's a spill, you always have baby wipes in your purse.

You're just here to save the day, once again.

Instagram: @mrskanitz

Speaking of purses, yours is definitely oversized and filled with toys, snacks and pacifiers.

Don't worry, your stuff is in there somewhere, too.

Instagram: @lindsaycremona

You have no memory on your phone because it is filled with kiddie apps.


BuzzFeed - Latest

17 Ryan Lochte Tweets That Prove He Deserves A Gold Medal


When it was the nation's birthday, he gifted US with a beautiful picture of himself.

He is goddamn inspirational.

Twitter: @RyanLochte

He offers so many words of wisdom.

Twitter: @RyanLochte

Like, real wisdom.

Twitter: @ryanlochte

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Fast Company

Kat Boogaard, The Muse

3 Ways To Respond When Someone Asks For Your Input On The Spot

You weren't expecting to have to contribute, but suddenly all eyes are on you. Here's what to do.

You're in a meeting with your boss, discussing an upcoming initiative your department is working on. Suddenly, he springs it on you—that nausea-inspiring question you weren't at all prepared for: "So, what are your ideas?"

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Fast Company

Nicole Yang, Monster

7 Productive Ways To Procrastinate During Your Job Search

Taking a breather from looking for a job doesn't have to mean wasting time. Here's how to put your procrastination to good use.

We all know the feeling. You're applying for jobs and plan to reward yourself with 20 minutes of Snapchat or Pokémon Go (gotta catch 'em all, right?) for every application you submit. But soon, 20 minutes turns into two hours and before you know it, it's already the end of the day and you've only applied to one job. Sigh. Why is time management so hard?

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Tess Owen for VICE News

Trump Vows To Intensify Attacks On Clinton: 'No More Mr. Nice Guy'

Donald Trump is not known for pulling punches on the campaign trail, but now that the November face-off between him and his Democratic foe Hillary Clinton is officially set to go down, he says he plans to be even more aggressive.

Speaking at a rally in Colorado on Friday evening, Trump told the audience that after the Democratic National Convention where Clinton and other speakers repeatedly slammed and mocked the tempestuous property mogul he's "taking the gloves off."

"I've been nice, but...

NYT > Home Page


U.S. Wrestles With How to Fight Back Against Cyberattacks

The hacking into Democratic campaign computer systems is forcing the White House to confront a new question: whether, and if so how, to retaliate.


Sam Eggleston

If Marvel super heroes were baseball players, which positions would they play?

We take a look at Earth’s mightiest heroes and determine where they would best fit if they formed a baseball team instead of fighting crime.

I’m the first person to admit that I probably spend too much time thinking about things that really have no bearing on the real world.

What if everyone who had already hit puberty were infected with a zombie virus and only kids were immune? How would they survive? What would their world be like?

What if there were astronauts on the moon when...


Kyle Robbins

Fans at the PGA Championship can’t stop yelling about Harambe

Harambe isn’t at the PGA Championship because he’s dead. But fans are keeping him alive in memory.

Harambe isn’t at the PGA Championship, because he’s dead. But that’s not stopping fans at the PGA Championship from keeping the Beautiful Ape’s memory alive through the first three rounds of the season’s final major championship.

First, on Thursday after a Jordan Spieth putt.

#RIPHarambe pic.twitter.com/IqxNelo6qo

— Deadspin (@Deadspin) July 28, 2016

And then this morning,...


Brendan Porath

PGA Championship 2016: TV schedule and live stream for Saturday's afternoon coverage

Mr. Nantz is back to guide you home on the final weekend of major championship golf this year.

The scores are out there on Saturday at the PGA Championship, where a softer Baltusrol and a relatively benign setup have some of the early players saying the major championship scoring record could fall. Both Justin Rose and his caddie said they thought a 62 could be out there. Then Phil Mickelson said not only is a 62 available, but he thought the course was set up for a possible 61. Soooo buckle...


Thomas Myers

UFC 201 fight card: List of tonight's fighters for Lawler vs. Woodley

The countdown to UFC 201 is nearing its conclusion. In just a few short hours, the world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) league will stage another pay-per-view (PPV) event inside Philips Arena in Atlanta, Ga., headlined by a 170-pound championship clash between Welterweight kingpin Robbie Lawler and No. 4-ranked contender Tyron Woodley. Lawler and Woodley both train at American Top Team; however, the hard-hitting studs will put that all aside for 25 minutes -- if the main event goes the...

CNN.com - Top Stories

16 die in Texas balloon crash

Sixteen people died after the hot air balloon they were riding in caught fire and crashed in central Texas Saturday morning, according to authorities.

The Verge

Andrew Liptak

Why you won’t see Marvel’s TV characters in its films

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe covers the big summer blockbusters as well as their offerings on Netflix and regular television. Speaking to SlashFilm, Marvel Television’s president Jeph Loeb threw some cold water on speculation that Daredevil or Jessica Jones might appear in one of the upcoming films.

The reason comes down to the differences in speed between film and television productions

The reason for why you won’t see characters from Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage or Agents of...


Chloe Bryan

One university is incorporating 'Pokémon Go' into its curriculum

For students at the University of Idaho, the first day of class may involve choosing between Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

Next fall, the school will introduce "Pop Culture Games," a physical education class designed to "teach students about leading active lifestyles, building teamwork and exploring their communities through games," according to a school press release.

SEE ALSO: Eye doctor reaches out to nearsighted Pokemon Go players

Among those games will be Pokémon Go, which has...

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