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15 Deliciously Decadent Takes On The Classic Brownie

You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried these!

Red Velvet Creme Brûlée Brownies

Recipe here.

Peas & Peonies / Via peasandpeonies.com

Cookie Dough Brownies

Recipe here.

Dinner Then Dessert / Via dinnerthendessert.com

Slutty Cheesecake Brownie Bars

Recipe here.

Peas & Peonies / Via peasandpeonies.com

Pretzel Brownies

Recipe here.

Cake Whiz / Via cakewhiz.com



Sonam Joshi

Indian activist Irom Sharmila to end 16-year-long hunger strike

Human rights activist Irom Chanu Sharmila will end her 16-year-long hunger strike, one of the longest in world, against a Indian controversial law that gives special powers to the Indian armed forces in areas affected by insurgency. She now plans to contest the 2017 elections in her state Manipur in north-east India. 

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Called the Iron Lady of Manipur, the 44-year-old has been on a fast since 2000 to...


Stan Schroeder

Xiaomi's budget Redmi Pro phone has dual camera, 10-core processor

Remember when budget phones had middling specs? It makes sense: To keep the price low, the manufacturer had to include a cheaper part or three. But nowadays, those cheap parts might mean a tiny performance hit, and — due to the heated race in China to offer a great phone at a low price — in some areas they're actually technologically ahead of the more expensive versions. 

Case in point: Xiaomi's new Redmi Pro smartphone. It's a 5.5-inch phone with a metal body, a full HD OLED display, a...


Saba Hamedy

What to stream on Amazon in August

There are not too many new additions on Amazon in August but the available options are enough to satisfy the average binge watcher.

Check out what's coming to the platform.

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Top Pick: The Kicks

Amazon is really amping up its kids programming, and this empowering show about a 12-year-old soccer player helps the streaming service bring its A-game.

Season 1 comes out Aug. 26.

Also coming to Amazon Prime in...


Gianluca Mezzofiore

Fans of YouTube vlogger Marina Joyce fear for her safety after 'mysterious' tweet

Fans of YouTube vlogger Marina Joyce have taken to Twitter to express fear for her safety after they believed they found a plea for help hidden in her latest video.

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The hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce started trending after she cryptically invited Twitter followers to an early morning party in East London.

People started panicking about the tweet, even speculating that her life might be in danger.

British YouTuber Alfie...


Stan Schroeder

Xiaomi's MacBook Air clone is called, wait for it, Mi Notebook Air

Xiaomi never shied away from acknowledging Apple as its role model. The company puts emphasis on design, has a line of smartphones called the Mi Phone and, at events, regularly compares its gadgets to Apple's. 

On Wednesday, Xiaomi took it a step further, announcing its first-ever laptop, a MacBook Air-like device that's called the Mi Notebook Air. 

SEE ALSO: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a display-equipped fitness tracker for $23

It's an ultra-thin laptop that comes in two sizes: 13.3-inches, and...

The Verge

Joseph Lovinger

This $500 shirt changes patterns when it detects air pollutants

As the Internet of Things grows at a rapid rate, so does my skepticism for each additional "smart" product that makes it to market. The latest gadget of questionable necessity is a new line of smart shirts that are capable of detecting dangerous pollutants in the air. The concept is a cool fusion of tech and fashion, but I’m not sure how useful the shirts will be.

The three shirts, made by Aerochromics, are each built to detect either carbon monoxide, particle pollution, or radioactivity....


Steve O'Hear

Carmaker PSA Group acquires majority stake in European auto-repair marketplace Autobutler

 PSA Group — the carmaker behind brands Peugeot, Citroën and DS — has acquired a majority stake in European auto-repair marketplace Autobutler. Read More


Jon Russell

Nintendo reports $49M loss as Pokémon Go halo fails to shine

 It’s finally here folks, Nintendo’s quarterly earnings day has never been so anticipated. But the Pokémon phenomenon hasn’t translated into success for the games giant, which carded a $49 million loss (5.13 billion yen) for Q1 2016. Revenue came in at $587 million (62 billion yen), 30 percent lower than Q1 2105. Read More

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Issie Lapowsky

#BlackLivesMatter Cuts to the Heart of the Democratic Convention

Amid clashes of #FeeltheBern and #ImWithHer, the Democratic convention unites around mothers' grief and racial injustice. The post #BlackLivesMatter Cuts to the Heart of the Democratic Convention appeared first on WIRED.

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13 Delicious Ways To Drink More Watermelon

Bottoms up!

Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade

Recipe HERE

Build Your Bite / Via buildyourbite.com

Vodka Watermelon Cooler

Recipe HERE

Jennifer Meyering / Via jennifermeyering.com

Layered Watermelon Coconut Shakes With Salty Lime Sugar

Recipe HERE

How Sweet Eats / Via howsweeteats.com

Skinny Watermelon Margaritas

Recipe HERE

3 Yummy Tummies / Via 3yummytummies.com


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Princess Charlene Of Monaco Wore The Most Stunning Dress

Royally stunning.

Hello. This is Princess Charlene of Monaco. She's here to remind you that there's more than one fashionable royal in the world.

Valery Hache / AFP / Getty Images

I mean, just look at what she wore to the 68th annual Red Cross Gala. If that's not a perfect gown, I don't know what is.

Valery Hache / AFP / Getty Images

I know fairy princesses don't exist but can we all admit that she kind of...

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The 20 Absolute Cutest Pokémon To Find On Pokémon Go

Have you caught ‘em all?

View Entire List ›

The Verge

Sam Byford

Nintendo records $49 million operating loss as Wii U sales crumble

Nintendo made an operating loss of 5.13 billion yen ($48.6 million) in the first quarter of its 2016 fiscal year as Wii U sales plunged 53 percent year over year to just 220,000 units. Nintendo cited the strengthening yen as one reason for its 31.3 percent slide to 62 billion yen ($587 million) revenue; about 72 percent of its sales are overseas, though exchange rates can't totally account for the decline in a quarter with no new hit games of note.

12 months ago Nintendo recorded its best...

The Verge

Rich McCormick

Xiaomi gets into the laptop business with $750 MacBook competitor

Rapidly rising smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is entering the laptop market. The Chinese company announced the Mi Notebook Air today, a thin and light Windows laptop that comes in gold or silver, and looks set to compete with Apple's MacBook.

The Mi Notebook Air comes in two varieties: a 13.3-inch version, and a lighter 12.5-inch model. The 13.3-inch version is the more powerful of the two, with an Intel Core i5 processor, a 256GB SSD, and an Nvidia GeForce 940MX mobile graphics card that...


Steve O'Hear

Zeek, a startup that lets you buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers, closes $9.5M Series B

 Israeli startup Zeek, whose app lets you buy and sell unwanted store gift vouchers, has closed $9.5 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Scale-Up Venture Capital, with participation from long list of additional investors, some of which contributed to the company’s Series A early last year. They include Blumberg Capital, Qualcomm Incorporated (via its venture investment… Read More


Jon Russell

Pokémon Go Plus wearable launch date pushed back to September

 With Pokémon Go, delays are inevitable it seems. The game’s much-hyped launch in Japan was subject to cancelations last week, many people across Asia still don’t have the title — including China — and now it seems that the even Pokémon Plus, a wearable that accompanies the smash hit game, has had its arrival date pushed back. Read More


Jon Russell

Xiaomi’s first laptop is a Macbook Air rival that’s as cheap as $540

 Chinese smartphone and smart device maker Xiaomi just announced its first laptop — and boy does it look familiar to products belonging to a company that begins with the letter ‘A’. Read More


Elise Cooper

Young seal thinks he's people; makes the public toilet his new home

A visitor to Devonport Mersey Vale Cemetery in Tasmania got a bit of a shock trying to use the public bathrooms when they discovered a 129 kilogram male fur seal tucked up for a nap in the toilet block.

Karina Moore of the Devonport City Council tells Mashable Australia that the visitor notified council workers at the cemetery, after discovering the tired and grumpy ball of fur and flippers.

SEE ALSO: Some pranksters dumped a 1.7 metre crocodile in a 16-year-old girl's bathroom

The location...


Ariel Bogle

In an 'audacious' move, Australia's banks are taking the fight to Apple

Consider this a bold last stand.

Rather than signing up with Apple Pay, a number of Australia's largest banks are instead hoping to force Apple's hand and put their own payment apps on Apple's hardware.

On Wednesday, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) published an application from four local banks to negotiate collectively with providers of third-party mobile wallets.

SEE ALSO: Australians have an easier way to buy bitcoin after new exchange launches

Apple in...

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